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Need Help with Main Bath Design

Michelle England
February 10, 2019

We are in the mid of remodeling our main floor bathroom. This will be used by guests, as the master bath and for the other bathroom on the main level. I've been struggling with how to layout the bathroom to get the most out of the space considering this will be used daily by my husband and I, guests, and hopefully a baby soon! Here are some details.

  • The main waste vent is labeled (and could be moved to the next wall if the new design gets us as much of our wish list as possible.
  • The door can be moved anywhere along the wall it's currently on.
  • We're located in MN so can not place any piping on the exterior wall (light blue)
  • I would love to just have a walk-in shower but we don't have another tub in the house. We could install a tub in the basement but would that impact resale value?
  • We have a 5' soaker tub that we got for free - are soaker tubs too tall for a tub/shower combo? 20" seems high to step over every day.
  • I know it's far fetched but any way to squeeze in the soaker tub and shower? I feel like it's impossible given the next two bullets...
  • Would love to try to get double sinks since this is the bath we'll use every day to get ready
  • We NEED storage. Right now we have zero linen closet.

Hoping the Houzz community can help us out. My husband wants to make sure we're not wasting any space, but I like the idea of having space in the bathroom since we'll be using it every day.

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  • tartanmeup

    Bumping this for you.

    Michelle England thanked tartanmeup
  • Najeebah

    It's tempting to tick off the wishlist, but the space will be used regularly, by you and guests. So keep it simple, straightforward, practical, make it easy to use and clean regularly, and prioritise the list. No tight spots, but clear floor space and functionality is important in sich spaces.

    The toilet is a necessity...

    One sink is a necessity, but because of the frequent use, two is better.

    Either a bath or a shower is a necessity. Both is luxury, and would make the space cramped unfortunately. A combo is always less user-friendly, and with the frequent useage, I suggest a stand alone shower rather. A sizeable one is manageable.

    With something like this, you should have sufficient storage too.

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  • Cheryl Smith

    Since this is a remodel could you show a current before picture to show existing locations of fixtures. And what you DON'T like about the layout. And what you think you would prefer.

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  • Karenseb

    I don't think I would get rid of the tub on the main floor, especially when young kids will enjoy their bath time in it. You may be best off with a single vanity, some storage and a tub.

    Maybe you could use the soaker tub in the basement to create a spa bathroom.

    If you are able to finish the basement so that it seems like a part of your home and the finish is on par with the upstairs, I am sure you would recoup its value. That would mean large windows in the basement and a couple bedrooms and the soaker tub.

    What don't you like about your bathroom you have? Is the tub in good shape?

    Is there a possibility that the basement will be finished in the near future and you will not need a tub on the first floor?

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  • Michelle England

    Current bathroom is completely unusable except the toilet and sink. The shower/bath leaked when used, so we've been showering in the basement for at least the past 7 years. It all needed to go. Tub was miniature and poorly placed (the faucet was on the sink/internal wall - basically right below where the brush is). See the photo below. So happy to see it go.

    The basement will be done next. It's usable but agree we need to bring it up to par with the new look/feel/design of the upstairs. Downstairs we have 1 of our 3 bedrooms and my thought was to put the tub downstairs to use for kids bath time. We can only put the large windows on one side of the basement, which would be in the current bedroom.

    In MY ideal world we would have a nice walk in upstairs and the tub in the basement. But just concerned about resale value down the road and whether that would be a turnoff for buyers with kids to have to bathe in the basement.

    I have heard some say it wouldn't make a difference as long as you have a tub and others say we should keep it on the main floor.

  • Najeebah

    If you have the tub in a well-designed basement, I don't think you'd lose by it.

    Resale is often a factor to consider, but remember that you need it functioning for your needs primarily.
    The location, maintenance, layout and other factors play a bigger role in resale, and I'd rather buy a place with one well designed, relatively spacious bahroom and a tub in the basement (with the option of using it or not), than buy one with a tub I won't often use crammed in to the main bathroom.

    Some people have kids in the bath daily. I grew up with easily accessible tubs and don't recall using them more than every few months for fun. How do you think you'd bath your own kids?

    If you think the two sinks is a nice idea you wouldn't necessarily use often, then consider one and the tub, but it's not all fitting.

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