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Desert Landscape - Privacy Tree Recommendation

Dani Hall
January 12, 2019
Hi, we are starting to work on the landscape design for our new build in Phoenix, AZ. I really don’t like the view of the warehouses beyond our 6.5 ft wall. I would love some affordable recommendations on either privacy trees to block the view or if you think string lights would distract the eye. We have a 2 story house so I thought something other than a blank wall could help. Would be grateful for any advice or recommendations!

Thank you!
Comments (6)
  • ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

    i see the camera is looking out an unfinished window/door ... will there be a patio .. any type of pergola or roof over such???...

    the reason i ask.. is because my usual caveat is to not limit your solutions just way out at the property line ... so much can be done closer .. with less plants ... much closer ...

    sort of like layers to the landscape ...

    also.. whatever you decide.. do NOT plant a monoculture way out there .... to avoid some plague coming along.. and wiping out the whole project ... plant a multitude of varieties of plants ... diversity rules ...

    btw.. brilliant scale in the pic.. lol ...

    sorry.. but this MI boy.. simply has no clue at the plants available for your choice.. good luck with that ...


  • scotjute Z8

    I like to see different color evergreens. Would suggest 2 Arizona Cypress - bluish green foliage, drought and heat tolerant.

    Prickly pear cactus - type that gets several feet high. We have them in Texas. Some are bluer than others. Drought/heat tolerant. Our bigger ones seem to be nearly stickerless.

    Maybe a Yucca or two - drought and heat resistant.

    Afghan Pine seems to do well in hell. Probably do well there also.

    I like Junipers just for variety and they can take the heat and drought pretty well. Even Virginia Juniper will grow there if you water it some, but there may be some native varieties available. If so I would choose one of them.

    Would throw in a specimen Palo Verde tree (12-15 ft tree with yellow flowers) also or maybe Mexican Poinciana (4-6 ft bush/tree with yellow flowers). Both are tolerant of very high heat and low water use.

    Have to have an Agave. I like the gray/blue one best. Whale's Tongue is my favorite but I like just about all of them!

    Maybe a large rock or two to break things up some. Use different colors from wall.

    Post a picture when you finish. Good luck.

  • Embothrium

    What are you going to do with the space inside the wall? Is most of it going to be a garden. with large beds where trees of some height can be accommodated? At least near the wall?

    Also "affordable" = what, specifically, in this instance?

  • indianagardengirl

    No clue on plants for your landscape, but you might consider building an arbor along the wall and covering with vines. It would provide some shade, and the ‘roofed in’ feel might make the warehouses have less impact?

  • hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

    Eucalyptus, but not trashy E. globulus. See this grower's list of trees for AZ. Also suggest you post the question to the Arizona gardening forum.

  • susanzone5 (NY)

    Visit a local garden center for plants that will work in your area.

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