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one thing leads to another...

Regina Lackowski
February 8, 2019
Planned to purchase a new toilet (white) for powder room, which led to needing a new top for our vanity, which led to getting a whole new vanity and likely a redo of the whole room!!

Two questions:
*Does the powder room need to match the color of kitchen cabinets? (We currently have black cabinets in kitchen and black painted vanity in bathroom)

*What color scheme (specifically vanity color and hardware) would you recommend considering the color scheme in our kitchen and family room (pictured below!)

Comments (11)

  • artistsharonva

    *Does the powder room need to match the color of kitchen cabinets?

    NO, unless seen from other rooms maybe. Looks like you do a good job picking colors so far :) Besides powder rooms are a great place to do something unique, if you feel like it.

  • Rita / Bring Back Sophie 4 Real

    Absolutely no need to match the cabinets in both rooms. Your house is beautiful.

  • Kendrah

    No need to match. In fact, I like it when a powder room is different because it makes you feel like you are secluded in another world, a different space, which is just how I want to feel when I'm going to the bathroom in the midst of a dinner party.

  • Regina Lackowski
    Ok, so now I need color recommendations for the vanity! Would you do a light grey with a white top and glass/polished chrome hardware?? Or something else??
  • tatts

    Nobody is going to see it for more than the 5 minutes that they are in there doing their business. Pick whatever YOU want, not what strangers on the internet want. Only you have to live with it.

  • arcy_gw

    Builders because it is easy or because it is good design, match all cabinetry and trim out, including doors, in their homes. Does it HAVE TO be so? I guess that will be decided when you go to re-sell? Not only color and wood choice but design of all doors and drawers always match up. We did not let this stop us from improving our kitchen cabinetry and when we re-did the bathrooms we did not match them to each other or the kitchen. The linen closet doors in the hall have not been touched and they continue to match the doors/trim out and stair case railing in our home. Same sort of question came into play when we had all the windows replaced with vinyl clad. The trim out in this 70s ranch is DARK/black oak. Not my favorite. The furniture DH has made us is all unstained oak. The antiques tables/desk in our living-room are an eclectic group of woods and tones. The wood cornices DH made for the windows are maple cove. We decided against white for the windows and matched the coves color a medium slightly reddish tone. Most of the dark oak trim out does not show given the cornice and curtains. It works for us. I really don't know or care the thoughts of visitors to our home as to their thoughts on our choices. If a person can choose and old dresser and turn it into a vanity for a gorgeous statement in a bathroom why would you fear all cabinetry should match?

  • PRO
    Patricia Colwell Consulting

    I like to have a bit of fun in a powder room so maybe think something like this. BTW I dislike hand towels in a powder room and I like a stack of dispoable paer towels in there since you have a bunch of strangers drying their hands a more sanitary idea .You can even get them with a monogram and just use a simple lucite holder or there aere some pretty cool wall mounted ones

  • J Williams

    Why are you changing it? I agree, small bathrooms can take a lot of intense decor if you want to do something dramatic/quirky.

  • Yayagal

    Regina, this is off track but can you tell me where you purchased the art over the sofa.

  • Regina Lackowski
    The painting above the couch is from Pier 1, but from quite a few years ago.

    Also, the reason I am asking for paint color ideas is because this is a place to ask for home design advice and I’d rather not go to the paint store to pour over swatches of paint if someone has a great suggestion! ☺️
  • PRO
    Chi Renovation & Design

    Here are some ideas for you for your powder room. Take note of the paint colors since that's what you are searching for currently:

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