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double wall oven kitchen new construction

January 10, 2019
I am so torn. I feel this looks very balanced (ignore the island the rendering is off - it is centered and bigger than it looks). My concern is the wall ovens on the inside corner.
The other side of the sink counter is dual purpose. It’s a bar area on the other side... so it’s super functional.

Please help. Do u think it will drive me crazy?

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  • kriii

    I would use a slide in range with double ovens in place of the cook top.

  • Heather N

    I don’t think the oven placement is very functional. Nobody can be at the sink while the oven doors are opened.

    Other thoughts while looking at this:

    1) Can you put a sink on the island instead? That’s kind of a long distance to be walking with hot pots from the cooktop to the sink (draining pasta water, for example). Also, if you’re using that space as a bar area, you might not want to have dirty dishes over there looking at your guests.

    2) Big single sink instead of a double sink! If you have the room, one of the ones with the ledges that you can use with accessories like cutting boards are great.

    3) I would get a paneled front on the small fridge that is on the opposite site from the sink - I think it looks awkward having the glass front with the cabinetry above it.

    4) That large cabinet on the countertop next to the sink - is that supposed to be an appliance garage? The height of the door looks much more than the depth, so you won’t be able to push the door back all the way - might be awkward to access things with the door sticking out. I’m not sure what you’re planning to store in there or if you plan to leave it open when using the space as a bar area. It will also be difficult to access from the kitchen side because it is set back from the ovens.

    I like the idea mentioned above of the double ovens under the counter. If that won’t work, could you get a single oven and then a nice large toaster oven in a cabinet (like a Breville) so you have some double-oven functionality without taking up all that real estate?

  • ldecor54

    That would definitely not work for me for multiple reasons. Put one under the cooktop. Better for function and better visually

  • Heather N

    Also - for double ovens under the cooktop - you can get the ranges that have the single large oven and the skinnier smaller oven. Usually a 48” range I think. They’re very functional! I used to have one and we used the smaller skinny oven for 90% of our cooking. Thermador makes one that has a convection steam oven and a warming drawer all built into the range.

  • Liz H
    I would also rethink the oven situation. Not practical in a corner
  • mainenell
    I understand that you are doing the symmetrical thing, but I think you’d be better off putting the ovens down by the fridge. You are interrupting the space between sink and range with something tall. I also don’t like the cabinet coming down to the counter on the left side of the oven. You will only be able to access it from the bar side of the peninsula.
  • chiflipper

    Bad oven placement, it will be a nightmare. Better a range with double ovens OR in the island.

  • sprink1es

    If you stick with that layout, I'd 100% put the ovens under the range top. Cheaper that way too. I think wall ovens are easier to use being higher up, but I don't dislike them under the rangetop

  • PRO
    Mark Bischak, Architect

    How does the kitchen relate to the rest of the house? Can you provide a floor plan showing the kitchen and the spaces immediately surrounding it?

  • silly_canadian76
    Sure, its all open, it’s lakefront. LR K and DR all flow into each other ... the use of the bar on the one side is so you can come in from the lake and grab a drink/make a cocktail... and also easily fromLR.
  • silly_canadian76
    There is no smartledge closet; and the entry is not where the drawing shows. We made a lot of changes, but it’s one open area. I do only have one large sink, as suggested above not sure why two are depicted. Limitations with software who knows.
  • Mrs Pete

    I don't like the double ovens and the appliance garage. They seem to close off countertop that you'll need, and they make that heavy-work area cluttered /closed off.

  • Heather N

    What’s wrong with the current layout as drawn on the floorplan you just posted? (I don’t like that the fridge sticks out past the rest of the counters, but that’s easily fixed if you’re redoing the kitchen). You could put a beverage fridge at the end of the island (to the right of the dishwasher) to make it easy for people to grab drinks from the living room?

  • Heather N

    Also you said it is lakefront, is this a primary residence or a vacation home?

  • PRO
    Patricia Colwell Consulting

    Ranges with two ovens give you IMO 2 useless ovens for many things. I love my range with one nice big oven and my doulble wall ovens too.I will comment that you might think the sink is functional where it is because it has bar seating but really it is way too far from the fridge for prep. Appliances in corners never work I would have forgone the peninsula put the sink in a learger island near the fridge and the the wall ovens on the same wall as they are in the drawing.BTW a counter depth fidge is a must in your situation.and I would do a simple stainless chimney hood instead od the covered one.

  • Cyndy

    I had a GE Cafe Duel fuel range that had one big oven and then the drawer underneath was a second oven. You couldn't make two turkeys at a time, but you could do 2 13x9 casserole type dishes or cookie sheets in the bottom. It was super functional. Right now I bake in a Breville toaster oven and it fits a 13x9 pan perfectly and bakes bread beautifully. I would not have double ovens in that spot. too crowded.

  • ccwatters

    You will have major regret going with the ovens as-is in original pic.

    The floorpan you posted with the 12' island (no peninsula) is one I think you will enjoy far more than the one in the original question.

