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Master Bathroom / Closet help!

Rothenberg Restoration
February 11, 2019
Help us pick a master bath / closet design for our Paul Williams remodel! I am too close to it and need another POV.

Must haves are a master double steam shower with 22” wide reclining bench (no windows in the shower in final design), freestanding soaking tub and water closet. We are planning for a balcony off the master bathroom.

Trade offs are losing windows / light from one design, vs. having to enter closet from the master bedroom (not the bathroom) in another design.

Goals are to have a SUPER IMPRESSIVE BOSS master bathroom (for resale) that we can hang out in (we often do hang in our master bathroom now) and a closet that is still quite functional for 2 people.


Comments (13)

  • PRO
    Patricia Colwell Consulting

    First I never like having to access a clset from the bathroom , I also would not spend the money on a steam shower unless it was one that comes all inclusive delivered onsite. Too many things can go horribly wrong with steam shower installs and in remodels even more so.I know no one that actully hangs out in the bathroom for any great amount of time so can’t speak to that and I honestly find a balcony off the bathroom quite odd.

  • PRO
    Ronna Rosenberg - Closet Factory (DC/MD/VA)

    I agree with Patricia--I'm not a fan for the entrance through the bathroom--you lose a bit a privacy. The closet space itself is plenty big for two people. However there are few things that will impede functionality --such as the curved wall and the window. Find a closet designer to create the space for you. Chances are a contractor or builder won't look at the details of the space the same way.

  • PRO
    Sina Sadeddin Architectural Design

    I agree with Patricia too. The closet entrance through the bathroom is less than idea. The curved wall is wasting space. Also, I do not see the point of a bathroom balcony. Such a waste of a nice feature. It should be accessible from the actual bedroom not the bathroom. Steam showers also do cause a lot of issues and honestly are not as great as they sound.

    IMO if you want a "boss bathroom" you need to hire a professional to design it.

  • PRO
    Rothenberg Restoration
    Hi everyone! I appreciate all the feedback about the entrance to the closet. Does this mean others like the dog-leg closet entrance? Any other layout ideas?

    Balcony preexists and steam generator is already purchased and installed (I love steam showers and it is appropriate to a project of this scope in this location ). Curved wall in closet is other side of classic Paul revere Williams staircase.
  • PRO
    Rothenberg Restoration
    Also these are two options drafted by a professional architect we have hired. I just want another POV as I am too close to the project. Thanks!!
  • L none

    I love all of the natural light of the first layout. That looks like a very large bathroom and I think the natural light adds an expansive and grand feel to the space. I would never eliminate windows to add closet access from a bathroom, especially if you might "hang out" in there. But, full disclosure, I'm biased and I love oversized windows and natural light. The top layout also looks like it has centered double (French?) doors to the balcony. To me that feels like a more natural entrance to a large balcony than a single off-center door. If you have a balcony off your bathroom, I say embrace it with a grand point of access. Finally I like the top layout because you could add a small pedestal or table in front of the left side of the tub (depending on the clearance between the tub and vanity). The bottom layout doesn't look as amenable to adding a small table for "stuff" while you're taking a soak because the tub is kind of in the middle of the bathroom and near the door(s) to the balcony. I think you'll want a surface near a freestanding tub to increase the function.

  • kariyava

    Between those two options, I would definitely choose the first.

  • PRO
    Patricia Colwell Consulting

    BTW I love the window in my walk in clset I provides natural light during the day and I use 4500K LED bulbs to mimic that at night.

  • PRO

    Williams would have likely have created a symmetrical solution for the room. For a house like this, separate vanities seem appropriate

    I also think that mirrors in front of the window would be appropriate.

  • PRO
    Rothenberg Restoration
    Thanks so much for the excellent feedback folks, and for the suggested layout, Beverly! So helpful to think of this in new ways. I like symmetry too, and this bathroom has been quite vexing to get right!

    The original bathroom was half this size and uninspired (except for the cool arch - would love to recreate, but we have the arch in another bathroom too). See photo. We combined that bathroom with an enclosed porch turned study (done a few decades later) with the old bathroom to get an approx 200SF bathroom.
  • Mrs Pete

    SUPER IMPRESSIVE BOSS master bathroom (for resale)

    How long do you intend to live in this house? Your future buyers may not care for your taste -- yeah, yeah, I know, how could they not like your taste? Be careful not to over-do.

    we can hang out
    in (we often do hang in our master bathroom now)

    You know that sounds a bit odd, right?

    Looking at your first pix, several thoughts:

    - Entrance to the closet looks odd /uncomfortable.

    - Entrance to the bathroom has a problem too: the door swing forces you towards a wall rather than into the larger room. The sink is the most-used item in the bathroom ... you want to enter the room and be heading for the sink.

    - It's a very common theme around here: That vanity doesn't look big enough to support two sinks + any storage at all. Drawers trump duplicate sinks every time ... especially since you have no linen closet or other storage IN the bathroom.

    - Lots of empty space in the middle.

    - The balcony is nice, but outswing doors on the exterior of the house are not a good choice.

    Beverly's symmetry does look better.

    This is an attractive space ... nicely balanced, calm colors.

  • SLOemilie .
    I'm going to disagree with the pros and say I absolutely love that my closet is accessed thru my bathroom. I think it actually increases privacy. I can leave my bedroom door open, but close the door to the bath/closet and be able to shower and dress without having to go into the bedroom. It's also quieter if you have a spouse who is still sleeping while you are trying to get ready for your day.

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