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LoneJack Zn 6a, KC
January 29, 2019
last modified: January 29, 2019

So far nothing here but my stash of empty jars is growing quickly. I've had several friends and family return many empty jars in the last few weeks.

In another month or so the Mexican and south Texas asparagus harvest will start coming in and the price will drop under $2/lb. which means it's time to pickle mass quantities! I plan to pickle around 30 lbs this year.

Last Sunday I ordered 5 boxes of Ball pint and a half jars from the Ace Hardware website that were on sale for $10.39 for a case of 9. They should be delivered to my local store by Friday. Three of the cases are for a friend that loves my pickled gus and wants to make a bunch for herself. I told her I would show her how when the time comes since she is a canning newbie.

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  • itsmce (zone 6b, Kansas)

    Jack, you are correct! He hit 17 months old yesterday. I will get to see him tomorrow. I plan to take him a sample to see how he likes it.

  • LoneJack Zn 6a, KC

    I thought I remembered he was born in April last year. He may eat a whole pint if he likes it. When my son was little he had to have applesauce with every meal. He would always dip chicken strips and fish sticks in it.

    Have fun on your visit with him!

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  • annie1992

    Yes, enjoy visiting that grandbaby, they don't stay babies for very long. (sigh) Of course, then they just eat more and you have to keep canning!

    Jack, I'm running out of jars too, I'm down to a couple dozen quarts and maybe 14 or 15 pints, and I still have peaches and greens that haven't even been started and tomatoes to finish up. The shelled beans are just starting to make a pretty good sized bean, but they'll go in the freezer, I guess they get bags and not jars.

    No zucchini, though? Here they grew like weeds, I've been feeding them to the cows and I'm still picking them every day, it's crazy. The yellow crooknecks are even more prolific than the green zucchini, and if I hadn't gotten so many cucumbers I'd make relish, but I've already made both sweet and dill relish with cucumbers.

    And what did I put up today? 12 quarts of tomato sauce and more tomatoes waiting for tomorrow!


  • canfan

    Well.... finally got a batch of Annie's Salsa canned today. 13 pints with just about one pint left to eat fresh. I used up half the box so I'll finish it up tomorrow. I used Roma's that I bought from "lower valley". They were really good sized romas. I paid 13 dollars for the box. We got our tomatoes in late and I don't think we'll even get enough to can. The peppers seem doing be doing ok though.

  • annie1992

    I'm done with tomatoes, I'm running out of space and jars, so the rest will be given to the local food pantry or which ever neighbor wants them, I did another 7 quarts of pink half runners and 12 quarts of tomatoes, as well as another 18 pints of chile sauce.

    This weekend is chicken processing, I have 34 broilers that I think are going to be about 6 pounds each dressed, and I'm sure happy I got that chicken plucker for my birthday a couple of years ago.

    I keep waiting for the peaches to ripen, they are the latest peaches I've ever seen and I don't know the variety, Dad planted them at least 15 years ago and last year was the first year we got any peaches. This year they are loaded down, and I thinned them, but the branches are still bending. Unfortunately, they are a clingstone, so it's a real job to prepare them for canning.


  • itsmce (zone 6b, Kansas)

    I used up a small quantity of tomatoes to make a half recipe of Annie’s salsa. There was about another half pint left, but I was plum out of half pint jars so, darn, I had to keep it fresh to eat right away. :-)

  • LoneJack Zn 6a, KC

    Annie - processing 34 chickens sounds like an all weekend job. I hope you have some help! When is your average FFD up there? Can you pick the unripe peaches if the dreaded F word threatens and let them ripen off the tree?

    Margi - Nice! I usually have a cup or so of left over salsa when I make a full batch that we eat fresh. My BWB canner will only hold 7 pints so I can't use a 1/2 pint jar and can the left overs.

    I still have a bag of already milled tomatoes in the freezer ready to make one more batch of salsa. I might do that the weekend after next when I have Friday off. Lord knows I have plenty of bell peppers and jalapenos for the job. I just need to remember to pick up a bunch of cilantro before then.

