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My order of sample detergents is here!

Annette Holbrook(z6b-7a)
January 31, 2019

I started with a few to try. They got here this morning.

My first load was of the GG Vetiver. Mostly because I liked the description. From what I could tell I liked the way they cleaned. I was disappointed that there was virtually no scent when pulled them out of the dryer.

I did do a second rinse, would I get more scent if I didn’t do a second rinse?

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  • Karen Rose
    Where did you get samples of these products? I’ve been wanting to try the Diva but the cost of one bottle is $$$.
  • mamapinky0


    At least you know your washer rinses well. You could try only one rinse. I've also noticed that hanging things on hangers to dry keeps some of the scent.

    The Viriver is my fav. Another member here graciously sent me some and it was instant love.

    Does your GG all have sodium percarbonate? If they do than either save them for whites and lights or keep the temp more at warm if you use them on colors, at least below 120F.

    It's always fun testing out new detergents. Keep us informed.

  • Annette Holbrook(z6b-7a)

    Tyler Glamorous Gift Set https://www.amazon.com/dp/B005JKMVTO/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_gw3uCbF6AEWE7

    Each little bottle is 4oz. I have found and ounce of liquid detergent is plenty in my Electrolux FL, especially for linens. So I will get at least 12-15 loads from the set.

  • Annette Holbrook(z6b-7a)

    Is sodium percarbonate the same as sodium carbonate peroxide?

  • mamapinky0

    Yep...pretty much.

  • Annette Holbrook(z6b-7a)

    Gotcha! I did do darks on this first load and luckily chose warm as I was kind of winging it. Mostly my bum around the house doing chores tshirts. They do feel very soft. Probably that extra rinse?

  • MiMi

    Diva, High Maitenance and what is the other Tyler scent?

  • Annette Holbrook(z6b-7a)

    The third scent is Kathina.

  • Annette Holbrook(z6b-7a)

    Did a load of dog towels with the GG Gardenia and just one rinse. It did a great job and the scent out of the dryer was nice and light. I really like it. There were people on the Amazon reviews that hated it, not sure why as it is barely noticeable. I will try the Vetiver again with just a single rinse.

    I just started a load of sheets with the Tyler Kathina. Overall the Tyler scents out of the bottle are a bit too much for me, very perfumey. But 90s perfume like Poison or White Diamonds lol. Like I’ve just walked through the makeup department at Macy’s. I will wait until I finish the load before making a final judgment. But my immediate impression is that I really like the Le Blanc scents better.

  • MiMi

    I love to walk thru makeup departments but just the mention of Poison gave me a headache....

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