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what’s missing in this picture

kris fisher
February 12, 2019
This is my living room, where we watch TV. I am missing many things and I need help.
Possible missing items:
Ottoman in the middle of the rug
Accent chair
Fireplace decor

What else am I missing?

Would a leather ottoman in the middle of the rug and leather accent chair in the left of the fireplace be fitting with this room?

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  • Rina

    Hi little pooch.

    Kris, keep that fabulous fireplace simple -- just replace the short glass vases (and whatever the green things on top of them are) with taller vases, similar shape. I must say I like the touch of green there, just as a colour, and I also like the glass.

    Consider a weighty, square wooden coffee table on the carpet instead of an ottoman, which would be too dinky, I think.

    A large painting on the wall over the sofa to the right of your pic. I'd go for something with rich, deep colour to add another dimension to your neutrals.

    Great room.

    kris fisher thanked Rina
  • sableincal

    I agree with the above ^^^^ suggestions. In addition, I'd fill the bookshelves with books. Because books, if neatly stacked in attractive shelves (in this case, beautiful ones!), lend a special tone, charm, and "smartness" to any room.

    It's a lovely room!

  • arcy_gw

    Color. I would need more color surrounding me. Gray is a background color at best. Too much is too much.

  • PRO

    Needs.............................: )

    What's behind that couch> Get rid of it? Pull the sofa forward, Get a nice cocktail table with an iron base, stone top that everyone can reach and set a drink on , or feet on, with no worries


    Add an accent chair near the left side of hearth.......

    Add a bit of color, lose the mirror and do dads over the fire

    Put some color on the couch

    add some light with standing lamps......

  • housegal200

    What missing is fairly easy to add--conversational grouping. Bring your sofas closer together. Add a large coffee table in the middle that is reachable from both sofas. Angle a comfortable chair towards the sofas and also reachable to a coffee table. Throw a big armful of birch logs in the fireplace. Add some art your love. All this, as previously suggested, will make for a friendlier room.

    A large nesting coffee table works well when you have angled seating.

    Modern Basics Round Coffee Table, 190-911 · More Info

  • tfitz1006

    It's lovely. What about end tables and lamps so you can read? Books on the shelves. Textured throw with color on couch.

  • marymd7

    Where do you set a drink? A book? A magazine? How do you see to read or even converse with the person across from you? You need lighting and tables. It's a pretty room with some nice things in it, but it needs to be livable and usable.

  • grapefruit1_ar

    Your room is beautiful in every way. Yes, lamps and tables are needed. There are so many wonderful coffee table options out there that you do not need to choose one of those spindly current ones.

  • tartanmeup

    What a lovely room! Were you envisaging a leather cocktail ottoman for the middle? Because I could see that as well. My worry is that it will look heavy and hide that beautiful rug. Jan's idea of an iron table with a stone top is fabulous as well.

    I agree adding colour to this room would be a good idea. A bit of muted gold, bronze, copper, orange, rust, red, green, touches of dirty yellow, whatever blue is in your rug (I can't discern the colours that well), cream...You have plenty of options with the great bones of the space. Try a variety of colours with throw pillows to see what kind of colours suit you. Patterned pillows on the sofa, a textured throw as someone mentioned, both would add a lovely layer of interest to the seating area.

    How is your TV set up? I imagine it's on the side of the room we can't see? What type of chair were you thinking for the other side of the fireplace?

    I would also keep your fireplace simple. I like the mirror there but art would be a fabulous option as well. Consider moving whatever red item is on the mantel to your beautiful shelves. Of course, I love the idea of putting books on your bookshelves but that might not be for you.

    Do you need more end tables? Nesting ones as suggested by housegal200 would be a good option. Whatever you add to the room, focus on getting the materials and textures right. Iron and stone, wood if graceful lines and not too bulky, leather, suede, muted metals...Too much shine, brightness or gloss wouldn't suit, I don't think.

  • aprilneverends

    As said already, you need things that will make whatever you do in a room(in this case being with your family/friends, watching TV, maybe reading?) most pleasant and comfortable

    Yes bring sofas a bit closer to each other.. yes to coffee table-generally I love ottomans but here would probably add wood/another hard surface, not leather..yes to another side table or two so everyone can put their drink/book/glasses there..yes to lights-table lamp if an outlet is close by..a floor lamp..both..:) Accent chair if you have enough space (looks like you do)-in a different fabric, maybe even printed if you're up for it..if in leather -I imagine smth like camel color, but need to think some more..if I see an image I love I'll attach it later

    Yes to textured throw (then I'm always a throw fan since I'm always cold..but will be beautiful as much as useful)...books, a plant or two, art that you love..no need to hurry with it..no need for decor for the sake of decor-your fireplace is gorgeous as is..add just whatever makes your heart skip, you'll recognize it when you see it. Is there something you collect? For example I'm less able to stay away from books, netsuke, ceramics, art, and-I don't know why-teapots..:)

    If not more color on pillows..even though I'd personally add some..go for slightly different textures..will add depth. And comfort too.

    Your room is so beautiful and has so many graceful amazing details to it I can't stop staring. The fireplace, the niches with shelves, the ceiling..sheer pleasure. Indulge yourself while decorating it, express yourself, and have fun.

  • Bette P
    If you add a photo of the tv wall, we’ll have a better idea of the style of new pieces.
  • kulrn

    Face the two sofas flanking fireplace?