    This weekend I'll be making a batch of dilly beans with Maxibel fillet beans. I last harvested the plants last Saturday and they are loaded again. We'll use the Dragon's Tongue for fresh eating. I cheat and just use the Mrs. Wages kosher mix and add a clove of garlic and 1/8 tsp. cayenne pepper to each jar.

  • missemerald

    I just wanted to say that I am totally jealous of all of your continued canning! I have just the opposite problem here; my garden is done and the local Farmers Markets are too pricey, so I'm done canning for awhile (until November, when I can turkey). So, of course, I just got a deal on lots and lots of jars (15 dozen, I think), with nothing to put in them!

  • canfan

    issemerald.... have you looked on Craigslist for produce? Fortunately we have a large produce growing market in central WA which provides a great source for fruits/vegetables. Also some gardeners sell on Craigslist or FB Marketplace. ps... nice score on the jars.

  • busylizzy

    So far,

    12 quarts frozen blue lake beans

    7 quarts tomato garden blend tomato juice

    4 pints pickled Cauliflower

    6 pints hot dog relish

    4 pints pickled red beets

    6pints 9 day sweet pickles

    4 pints dilly beans

    14 1/2 pints and 7 pints Annie’s Salsa

    4 pints pickled hot peppers

    6 1/2 pints red raspberry jelly

    8 pints pizza sauce

    6 quarts roasted Italian Spagh sauce

    8 pints basil tomato sauce

    1/2 gallon refrigerator sriracha

    4 1/2 pints horseradish

    still have a loaded produce refrig to process, getting tired !

  • missemerald

    Canfan, yes, I have. Unfortunately, I am in a very suburban area (Northern VA), and my options seem to be Farmers Markets (winding down and costly) and PYO places (which mostly have apples now). I did well earlier in the summer, but not so much now. Now, if canning and preserving political nonsense were possible, I do have the jars for that!! (ha ha)

    At least I have plenty of jars for NEXT year!!

  • canfan

    lol... missemerald.... you are definitely.... prepared for the coming season. Doesn't sound so far off when said that way, does it?

  • LoneJack Zn 6a, KC

    You HAVE been busy Lizzy! lol

    Did you already process your garden horseradish this year or did you buy some root. I always wait until November before I dig up and process mine. I freeze it in small 4 oz. jars after processing.

    I think you need more Annie's Salsa! lol

    I would like to find a recipe for a Sriracha sauce that can be safely canned but the ones I've looked at are a little questionable.

    I'm not sure if my cauliflower is going to make this fall. The cabbage worms have been relentless and the plants don't look so good even though I've been spraying with BTK. I should have grown some this spring to pickle.

  • busylizzy

    Hey Jack,

    yes, I have a bushel of maters and more ripening. Will make more salsa. Need to make ketchup and tomato sauce. This coming week crazy our huge Bloomsburg Fair starts tomorrow I help at Top Purple Stand plus my other job fair week. Take one day off to walk around fair. Only entered 16 things in the Ag building, was too busy to take up the flowers in hort building.

    Yep, cabbage worms a bugger this year, had one huge cabbage that fell over, worms ate the other side, the broccoli looked like lace, had enough and dusted with Dipel. Now all recovering and growing. Dipel works great, also use for tent worms, area had infestation of tent worms crawling up houses etc, used the Dipel and had none.

    I bought some horseradish root, needed to make for Bloody Mary night at local social club.

    Probably dig root of mine later, after I get the kraut going and sour head kraut.

    My friends need to stop eating! Already blew thru 2 1/2 gallons fresh Bloody Mary mix and 2 guys ate a pint and half of salsa in an hour yesterday.

  • annie1992

    Lizzy, you are definitely busy!

