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Retaining wall around windowwellsl

March 15, 2019
last modified: March 15, 2019

Hello,We recently bought a house and the lawn has a negative grade. We are going to have the negative grade filled in and sloped out properly into the yard. In order to do this we will need to build up the window wells, which are level with the ground now (this is why we think they did a negative grade).In my mind, this is like building a small retaining wall around each window well. The full height of the wall will be no more than 1 ft. Can/should I use retaining wall blocks for this? Can/should I use garden pavers/flower bed edge stones.Should I dig and build right against the top of the window well, or should I leave a band of soil or gravel between the bricks and the metal of the well?I was also wanting to add a small wall/edging around the beds that go around the house, to give it more definition, as opposed to just mulch that spills out into the grass, so I'd like the garden bed edge/wall to match the window well walls. This wall will also be very short; I just want to define what is there, not build it up too much.Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks.

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  • PRO

    Start by showing a picture of your window well, including some surroundings. And show another picture of the window in the well, all the way to the bottom.

    I have seen many bad looking little curbs/walls made by homeowners out of various concrete edging/block materials that I suspect it is not the way to go. The idea of bulking up the window well with some type of "blocking" and then surrounding it with a raised bed made of more "blocking" sounds potentially, well ... not good. Justifying this creation by saying the area needs "definition" ... I'm not convinced. I think you need to a show the area in pictures and also show a plan of your proposed "wall" arrangement. You could be making a giant project that is only making things worse or is just not worth the effort (except for proper raising of grade which might need no wall or curb at all.) I'm mentioning this because to properly install such a structure is a good bit of work, not the mere stacking of blocks.

  • NHBabs z4b-5a NH

    Soil will push the blocks inward unless secured in some way. They make metal window wells for this application.

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