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Barnhoon Order 2017

Fred Biasella
March 14, 2019

So...does anyone know if the lovelies that were listed with number designations have been given a cultivar name??? All these that were listed as 1810, 1820, 1875 your grandmother your grandfather...it's so confusing. My feeble brain is already overworked and at the point of shutting down

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  • dondeldux

    Well, all I can say is that when I received my #1875 from my Bulb Fairy, there was also a new one with striped leaves named Milky Way! But I don't have a bud, only beautifully striped leaves. I don't know if Milky Way might be 1810 or 1820 or yet another. With a name like Milky Way I would expect not a solid color like 1810 and 1820 though.

    You're not alone is wishing these all had names instead of numbers!!

    Fred Biasella thanked dondeldux
  • bella32018

    #1820 - this is hippeastrum Milky Way.

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  • Fred Biasella thanked bella32018
  • dondeldux

    Thanks, that matches their stock picture of 1820.

    I don't believe any of us in the States got this last year but Anja, didn't you get this one this year?

    These are the two that we all got last year.


  • dondeldux

    I just went to write that info on my Milky Way label and it was already there!! My bulb Fairy informed me and I didn't remember, what a dunce!! Fred you're you're not as confused as me, you work with numbers all day long, what's my excuse!?

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  • catsandhippies

    Donna, I got #1820 last year (without any other name) and #1807 two years ago, this season I did not get any mail from Andre and no information about new Sonatini varieties. If you go to their website you can see only the few they usually offer.

    But it's good to have a name for it anyway. It's a lovely dottet flower and I like it.

    I wonder what is happening to that varieties that get a name finally? I remember Sunshine, Radiance and Caramba and many others. Beautiful flowers but they don't seem to be grown and offered.


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  • Gramineae Teng

    Hi Donna,

    The Red one is #1810.

  • dondeldux

    Thanks, I'll change the label but I think that I lost that one.

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