pink muhly grass

Mrs. Nash
February 28, 2019
Hi! Does anyone have a reputable source/nursery for punk muhly grass, preferably online? I’ll even settle for Chinese silver grass.

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  • junco East Georgia zone 8a An excellent nursery in Aiken, SC.

  • emmarene9

    Santa Rosa Gardens

    I have ordered from them.

  • dbarron

    And depending on how z7 you are (I am), pink muhly is an annual for me (never got it to overwinter). Just throwing you some caution unless you have been successful with it already.

    I also recommend Santa Rosa as good and usually pretty cheap, they have sales all the time.

  • kitasei

    My efforts with muhly grass persuaded me that our seasons too short to develop the pink cloud that is its feature. I was willing to overwinter inside but couldn’t overcome the other factor. Good luck though.

  • dbarron

    Kitasei has a good point too. I had that experience as well, just as it's getting going, a frost will arrive and BLAM, dead.

    It's not quite the same, but may I mention Muhlenbergia riverchonii as an alternative, it's much hardier (overwintering for a couple of years in an unprotected pot even).

  • PRO

    It's easy to grow from seed and grows quite rapidly once it gets up and running. There are tons of seed sellers (of anything) on Ebay.

  • Mrs. Nash
    Thank you, everyone!!
  • NHBabs z4b-5a NH

    If it turns out that pink muhly grass isn’t hardy for you, check out Eragrostis spectabilis, purple love grass.

  • wantonamara Z8 CenTex

    Sant Rosa Gardens haS an earlier blooming variety of PMG.

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