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Guest bed linens, cleaning and storage?

Annette Holbrook(z6b-7a)
February 4, 2019

So I have 4 guest beds in our cabin. I have 3-4 sets of linens for each bed. When guests leave, I change the bedding, wash the used set and store it in the closet. So if it is a month or so without guests does it seem like the linens would seem stale? What about the holiday themed linens that get stored until the next year? I guess I could just rewash everything before guests arrive but that seems wasteful.

What do others do? Any tips for storage to keep linens fresh?

Comments (6)

  • Richard Dollard

    I'm not an expert but what about using those space bags and add a dryer sheet to them with the linens before sealing them. You could gets smaller bags and do 1 set per bag. I do that with my set that I use for camping and keep them in the attic.

  • rococogurl

    Wash and put them in large zip,lock bags. If folded properly they will fit. Alternately they can go in sterilite containers. But the bags are easier and can be marked for the appropriate bed. Especially useful if mattresses are different thicknesses.

  • bpath Oh Sophie

    Why not just put them back onto the beds after washing? Or, fold them and put them on the bed under the comforter/spread/coverlet/dust sheet/whatever, and toss in the dryer for a few minutes when you are expecting guests. Keep a set on hand somewhere when you NEED to put on a fresh set right away. Maybe in an underbed box with a dryer sheet, under that guest bed, but you might want to toss them in the dryer for 15 minutes to fluff them up.

    Holiday-themed bedding: don't.

  • mamapinky0

    Rocs suggestion of zip locks is a great idea. You can find very big zip locks at Walmart. Usually in the same place as the other food storage bags, bottom shelf. I can't remember the size but they are huge.

    As for recommending dryer sheets I'd be wary of that as some guests may not tolerate the scent or may have allergies to synthetic scents. The sheels will smell just as fresh coming out of the zip lock as the day they were washed.

  • tartanmeup

    Sorry but 3-4 sets of linens for each guest bed? That seems a bit much, no? I have 3 sets of sheets per regular bed and can't imagine needing more than 2 sets of sheets for a guest bed (one on the bed and the other stored). How often do you change sheets when guests stay over? ETA: Perhaps my perspective is skewed by the fact that I have no storage. :)

  • ShadyWillowFarm
    LOL! There is no such thing as stale bedding! As long as no mice get in and it’s dry, it’s fine. But I love how you are concerned about your guests. Very kind. I store the extra linens for each bed in zippered bags under the bed. If it’s been a reeeaallllyyy long time, maybe pull off the spread/cover and fluff it in the dryer.

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