    Here it's not cabbage worms, it's tomato worms. I picked them off and picked them off, fed them to the chickens. Endlessly. Finally I gave up and dusted, but my poor tomatoes are just stalks. Thankfully I had a lot of them ready to ripen and so they didn't seem to be a disaster, although they were definitely badly impacted. I still need to fry some green tomatoes, I haven't done that a single time this year, the grandkids won't eat them and I seem to be the only one who really loves them. Fine enough, they can be all for me!

    Jack, my first frost date here is...well....any time now. (sigh) It was 83F today, though, and will be in the high 60s all next week, I think. USDA says it's from September 30-October 30 and I'm hoping for later rather than soon. Besides the peaches, I have Sugar Rush peppers that aren't ripe, and the butternut could use more time, and so could the Kabarika beans. Mayacoba are pretty close to being ready, but the Kabarika need more time, hopefully a couple of weeks.

    I did ripen peaches in the garage last year, so I'm hopeful about those.

    Tonight I canned 5 quarts of beef stock, making freezer room for ice and those chickens. My stepson and his two oldest kids are coming to help, half of the chickens are his. I have that automatic plucker, it'll pluck 2 chickens in 18 seconds and Elery timed me the last time, I can clean a chicken in 3 minutes or less, and break it down into fryer pieces in 2 minutes. I can't sustain that rate through too many chickens, though. (grin) And it's supposed to rain buckets all weekend too, just to add to the fun.

    Tomorrow I'm going out to cut some of the staghorn sumac to dry and grind for my spice cabinet, I've never done that before so you know I just have to! Yeah, I can thank Mother Earth News for that project, I should stop reading, LOL.


  • naturegirl_2007 5B SW Michigan

    Sounds like a fun weekend, Annie. I tasted some sumac while out hiking last week. It is perfect for picking now - hopefully you get yours before the big rains hit and wash some of the flavor away.

    The warm weather has made me forget that frost is near. Your reminder helps me not feel bad that so many of the veggies are looking like they need to be composted. In the past week the cucumbers, zukes, and summer squash have gotten lots of mildew. It won't be long before they are pulled, frost or no frost!

  • food_lover

    I taught some friends how to bwb! We made:

    Dill Pickle Spears


    Peach Jam for a Cold Morning

    And Crushed Tomatoes

    36 jars in all.

  • missemerald

    Jelly Question... I made a batch of pineapple jelly last night. 7 half pints, looks beautiful, all sealed... but it did not gel. I have 7 jars of wonderfully flavored pineapple juice. Is there any way to rescue this?

  • annie1992

    missemerald, there are a couple of ways to "rescue" that juice. You can repurpose it as a sauce or syrup for ice cream or waffles, I had some lovely french toast made with coconut and pineapple syrup. Or you can "remake" the jelly, here are instructions:


    Be aware, though, that the texture may not be what you like, I've seldom been happy with remade jam or jelly. It often seems too "jelled", more like gummy bears than jelly.

    Good luck!


  • missemerald

    Annie, thank you! That's what I needed. I had thought about syrup but the texture is just... juice. Flavorful as all get out, but not thickened much at all. I don't want to change the flavor profile too much by adding a ton more sugar, so this might work. (I wonder about no sugar added pectin?)

    Strangely enough, I really wanted some pineapple jelly, but did not find many recipes. The one I used is from Ball.

  • annie1992

    I saw some instructions once on line about the no sugar pectin and remaking jam, but I've never tried it so I can't say whether it would work or not. I do find that the stuff will jell pretty much anything, although sometimes the texture leaves something to be desired. I guess that's just a common problem with remade jam/jelly, no matter what the technique.

    Good luck, I hope it works!


  • missemerald

    So, I had more canning this weekend after all: pineapple chunks, pineapple jelly (the no sugar pectin worked GREAT!!), peach halves, chicken soup, and green beans.

    I still have to make peach honey, but since I froze the peelings there's no rush...

