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Best solution to cleaning Tile

February 15, 2019
last modified: February 15, 2019

What is the best solution to clean new porcelain/ceramic tile and grout? I hear white vinegar, but worry about the acid destroying the grout while using it.

Comments (7)

  • graywings123

    I use a steamer. It is pure water cleaning the floor so no concerns about damage to grout or a sticky film left behind.

  • Karen Rose
    I also use a steamer, it gets everything so white, mine has a little scrubby brush on the end. I put a little essential oil in the water and it makes everything smell so fresh and clean.
  • writersblock

    Wipe it down every day. Last person to use the shower does the wipe. It only takes a minute or two and then you never have to scrub. I also use a steamer to disinfect, like graywings.

  • mxk3

    I used to use a steamer, but haven't in a long time since I don't have much tile at this house that needs to be cleaned regularly. What I use now is a dilute vinegar solution scented with a few drops of essential oil. Works great, and there's no residue left behind. Totally agree with the statement above about the wipe-down. Takes about 30 seconds to wipe down the shower walls and floor with the bath towel, and it cuts down tremendously on the need for heavy cleaning.

  • Nicole Fabiani
    You have all mentioned using a steamer are there any particular models you find that work well?
  • saller
  • Nancy in Mich

    I bought the Force of Nature system. It is a small electric station, a spray bottle, the bottle for making the solution, and ampules of salt and vinegar that you buy. You fill the bottle with water, add the solution from one ampule, and set it onto the station. The bottle sits on the station, which has electrodes that the bottle hooks up with, and bubbles form as the electricity change the water, salt, and vinegar into the cleaning solution. It makes electrolyzed water like the e-water in a newer Toto toilet seat bidet. The hypochloric acid in the water smells like a pool enclosure for a chlorinated pool. It kills organisms by destroying the cell wall, so the mold, mildew, and germs that it kills cannot become acclimated to it. It is safe on your skin, too. It leaves no residue. I use it to clean all surfaces, including praying it on the floor to mop with.

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