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I blame Robo ;)

March 25, 2019

Well, all the adorable Emmett pictures pushed us over the edge -- and now we're having a little boy in September! Our first.

Now we have to come up w/ boy's names that we both agree on which is going to be a MAJOR challenge.

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  • chispa

    Just seeing this. Congratulations Beagles!

    Big changes indeed! Where will you settle once you are tied to a school schedule? Or do you see yourself homeschooling so you can use the 2 houses for a longer time? You have 5 to 6 ears to figure those things out! ;-)

  • nekotish

    Named our twin daughters Lindsay and Alicia - some family connection with Alicia, but also chosen as I didn't think they could be nicknamed. Enter Linds and Leesh...

  • beaglesdoitbetter

    Thanks! These name suggestions are very helpful. I sent my DH a list of 20 names yesterday and he rejected all of them! I told him to come up with some and he hasn't yet...

    We are definitely going to homeschool at least through elementary and probably through middle school, both to maintain the two residences and because I'd just prefer it that way.

    LOL nekotish. That's what I figure -- if they want a nickname, they'll figure one out!

  • nini804

    I’m partial to monosyllabic names for boys...easy to read, spell, yell (lol!) My ds is named for dh (John) but goes by Jack. It is quite fitting as both of my grandfathers were John but called Jack. We were able to honor so many with our baby boy! :) Of course, Jack is ubiquitous now, but I find most are Jackson. I also adore Luke and George. I definitely don’t like really unique names for boys unless it is a family name or something. I’m so traditional! :)

  • maire_cate

    Trying to come up with the perfect name will certainly occupy many hours of thought and discussion and perhaps frustration too. When I was pregnant we talked about names and one day I mentioned that if we had a boy that I liked Nate - Nathan- Nathaniel. It wasn't trendy and went well with our one syllable last name and had a simple nickname. DH commented that it wasn't bad -----so for the last 3 months of pregnancy I thought of my yet un-born child as Nathan. We never picked a girl's name. DH's philosophy was to wait until the birth when we'd find out the sex of the baby and then we'd only have to pick one name. When our son was born I thought we'd already agreed on Nathaniel -Nathan - Nate but DH didn't even remember the discussion.

    We ended up with a Matthew.

  • robo (z6a)

    I had the baby in with me for the first six months, they do recommend a year but after six months he was waking up constantly every time we turned over so out he went. We use white noise as a sleep association and it’s very useful. For starters, because when we travel, it’s a familiar thing everywhere we go. And he sleeps through my crazy dog and everything else.

    I put a mini fridge and a 38” high dresser to use as a change table in my bedroom (It frequently got pee on it so I would not use a nice antique). I used a crib right beside my side of the bed. Kept the baby clothes and diapers and stuff in the change table. I’m sure you will have all the nicest stuff: I really like the uppababy vista for stroller with a bassinet for baby naps. And the fisher price my little snuggapuppy or snuggabunny swing was a lifesaver. Although other moms swear by the mamaroo!

    The websites I found most useful were car seats for the littles, Lucie’s List and babygearlab.

  • eld6161

    Beagles, every time I asked DH for input on our first (we did not know the gender) he would say Herman. Thinking this was funny. He never really gave input but did voice his opinion on names. I kind of liked Julianne for a girl. He nixed it.

    There was some shadowing on the sonogram (we are going back 31 years) and we thought maybe a boy. In that case, he would have been Joseph, after my husband's dad.

    So, it was a surprise having a girl. When she was delivered, everyone asked what her name was and I said M------! DH said ,well M------ it is! I think this was an unconscious choice. My sister's DD starts with the same three letters. So, maybe I was biased toward a similar name.

    We knew the second would also be a girl (Yay!, I wanted two girls) . We had the name chosen ahead this time. Again, mostly my choices, with some being nixed by DH.

    Both names are not in the top 100, but if you heard them they seem common enough. I liked how neither ever had another of the same name in their class all through the school years.

  • beaglesdoitbetter

    Nathan was on my list but DH doesn’t love it :(

    Robo was the UppaBaby good for off roading? We like to do trail hikes and I hope to take the baby with right away. I’ll check out those websites :) thanks!

  • daisychain01

    What about Owen? I'm glad we had 2 girls only because we never did settle on any boys names.

    I once knew a family who had a girl named CeCe. The story was that they had decided on another name (Sarah, maybe?) but mom was so groggy when the nurse asked what they were going to name it, she slurred out CeCe and that's what the nurse told everyone. They liked it and decided to stick with it.

  • dedtired

    When my boys were in school it seemed like nearly every girl was named a Jennifer. It was crazy how popular that name was. My theory is that it was popularized by the movie Love Story. Ali McGraw’s character was named Jennifer and it was shortly after that the name was everywhere. Many boys the same ages as my sons were a Jason and Joshua.

  • olliesmom

    Whoa! Yea! Congrats beagles!

    I have a friend who named her son Ira. He's in high school now, and such a cutie. I have always loved his name.