  • annie1992

    food_lover, good for you for teaching that skill, and your jars are beautiful!

    missemerald, yours looks good too, and makes me think I should can some chicken soup, I've been doing just plain stock but that would be a nice change.

    Here we processed 34 chickens for the freezer and I canned 4 quarts and a pint of stock from backs and necks. I still have enough backs and necks for two more batches of stock, so I'll do that this week, probably.

    The peaches are nearly ripe and I still haven't started on greens, plus I'd forgotten I have carrots out there. I spent two days out of town at a certification class for Township/County Clerks, and now I'm behind, I'd better get moving.


  • annie1992

    Well, Houzz won't let me edit, so I'll have to add a new comment.

    I managed to grind up a quart jar full of sumac powder for seasoning and I made a separate post on that in case anyone else wants to try.

    While I was doing that, Elery cut up a mixed bunch of hot peppers for the dehydrator, I know there were Sugar Rush, Orange Habanero, some Black Hungarian, a couple of Lemon Drop and some ripe red jalapenos. They're really pretty and nearly filled a 2 quart jar.

    He also picked some beans and we put 9 quarts of Mayacoba and 12 quarts of Kebarika in the freezer. I've never grown Kebarika before and they are a beautiful big purple bean that almost looks like a kidney bean. Oddly enough, they lost their purple color when we cooked them, and the flavor is reminiscent of a pinto, but they have a creamier texture. I will definitely grow those again, as I got them in late this year and many have not had time to ripen, but they just keep plugging alone.


  • annie1992

    Houzz still won't let me edit, so I can't correct my spelling errors in the above post, I'll have to be more careful!

    Tonight's project was an unexpected canning of golden beets. I had planned to leave those in the ground for another month, and use them fresh, but the gophers thought they'd eat them fresh instead. Lots of nibble marks and so they got pulled and canned, 15 pints of them.

    We also pulled the carrots before the deer finished those off, so I'll be canning them tomorrow, I think.


  • busylizzy

    Busy gal after the fair, I am.

    8 pints freezer peach pie filling

    7 pints 9 day sweet cinnamon pickles

    6 quarts whole plum tomatoes

    now, have a 10 pint batch of ketchup reducing on the stove

    strained a few quarts of red raspberries

    Hope I still can get enough to make a batch of raspberry jam.

    Back to work tomorrow, so will start fermenting.


  • annie1992

    Still busy, lizzy!

    I've put several quarts of raspberries into the freezer, I should make some jam out of some of those. Peaches are just ripening, so I'll make some jam, some peach salsa and peach syrup for pancakes and waffles.

    Tonight my project was another batch of chicken stock and those carrots, the tally for tonight was 13 pints of carrots, a mixture of Amarillo, Purple Haze and White Satin. I diligently sorted out the Purple Haze and jarred them separately as they turn everything purple.

    Today was the opening day of bow season for deer, so Elery got the first venison for the freezer today too.


  • LoneJack Zn 6a, KC

    Annie - I forgot, how many freezers do you have...12? lol

    I won't have enough fall carrots to freeze any this year. I only got about 50% germination and then the slugs mowed down 3/4th of what did come up while I wasn't paying attention. I might have 3 dozen left if that. Not many fall beets either due to the slugs.

    On the bright side the fall broccoli, cauliflower, and lettuce are doing pretty well despite the never ending summer. Nothing bolted in the heat so far and it looks like today will be the last day of temps above the mid 70s. We have a cold front pushing through this afternoon with rain expected.

    I'll be pickling some of the cauliflower and maybe freeze some of the broccoli when it's ready. I also have lots of radishes to go along with the lettuce in salads.

  • busylizzy

    Annie, I usually have quarts of red raspberries to freeze before winter, but I lost 95 percent of my canes over the winter. Have no idea what happened, so I am in the process of propagating new canes. Kinda bummed, when I pick and only get a pint, not quart.

    My carrots not ready yet, sowed variety Bolero in August for winter.

