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Need to replace kitchen faucet

January 19, 2019

My Hansgrohe pullout kitchen faucet has a very weak stream. I had it checked along with the plumbing and water pressure, and i was advised to get a Grohe Concetto or a Grohe. Does anyone have any experience finding a faucet with a stronger stream?

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  • nosoccermom

    Which model hansgrohe do you have?

    Are you looking at the Concetto semi pro with flow rate of 1.75 GPM? It's at Costco for 159.00

    Talis M, also at Costco (199.00?) has 2.2 GPM, https://waldermcsweeney.com/hansgrohe-talis-m-review/

    I think you can also try replacing he aerator that's in your current model.

  • Jake The Wonderdog

    I'm guessing that you need to clean the aerator also.

  • PRO
    Rachiele Custom Sinks

    I just pulled this information off another website: Grohe, as a brand and as a company, has undergone and is still undergoing tidal changes. At one time, in the not too distant past, Grohe was a family-owned German faucet company selling well-designed, good quality faucets manufactured in Germany.

    Today it is the subsidiary of a giant Japanese building products conglomerate that manufactures Grohe faucets for the North American market in Mexico, China, and Thailand.

    The staid but reliable, engineer-driven bathwares company of the 20th century is gone. In its place is a new company that is very bottom-line oriented with a crushing need to greatly increase revenue in the short term to pay an enormous debt even at the expense of brand viability in the long term, and with few options for doing so that do not undermine product quality.

  • pippabean

    What's been said above.

    Hard water deposits will reduce water flow. Not a big problem, either clean the aereator, or just replace it. Be sure you take yours to the store if you buy a new one, they all look similar, but vary in size.

    Rachiele Custom Sinks - They still have great customer service though. I bought a Grohe Minta faucet last Spring, The plumber dropped the thingamajig that connects the pullout hose to the hand held spout and the GC, all 300 lbs of him, stepped on it with his steel toed boots. Oops. While the damage was not visible the part didn't quite fit tightly any longer. I called Grohe (I bought the faucet myself) explained how this happened, and Grohe customer service overnighted the part at no cost to us. Sweet. And I absolutely love my beautiful, minimalist faucet!

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  • pippabean

    Rachiele Custom Sinks - I just realized that the OP is talking about Hansgrohe, while you and therefore I, were talking about Grohe. Two entirely different companies. They once were one company, but I think many, many years ago a son split from the original Hansgrohe and started his own company. Both remained successful too. I hope that's not going to change.

  • Jerry Jorgenson

    I've had no problems with the Waterstone faucet.

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  • Shannon_WI

    @Jerry Jorgenson - the OP is considering a Hansgrohe Concetto, which is in the $200 range. She is also looking Grohe faucets which can be a few hundred more, depending on model. The Waterstone faucets start at about $1200, and go up to the $4000s. People need to mention pricing when they give recs so that the OP or others looking at the post understand the pricing points of those faucets.

  • PRO

    Just clean your aerator, and get a treatment system for your water. Hard water will clog up your new faucet just like your old one if you don't fix the underlying issue.

  • function_first

    I installed a new Grohe semi-pro faucet and the water stream was seriously slow (practically a trickle), but I googled and found instructions on how to remove the flow restrictors. Once I removed those it worked a billion times better.

  • PRO
    Rachiele Custom Sinks

    @pippabean I am so glad to hear that. I was simply passing on information found on another reliable site. Good to know they are amazing at sending out parts. Overnight is very impressive!

  • nosoccermom

    I could not verify the info on Grohe. According to German sites, their plants are in Germany (plants), and one in Thailand and Portugal each.

  • pippabean

    Look up the Japanese group, Lixil. They bought Grohe in 2014. Grohe HQ is still in Dusseldorf. By the way, Lixil also own American Standard among other companies.

  • pippabean

    I'm more worried about appliance manufacturers gobbling each other up. Most brands are now owned by either Whirlpool or Bosch. Bosch owns Thermador as well as Jennair and Gaggenau among others. Not much competition left. No wonder they get away with so much.

    I think there are still plenty of independent plumbing fixture manufacturers... or at least I hope so.

  • Anne Duke
    The pro you had in has had good luck with those brands. Ergo the recommendation, no real reason other than that. If there’s something wrong with the flow it won’t be fixed by those two brands only.

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