  • teeda

    Congratulations, Beagle--wonderful news! Can't offer any name suggestions right now, but I will follow this thread and chime in if I hear anything great.

  • beaglesdoitbetter

    I had a best friend Jennifer growing up. DH uncle is Ira and I'm not a huge fan of him so that name is out for us. I used to like it though before the family connection!

    This was my most recent list sent to to DH, all rejected as "not standing out!" :(


  • Sueb20

    Congrats, Beagles!

    Some names of my friends’ sons that I like:






  • justerrilynn

    Manning Eliot or Eliot Manning

    Hagen Wallace

  • yeonassky

    Maybe DH wants you to have a DH Junior or at least have his name as the middle name. Another option is to use your mother's maiden name or your grandmother's on either side's maiden name. I would have definitely done that if DH had agreed.

  • OutsidePlaying

    Well, since you are open to more names, I will throw out a couple others that are special, to me anyway. Parker and Barrett. I’m not sure you dig having a name that is too close to your last name by first letter or if that even matters to you. DGD’s Bf is Logan which I like and a very good friend Bennett. Second DGD now has a Bf named Will. Not sure if it is short for William.

  • jojoco

    How about Silas? Or Charles? (As in Schulz, the creator of the most famous beagle ever.)

  • robo (z6a)

    I have a city stroller, hiking stroller and portable. For hiking I went with a bob revolution but the Thule off road is a very nice looking stroller!!

    I think you’re supposed to keep them off really bumpy paths until they have head control? Not sure. I got some attachments for the Bob so I could put his bucket infant car seat right on the Bob.

  • beaglesdoitbetter

    I like Bennett and Will and Charles! Will run by DH! I asked him if he wanted a Jr. which would've been fine w/ me, I like his name, but he didn't like that either. He wants a name that stands out to him (but not a "weird" name) and apparently no name on earth fits the bill.

    Thanks Robo. I really like the look of the Thule off-road. We'll try to steer clear of bumps or maybe I'll put him in a baby wrap if we do bumpy paths. There are some very hilly areas where we walk that he'll have to go in a wrap carrier anyway I think. At least I got good practice pushing a buggy because Molly Beagle had to go in a stroller sometimes on walks before her surgery when she used to get tired!

  • eld6161

    Oooooh, I like Bennett. It can be Ben for short. It's just unusual enough but not quirky and questionable.

    Friend's grandchildren's names that I like: Cole and Trent. These are current.

    Friend's names for one of their boys: Travis. He is now 30.

    Niece's son, he is now 10: Cody. Her DH wanted a name that would sound good on the ball field. "Cody Y----- is now up to bat!"

    Another friend named her son Max because that was the maximum amount of children they wanted. Just the one!

    I am not keen on the juniors. I have a friend and I always have to ask, who? When she says Ed, it can be either husband or son. Sometimes she says Eddie for the son, but not always.

    It will be interesting to see how popular the new royal baby's name will become! I have a feeling it will be a girl though.

    ETA: Thank you Beagles for giving us such a fun distraction.

  • jmck_nc

    When I was pregnant with our first we had the hardest time with boy names, but no problem, I was sure I was having a girl. In those days (ancient times) you did not have an ultrasound unless medically needed and I didn't need one until I was in pre-term labor. And thankfully we were able to come up with a boy's name on the spot because he was born the next day. I wanted Drew, but a 2 syllable name. So, he is Andrew but always, always called Drew. My second boy, I found the name in a baby name book and had never heard of it. Named him Devin and then I met so many Devins both male and female. People often mis-spell it and he hates that. But I still like the name.

    Boy names I like from my preschool teaching days: Ross, Owen, David, Caleb, Carson, Derek

  • Sueb20

    Randomly throwing in: Calvin.

  • Zalco/bring back Sophie!

    Ross makes me think of Poldark, and I love that character. I also like Evan and Thomas. Such fun thinking of boy names.

  • Daisy S
    Congratulations! As a recently retired elementary school teacher...please no more Braydens, Haydens, or Jaydens....spelled every way under the sun...or Riley, had more girl Rileys than boys - spelled every which way. Had a student named Ocean - not good...I’m in the traditional camp ...best wishes to you and your family!
  • justerrilynn

    Oh I like Ross as well. Strong man name! I also read all the Poldark books and loved them all.

    I’ll also throw in Flynn. I know other names close to that were thrown out. I knew a Flynn in high school and I thought he was just sooo cool.

  • beaglesdoitbetter

    Ross makes me think of Ross from Friends so that's a definite no! I like Evan a lot. And Flynn. and Devin. Will see what DH thinks. Calvin makes me think of Calvin and Hobbes a bit!

    Fortunately we have time. It's funny, we agreed instantly on a girl's name (Hallie) but cannot agree on a boy's name so of course we end up having a boy, LOL!


    My youngest is 28 and named Kyler Evan and Tyler was a common name at that time but I didnt want a real common name so I went through the alphabet and found that I liked it with a k instead. Of course I have to introduce him all the time as Kyler with a k! I see the name more now but he hasnt come across anyone else with the same name.