    Decided to drag out the pressure canner last night and test it,as I am still getting tomatoes, this week will probably be it for them, Friday night, down to 39. Wild, 80 today.

    Dont see slugs, but I sure have grubs, lawn looks like it is shot up with the skunks digging out.

    Just got the D maps for extra tags for venison, passing out to neighbors, I have a new fondness for venison dried beef and 2 neighbors make it.

    I am waiting for another freezer from a friends parents estate, all of us too busy right now!


  • annie1992

    Jack, I have four free standing freezers, plus the bottom freezer on the kitchen refrigerator. The porch refrigerator is mostly dedicated to fresh product and cold drinks, and that freezer is full of home pressed apple cider, because if I can it, it's just apple juice.

    My daughters do not have space in their homes for large freezers, something about having houses full of children and their stuff, LOL. So, they leave their portion of the beef/chicken/etc here and take it home piecemeal as they have space. Also I sometimes have an "extra" half of beef that I'm holding for a neighbor or someone, so sometimes those freezers are all full and sometimes a couple are empty.

    Lizzy, I'm sorry about those raspberries, the only problem I've had here is that the deer eat them if I don't fence them and then net them. Rats on hooves, I swear.

    Here it was 80 yesterday, 50 today and possible a frost by the weekend. I need to get the butternuts and other squash and pumpkins out of the garden and into storage by Friday and I'm hoping that the peaches are ripe enough to use, I'm watching that temperature carefully. I have the absolutely latest ripening peaches that anyone has ever experienced, and I don't know what they are, Dad planted them before he died. And, of course, the apples are still on the trees.

    Right now I'm working on a big batch of peach syrup/chunks for pancakes, and tomorrow it'll be jam. I'm hoping for enough peaches by this weekend to start fruit salsa.


  • LoneJack Zn 6a, KC

    Annie - that cold front moved through here overnight and brought a goodly amount of rain. 89 for a high yesterday and 54 as I type this. Lows will be in the mid 40s this weekend. I hope the F word holds off long enough for you to harvest the apples and peaches. Just shake the trees!!

  • annie1992

    Wow, Jack, isn't that pretty cold for you this time of year? Projected temps here on Friday evening are 37-39F, so we might escape, but barely. We brought in the butternut and Hokkaido squash today, they're "curing" in the pole barn.

    We picked enough ripe peaches to make a batch of peach salsa, I got 9 pints and a half pint. I made that instead of jam, because I have ripe red sweet peppers and onions right now and I want to use them up. Jam will wait until next week, probably, as will the syrup.

    I have leeks, greens, peaches and apples left, along with some pink pumpkins that are strictly decorative. Oh, and Turk's Turban squash which I don't believe are ripe enough to eat, but can also be decorative, I'll let the grandkids pick them for autumn displays and they'll be happy. Today the last of the green beans became lunch for the cows, they were happy.


  • LoneJack Zn 6a, KC

    Annie - It's a little cooler than normal. My average first frost is around Oct. 20 but the last few years we haven't gotten below freezing until early November. I see one morning low showing 39 next Friday but then it's supposed to warm back up with lows in the 50s.

    I picked 15 lbs. of various peppers last night to share at work. Lots of bananas, Jalapenos, Ajvarski, and Poplano. I should have kept the Ajvarski to make Ajvar but I have to work this weekend and probably wouldn't have time. There's still several more on the plants so I might still be able to make some down the line.

  • annie1992

    I've got peppers to pick too, Elery and his sons want some more of that pepper relish, his middle son says that when his boss gets crabby he just sets out a jar of the stuff with chips "and all that noise stops". LOL So, I've got to keep him supplied, to soothe the beast, apparently.

    Maybe Sunday, tomorrow I need to pick peaches.


  • missemerald

    Jack, Annie... pepper relish? My pepper plants are still producing, please share? Also, didn't there used to be a list or something here about greatest canning recipes? I looked but could not find...