  • Janelle Van

    This room is a stunner. I'd keep it simple.

  • PRO

    A few suggestions

    Can you center the rug on the fireplace?

    Add floor lamp next to loveseat

    Get a larger mirror for over the fireplace

    Makes no sense to have candlesticks and then candle sconces over the fireplace so remove the candlesticks.

    Select a minimal firescreen for your fireplace

    The ochre candle pillars on the sconces and chandelier look aged and dirty. Can you replace or spray paint them to ivory?

    Add a good sized square coffee table in wood

    Add a leather highback chair to the seating area along with a small circular side table.

  • wcjo

    Holy cow, what a beautiful room! Any suggestions already mentioned above would be great. So, tongue in cheek, perhaps a larger dog in a darker color for serving as coffee table?? !! Sorry, first thing that popped into my head : )

  • Kanon Acker

    you could use a tall floor lamp in between your couch and love seat.

  • Rina

    Wcjo, you are in trouble! You are going to have your ankles nipped to the bone!

    Lovely thread.

  • wcjo

    Well its cold and rainy and a boring Tuesday! The image in my head made me giggle, so worth the nipped ankles!

  • lindsey_9002

    A coffee table. It’s missing a coffee table.

  • sunfeather

    Very nice room. Great suggestions. Has anyone mentioned painting the back of the bookcases or the mantel and white part of the fireplace? I see a rectangular mirror or art over the fireplace.

  • tartanmeup

    "add just whatever makes your heart skip, you'll recognize it when you see it." April expresses it so well. That's what makes a room fabulous, imo. The stuff that's really "us". We shouldn't be afraid to add our personality to our spaces.

    FWIW, your ochre candlesticks look ochre to me. Feel free to add a bit of that colour elsewhere in the room. Green would be a great colour to add as well since you seem to have a fabulous view outside. Bring a bit of the outdoors in.

    Here's a pic of a room designed by Bunny Williams. Not the same style but I swear in my book, the walls are the same colour as yours on my screen. (My iPhone might have turned the cream walls grey.) Anyway, sharing just to give you colour palette ideas.

    I could picture a cream coloured coffee table or something textured like rattan or a free form wood one. Really depends on your needs. Sometimes, it's nice to have a piece that offers storage. Second one below might be too light in colour but it's just to give you a texture and shape idea.

  • kris fisher


    Jan – I love the idea of an iron table with stone top. I love those pillows and accent chair.

    tartanmeup- I agree that a leather ottoman would cover the rug too. Yes, we have a big TV screen on the wall opposite the arched window. Also, I was thinking an accent chair on the other side of the fireplace. I would like the room to have more color and feel more warm and cozy. Thank you for the color suggestions. I will look into the colors you mentioned.

    The main reason that I would like an ottoman is because I want somewhere comfortable to put my feet up. The reason why I said a leather ottoman was to give a contrast to the room. I was thinking a fabric ottoman would be too much fabric in the room. Preferably I would like the ottoman to be moveable. If there is another option to have a beautiful iron table with stone top and a comfortable moveable ottoman, that may be a better choice.

    aprilneverends- Thank you. I don’t collect things but you are right, I should go into the store and get what ‘makes my heart skip’ and makes me happy.

    BeverlyFLADeziner- I can’t center the rug to the fireplace because this is a long room and there would be too much of a gap between the rug and tv stand. By the way, the rug is 9 by 12.5 feet. The chandelier and sconce candles can be changed for an ivory color. I agree, we should have gotten the ivory instead of that golden color when we ordered it last year.

  • sunfeather

    You could try a long rectangular bench/stool in front of one sofa and a table in front of the other. and leather would add a different texture and color Always important to have a good place to put your feet when watching tv or just relaxing.

  • Joy Peace
  • markliman
    what about two small square ottomans (24x24) that can be placed next to each other or moved around the room easily for putting feet up or putting a decorative tray on it for placing drinks etc.
  • tatts

    Well, you've already identified 3 things. Why don't you take care of them and then see if there is still anything else? No sense in needlessly adding to a list without taking action on the obvious first.

  • chocolatesnap

    I agree with Beverly about the mirror size--first thing that stood out to me. Also a definite yes on changing the "candle" color from ochre to ivory. A lovely room, the fireplace is stunning. I'd go with the large tufted ottoman instead of a coffee table--because your pup will be devastated if he can't be lounging right in the middle of all the action :)

  • PRO

    When did people stop realizing that one needs end tables and lamps in a living room. Do they only watch TV? Do they never read? Do they not entertain (without the TV turned on)? I don't care how many lights are in the ceiling (personally, I do NOT like pot lights in a living room), lamps are still needed.

  • chijim

    As soon as I saw the window, I flashed on interior designer Mark D Sikes LR

    Different looks through the years

  • Cheryl Hannebauer

    >>>following >>>

  • PRO
    Focal Point Hardware

    I was thinking for the coffee table would be nicest to go with glass or Acrylic. I think a color or material with color will be too busy and too much going on with the rug and the couch and the brick from the fireplace. but glass goes with everything and looks clean and neat.

  • PRO
    Focal Point Hardware

    I was thinking it would look nicest if you use a glass or acrylic coffee table. its clean and neat looking especially when you have a patterned area rug.

  • tartanmeup

    Great finds, chijim! Love Sikes' work. And look, OP has a similar mirror as the one in the last incarnation.

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