  • Toby

    My son is Devin. Sueb also has a Devin. I think it's aged well now that he's an adult. I also considered Evan and Ethan but my last name begins with the soft TH so I couldn't do Ethan.

  • Sueb20

    That’s weird — how do you know I have a Devin? I still like his name a lot. He seems happy with it too! Only issue is that a lot of people spell it Devon.

  • grapefruit1_ar

    My grandson is Reid. I like it. I do genealogy research for people so I see lots of wonderful old names. I like tradition.

  • mtnrdredux_gw

    I think it's easier if the name has a sort of a starting point, rather than something random that you like the sound of. Otherwise there are too many choices!

    PS One of my fave baby name books had chapters based on the car you drove. So, like, boy names for "Volvo owners" might have been Henry, Oliver, etc. Sort of staid, simple, reliable names. It was a funny concept. I guess we should have name my DS "Rover"!

  • Toby

    Sueb, you posted it not too long ago.

  • maire_cate

    Toby and Sue - my DDIL is named Devon but I've often wondered if that's the usual spelling for a girl? I know a fellow named Devin but a neighbor has a DD named Devan. And for some reason the 'on' looks more masculine to me.

    Devon is expecting her first in a few weeks and I know that she and my son are leaning toward a non-gender specific name for their daughter. They've mentioned a few to me but I haven't made any comments about them.

  • Sueb20

    I had never really heard of the name Devin until about 25 years ago when I worked with a man named Kevin (another name that’s nice!) and he mentioned his son Devin. I asked about the name and he said it was a combination of his and his wife Deb’s name. So that’s how the name got planted in my head.

    I named DD after the coolest girl in my middle school. That’s not weird, right?

  • justerrilynn

    Oh let’s name him something that fits your lifestyle, Worden Walker. Hehe

  • maddielee

    “I named DD after the coolest girl in my middle school. That’s not weird, right?”


    I (we) named our daughter because I liked the name of my favorite (at the time) actor’s wife. My husband still thinks she’s named after his favorite model of an automobile.

  • bpath Oh Sophie

    Lots of ways to spell Devin, but in Chicago "Devon" is pronounced "deVON", as in the Avenue. (We use it to identify the strangers in our midst, who always say "DEVin Avenue")

  • Toby

    Devin is actually an old Irish surname meaning "poet".

  • eld6161

    Okay confession time, my youngest name was influenced by a tennis player. I wasn't into tennis, just like her name. Interestingly enough, I liked the nickname she was called, yet that nickname never stuck with my DD.

  • teeda

    I like classic British/Irish boy names. Distinguished, but not too pretentious. Here are some of my favorites:






    James (no Jim/Jimmy, just James)















    Whatever you end up choosing will be the perfect name!

  • IdaClaire

    My friend named her son Joseph Henry, and I always thought that was such a lovely, old-fashioned sounding name. That baby is college aged now, and never became Joe or Joey. Still Joseph.

  • IdaClaire

    Oh, and whenever I see Devon, I instantly think of the lovely county in England by that name.

  • beaglesdoitbetter

    I am loving all these name suggestions! I keep sending names to DH and he hasn't outright rejected some of them so slight progress (maybe!) He's been busy sending me articles about chemicals in diapers and evidence-based labor practices rather than picking out names, which is so much less fun. And my MIL is off shopping for baby stuff we don't want (which is very thoughtful of her none-the-less)!

  • Delilah66

    Hahaha! Girl brain/boy brain. God bless MIL.

  • chispa

    Sorry, but you need to find a kind/polite way to stop the MIL or you will be overrun with stuff you don't want for the next 18 years.

    My MIL would buy all kinds of cutesy holiday themed stuff, which I was never going to display or use. It took a few years, but she finally realized the stuff was not wanted or used.

  • smhinnb

    If I ever had a child, I planned to name him or her Jarvis. That was my grandmother's (my most favorite person on ever) maiden name. People thought I was nuts so maybe it's good I never had children. :) Another boy's name I like is Colton.

  • beaglesdoitbetter

    chispa I told MIL we didn't want some of the things she mentioned she was getting and I invited her to come w/ us to a book sale to build a library for the baby so everyone is happy. She's generally doesn't give me any stuff for the house unless I specifically ask for it so hopefully it'll be OK.

    I think Jarvis is a nice name for a boy, maybe not so much for a girl! Colton is nice too!

  • Rita / Bring Back Sophie 4 Real

    Just wanted to add Peter to the list of possibilities for a classic name.

  • missymoo12


    I am so very happy for you! Your life is about to change in the very best way.

    DH pronounced our son Jamison in the delivery room. We had agreed on Nicholas prior but I had wanted Jamison due to an Irish GGF. Not because of the whiskey...

    Son was called Jamie or just J as a young child but now is only Jamison. Our last name is a 3 syllable starts with B. Several young friends have since named their boys and girls after our son.

    Best to you!

    So happy I snuck back on here tonight!

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