  • LoneJack Zn 6a, KC

    Missermerald - I haven't made any Ajvar pepper relish yet. Annie recommended it last year. My 2 Ajvar plants didn't ripen enough at one time to make a large batch. I think the one plant I gave to a friend produced more than the 2 I grew. I think the plants got swallowed up by the much larger poblano and banana pepper plants next to them. IIRC the Ajvar relish is not safe for BWB canning so it needs to be pressure canned or frozen. I imagine Annie will be along to correct me if I'm wrong.

    They are calling for a freeze on Saturday morning so I'll be picking the rest of my peppers later in the week. The season's winding down but I'm OK with that.

  • annie1992

    missemerald, do you have hot peppers or sweet peppers? I made ajvar, but it has to be frozen. I made this red pepper spread from the Ball Blue Book, the kids like it on crunchy garlic bread or pita chips:


    This is the one that everyone likes. I do remove some of the seeds and ribs from the peppers and I sub some sweet peppers for some hot ones, about half and half, for those cowards among us. (Yes, I know, I raised my hand, LOL). Don't grind the vegetables too fine or your relish will be too soupy, just grind them about the size of a grain of rice or a bit bigger. I use whatever peppers I have, from Sugar Rush to jalapeno to Lemon Drop, I like a mix of colors because it's prettier. The Habaneros get saved for Habanero Gold but everything else is fair game. I've successfully doubled and even tripled this recipe, as long as I'm grinding peppers and onions, and it's turned out fine.


    1 lb hot peppers

    1 lb sweet peppers
    1 lb carrots
    1 medium red onion

    1 1/3 cup cider or white vinegar

    4 cups sugar

    Remove the stems and de-seed if you want your relish to be less spicy.
    Clean and peel carrots. Using a food processor on pulse add
    jalapenos till they are small diced. Don't just let the machine spin.
    You want to have pieces not jalapeno juice. Then add carrots, pulse
    them the same size, and then finally the red onions. If you don't
    have a processor you can dice with a knife. Make sure to wear gloves
    when working with the peppers.

    In a large stainless steel combine vinegar and sugar and bring to a
    simmer until sugar is dissolved. Add diced veggies and simmer
    uncovered, for 2 minutes. Remove from heat.

    Process in boiling water bath 15 minutes.

    Happy Canning!


  • canfan

    We've had our killing Frost in central WA state. We covered the tomato's and peppers but the consistent cold was able to penetrate through the coverings. We did get the peppers picked, but not the green tomatoes. So canning is all but over for me... although the Pepper Relish Annie posted does look tempting. Tonight I'm making stuffed green peppers... and we'll likely smoke/dry the rest of the peppers this weekend.

  • missemerald

    Annie, thanks! Mostly we have sweet peppers, but I plan on trying some poblanos next year, based upon how much we enjoyed them from the Farmers Market this year, so I will try that recipe. It looks fabulous!

    I saved some heirloom poblano and tomato seeds from this year, so I am hoping all is well.

    No frost here yet. Just a lot of wet. While I'm thinking about it, my carrots should be safe underground when it does frost, but I should cover the rest, right?

  • annie1992

    We had a slight frost last night, but it's going to be colder next week, with highs in the 40s. I got those peaches picked and in the pole barn on tables, ripening:

    I sorted out those that were really ripe and the ones that had bad spots and "chunked" them up for more peach salsa, threw in a couple of red peppers, I think they'are Hungarian Black but they are red when ripe. Nice and fruity, according to Elery, not that I'd know, LOL. 13 pints, isn't it pretty? I had no cilantro and I like the little green flecks, but that's the way it is sometimes. So, no green flecks in this batch:

    Elery also picked and shelled 3 more quart bags of kebarika beans for the freezer. He shot a second deer a couple of days ago so we have plenty of venison, although he's considering going back out for one more. My daughters love venison and are happy to take packages of it home with them, but none of his kids will touch it. I guess it's all what you grow up with.


