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Kitchen Help - New Home Purchase

Cheryl Marshall
February 10, 2019

Buying a home that needs serious kitchen help. Would like to keep the brick if possible but have no idea what color cabinets/counters/floors. Thoughts??

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  • acm

    What's the rush? If you have no idea, why not live there a while and see how the kitchen works for you overall? You might discover that you live in it quite differently that you imagine, and might change your mind about what features to keep or replace...

    You'll probably always hate the floors, so I'd look to change them to either a neutral tile or continuing the wood from the adjacent room -- then keep enough extra material that when/if you pull up any cabinets, you can replace what's underneath them too.

  • Cheryl Marshall
    Actually, we wont do the kitchen right away but we do want to update floors and paint in main living areas before moving in. Figured the kitchen has the most going on so if I can get an idea of color palette that would work in there then it might inform other options and help with a cohesive look.
  • Liz Lemon
    I love that brick and the feel of the space. I don’t have any specific design suggestions but I wanted to mention that the exposed brick reminds me of an Instagram account I follow with a gorgeous farmhouse with brick @blessedmamatobabygirls (pic attached). I think you could do something really unique and fun that shows off the brick. Enjoy the new home!
  • Rawketgrl

    Just by neutralizing all the blue it looks much better. Bring the wood into the kitchen or find a cream or the color of the grout in the brick wall for tiles or vinyl flooring. Paint the blue walls the existing color of the upper walls. Neutralize the backsplash, a light color in the countertop, You can paint them, on a vertical surface paint lasts quite a while. Paint the cabinet trim the same color as the cabinets. Lovely brick arches.

  • Cheryl Marshall
    Wow, that helped! Thanks so much. I would have never guessed that making things more neutral would make that much of an impact.
  • PRO
    Flo Mangan
    I assume the early american furniture is not yours? I would really think through kitchen and eating area because flooring will be huge expensive issue. How many people do you want to seat everyday in kitchen? Looks like you have a dining room? Don’t do anything until you have a good plan for kitchen.
  • PRO
    Beth H. :

    beautiful vaulted ceilings. you need to make those worthy! look at these kitchen with tall ceilings and how adding beams, proper lighting, completely change the space. (white cabinets, french oak hardwood flooring, lime wash the red brick will need to go along w/the ceiling up-do)


    And just to show you how the brick looks w/ wood beams ^

    and if you decide to lime wash the bricks

    I'd prob do something to the brick like they've done here, to tone down that heavy red

  • PRO
    Flo Mangan
    For example, you might want to extend your island with an integrated table. Maybe not this style but you get idea. Just think about it.
  • Madeline

    This room seems made for a red white and blue color palette and just ask the French whether that's a palette (with yellow and green as accents and of course cream and black) that can be carried well and beautifully throughout the home.

  • Cheryl Marshall
    Thanks everyone! This has been helpful.

    The furniture in the picture is not mine. Regarding seating in kitchen, there are 4 of us that will use it daily. There is a large formal dining room in the adjoining space.
  • PRO
    Patricia Colwell Consulting

    Leave the floors alone until you decide what to do about the kitchen I know it seems like a pain but until you have a kitchen design the flooring can’t be in .Your color palette is decided from what you are putting in the space, your style so many things influence color choices. What flooring are you thinking about installing. I see carpet , wood type and what ever that kichen flooring is so you need to decide that firast then if you want to continue that into the kitchen you buy enough to do that floor after you get a design.BTW I have no idea how a red white and blue color scheme seems to the answer. Please post a lot more info about you , the family youe furniture honestly all you will get now are a bunch of guesses.BTW if you need actual design help you will need topost to scale detailed floor plans.

  • mark_rachel

    I agree that getting rid of the blue will really help. I would go with a hardwood floor. Something light.

  • silken1

    It is very unique and you could do something really great with that space. But I agree with some others who said live in it first to see how the kitchen works for you. Maybe an inexpensive lino can replace the floor that is there so that when you do actually renovate the kitchen, it won't be a lot of money getting ripped off the floor. You may well want to change the layout of the cabinets so don't do expensive flooring till that is done.

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