    I would leave back wall in original pic exactly as is, and then get rid of peninsula and make the island long, similar to the floorpan pic

    Put your beverage fridge on the working side of island (directly across from bar and double oven). This way, as people walk in, they have access to everything: quick drink, sink to wash their hands, paper towels if they spill, and main fridge and pantry if there are additional items they want.

    We have this setup at my cottage as you walk in from the screen porch: 6' island across from fridge and sink. I think I would be frustrated if there was a peninsula we had to walk around to get to the sink/main fridge/pantry.

    I would also make the island a flat counter-height one, 10'X 4' (Not 12' X 3') so that there are 4-5 seats/stools across the back then overhangs on each end for 2 more on each end for a total of 8-9 seats. This gives close to 8' of cabinet space on working side of island and a more conversational setting for sitting

  • PRO
    Mark Bischak, Architect

    In the partial floor plan posted, is the lake to the backs of the people sitting at the raised counter?

  • kmg11

    I like your original layout better too. The galley style looks like it would work better with the rooms on each side. I would opt for one flat island versus the two tier, giving you more work space. Eliminating some of the bar stools would help as well. Six people will probably not be sitting there all lined up, in my view. Maybe you could put your bar area where the smart ledge (not sure what that is) is placed, facing into your living room.

  • PRO
    The Cook's Kitchen

    I like an L shaped kitchen to create a protected work zone that manages to keep traffic out of it. That’s not what that shape is doing here. It’s creating poor work flow, poor traffic flow, and production inefficiencies. It violates many of the NKBA’s Design Rules.

    You can do a lot better. The original was better than the posted design, but still has many opportunities for improvement, depending on your cooking style and entertaining needs. You have to analyze all of that, plus, and the placement of the kitchen in the house as a whole, in order to come up with the best design for the home.

    Are you working with a real Kitchen Designer? What brand of cabinets are you working with?

  • PRO
    Anthony Perez

    I think the peninsula does not work as well next to the oven, I do see the importance and use of the double oven and can appreciate the fact of having an oven at eye level, it is also so much easier on your back.

    what maybe eliminated is the pantry and doing the Island as you planned before

    here's a visual

  • PRO
  • PRO
  • PRO
    Anthony Perez

    Silvia,remember just as important as the cabinet and appliances you use, is the flow of the kitchen, the walkways and paths they can make a kitchen feel more comfortable when they are generous

  • PRO
    Anthony Perez

    traffic flow

  • Heather N

    I really like Anthony’s plan, very similar to my kitchen and it works well. You might want to center the sink on the island or across from the stove, but that is more of an aesthetic decision. I also have a second prep sink on the wall between the stove and fridge in my kitchen. Would recommend a slightly wider cooktop than the one shown in this plan just to balance it all out aesthetically if you have the budget - like a 6 burner or 8 burner.

    If you dont need seating for 6, you could enclose the ends of the island and have storage on the seating side. That’s also what I have in my kitchen, and the deep cabinets work really well for big appliances like my crock pot or rice cooker.

    Would put the beverage fridge under the counter on the end of the island on the side that faces the double wall ovens in Anthony’s drawing. Or possibly flip the location of the ovens and the refrigerator so that people coming in from outside can access the fridge for ice and beverage fridge and you won’t have oven doors opening in their way.

    If you do an island sink, put a paper towel drawer in above the garbage pullout so you can access paper towels without having them sitting in the middle of your island. That’s what we have, and it pulls out so that you can store extra rolls of paper towels behind it.

  • PRO
    Duncan's Creative Kitchens

    I have to agree with the others - the placement of the double ovens is a problem. Several good alternatives listed above.

  • Linda Lee

    I would eliminate the peninsula and put your sink and dw in the island. It will open up the kitchen, eliminate that weird angle on the double oven. Also, where is your microwave? You might consider doing an oven with a microwave on top and a range top with an oven below it. It would also give you the " appliance triangle".

  • Heather N

    Or a microwave drawer placed on the inside of the island near the fridge if possible

  • ccwatters

    ***I'm leaving my comment posted below just in case it was helpful to you, which was my hope / intent. But I see you took down your last comment (with a new layout you posted that this comment was responding to...) so it may not make a whole lot of sense to anyone reading. Best of luck on your project!

    Your oven is still in the way of the sink flow, not sure what that skinny base cabinet is next to the oven, but if it's for trays you won't be able to fit too many in it.

    Another consideration I would take before moving with this layout is how average-to-shorter sized people will be able to reach the upper bar cabinets without a struggle or a step-stool.

    Finally, you will HATE having your dishwasher behind and over from the sink. That will not only be an inconvenience but a mess you are constantly cleaning up on the floor. I'm surprised any kitchen designer would not object to that.

    Again, I would leave the back wall of cabinets (with cooktop/fridge/ovens) just as you have it in your ORIGINAL pic you posted in your initial question. Remove the peninsula and put 36" worth of bar cabinets to the left of your oven with the fridge below (or on the 12-15' island across from it).

    You say you like division. If you really want a separate area altogether for the bar, put it up against the wall (like a buffet with upper cabinets) behind the island seating. It can be a long narrow-depth area. You can still keep the mini-fridge next to the oven with bar cabinets above.

    I mention all this because this looks like a big project that should end up making you happy and not one to have any regret over.

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