  • LoneJack Zn 6a, KC

    Annie - have your daughters wrap chunks of venison steak in bacon and grill it and I bet the kids will like it. I did that with a big chunk of elk tenderloin the last time we went to the lake and everyone loved it.

    I'll be picking all of my peppers on Friday before a freeze comes in Saturday morning. I might make and freeze a batch of Jalapeno poppers if I have time this weekend. DW said she would use all of the green bells to make and freeze stuffed peppers. I'd like to make one more meal of Chile Relenos out of the poblanos but they should be fine until the following weekend.

  • beesneeds

    Annie... I like peaches and all but WOW that's a lot of peaches! I also happen to adore Hungarian Black peppers. Never thought about putting the two together before.

    I got a problem with fruit salsas around here- they are all more like unjelled peach pie filling with tomato and some peppers than... well, good. Blueberry salsa is worse, heh.

    Maybe if I ask nice will you share that particular recipe with me? Of I'm guessing a smaller batch. I'm willing to try a jar or few, but nothing like what you got on those tables.

    I haven't put up much this year. More like tinkered around with stuff. Tried fermenting a couple half gallons of cucumber pickles- success, but too many pickles. Dehydrating pineapple, kiwi, ham and turkey lunchmeats, fresh plums and huge black grapes. Taking large pack chicken breasts on sale and working them up with seasonings for the freezer to pop off with seasoned chicken whatever.

    Mother bed of garlic was good- half dozen half pint jars each of three flavors of pickled baby garlic- a red wine vinegar with herbs, dry white wine and rice vinegar, and a pub mix of red wine vinegar, white wine vinegar, malt vinegar and pickling mix seasonings.

    A dozen half pint jars of garlic salsa.

    Left me with four ropes of 15 heads or so each of garlic hanging up in the kitchen. And I've already used one up in cooking!

    I did use up the tails of last years garlic to make a couple pound batch of roasted garlic compound butter and another pound of butter to chive butter.

    A few jars of flavored vinegars.. tarragon, Italian herbs, and nasturtium flowers. A nice batch of Italian herb spread of butter, olive oil, and a LOT of herbs. A pint of basil and nasturtium base pesto- left out the pine nuts and cheese.

  • annie1992

    Jack, it's not the kids that have a problem, it's the adults. Elery and I have been married 11 years. He has 4 kids and 8 grandkids, I have 2 daughters and 4 grandkids. My daughters and grandkids will eat venison without batting an eye, but his children will not touch it. His daughter, who is nearly 40, actually spit a piece of sausage out and threw it away when told it was venison, she says just the thought of it "freaks her out". But I grew up eating it, as did the kids and my granddaughter hunts, she got her first deer when she was 11. Elery never hunted before and none of his kids hunt, they all live in cities. They won't even taste it, so it would be a waste of good bacon. We'll eat it ourselves and feed his side of the family beef and chicken and won't tell them what they are missing!

    Beesneeds, I've tried blueberry salsa, and I wasn't impressed, so maybe it's just not a good idea, or maybe we both need better recipes!

    The only problem with all those peaches is that they are clingstone, so they're a fight to process, but they have a great flavor. I'll put some in the freezer for cobbler and pie, that doesn't need to be pretty. In the salsa, the Hungarians added a nice pop of color, I was very happy with that. I used this recipe, which is nice because it uses no tomatoes, and I don't have any! It's a sweet salsa, the kids just love the stuff. I cut the sugar in half and it's still plenty sweet for me. I've left the cilantro out, I've used part chopped pineapple, I've made a half batch, it's all good....

    Peach Salsa

    16 cups of peaches, peeled and cut into

    2 large red onions, chopped

    4 cloves garlic, chopped

    2 cups sweet peppers, your color

    ½ cup hot peppers, chopped

    3 cups sugar

    3 ½ cups vinegar

    1 ½ cups water

    1 tbls powdered ginger or 3 tbls minced
    fresh ginger

    1 cup fresh cilantro, chopped

    Chop all vegetables and fruit, or put
    them into a food processor and pulse until chopped to your liking.
    Pour into a large stainless steel pot, add remaining ingredients and
    bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer 5 minutes.

    Fill jars with ½ inch headspace,
    making sure solids are covered with liquids. Process 15 minutes.

    Makes 11 pints (more or less)

    Happy Canning!


  • annie1992

    And I'm still working on peaches, just put 6 quart bags into the freezer. Next is jam, think. I also think we're going to get our first frost tonight, and the egg supply is slowing down, we're going to have to turn on the lights!

    I'm just going to update this, because I'm still canning. 20 half pints of hot pepper relish and 10 half pints of peach raspberry melba jam. The rest of the peaches may be ready for tomorrow. If not, I'll start some more chicken stock, I need to get those necks and backs out of the freezer.


  • LoneJack Zn 6a, KC

    I got my garlic planted on Saturday after we had a hard frost on Saturday morning. 29F at my house at daybreak. 133 cloves of 4 different varieties buried. I put welded wire fencing over the bed to keep the squirrels from digging up the cloves and replacing them with hickory nuts.

    I have a sandwich bag jammed full of cloves that were rejected for planting that I plan to dehydrate next weekend for making garlic powder.

  • annie1992

    Jack, we still have not had a hard frost, although it's been close. I think tonight is the night. I'll be planting garlic in a couple of days too, and I have more than a sandwich bag that I'll have to dehydrate. That is definitely not a complaint, it's a blessing, I think.

    I did make that stock and canned 5 quarts and a pint tonight, and I cut the kale, so I'll be starting that tomorrow morning. We've picked all the squash and pumpkins, the peppers and eggplant, nothing is left except leeks and collard greens. Both are pretty cold tolerant, so I'm not concerned about them, but I've got to get the collards in jars and the leeks in the dehydrator in the next week or so.

    We locked two calves into the box stall in the barn for weaning too, so it's noisy here, in spite of all the "drops" from the apple trees that I keep tossing to the cows. I think I'll be pressing some cider this weekend too.


  • LoneJack Zn 6a, KC

    Annie - I bet it will be loud for awhile. We took all the calves over to another pasture miles away for weaning but they weren't too happy for a week or 2. I think we will be taking the 3 steers in for processing in February. I'm looking forward to that.

    The cows should all be knocked up and the first calf may drop in January since it was mid March that the Angus bulls broke into the pasture.

  • annie1992

    Jack, the two reprobates escaped last night, I locked them back up this morning, LOL. The mamas are making a lot more noise than the calves.

    Today I canned 5 quarts and 1 pint of chicken stock, and 13 quarts of collard greens. We'll be putting beef in the freezer in a few weeks, so I don't dare freeze anything else!


  • LoneJack Zn 6a, KC

    I bet the mamas aren't very comfortable with their udders full and no calves around to empty them.

  • annie1992

    Jack, I'm sure they are not. One is relatively calm about it, wanders up by the barn and hollers every few hours then goes back out into the pasture and eats. The other one, though, is a nervous wreck and spends most of her time standing next to the barn "talking" to her baby while he "talks" back. I'm sorry for the neighbors across the road!

    I'll open the barn back up in a day or two, then they will be separated by a metal gate but they'll be able to see each other, touch noses over the gate, the calves can stand right next to Mom but not nurse. I've found that if I don't close that building up tight for a couple of days, though, the cows just about tear the barn down, while the "babies" (who are about 5 months old) try to jump fences and go through gates. A couple of days worth of noise is better than animals hurting themselves.

    Today's canning? 7 more quarts of collard greens, with some more waiting for tomorrow. Elery likes greens a lot and we eat them at least twice a week, a quart at a time, so I need about 100 quarts to get through until next fall. I had 34 left from last year, so need 66 this year. 20 down, 46 to go! I'm going to have to demand that my daughters bring some jars back.....


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