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Trying to avoid corner sink

lulu bella
5 days ago

Have a kitchen which needs updating AND more importantly, the lay out is not terrific. It has issues.

I guess you would call it U shaped- with sink at angled corner (cramped). Thought about moving it to the peninsula with DW next to it, or would it ever be ok to have the sink at right angle to DW?

There is no window in this part of the kitchen- the peninsula divides into eating area which has slider

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  • PRO
    RCKsinks Inc.

    Hi lulu bella. Try making a rough sketch and post . Helps answering your question. My personal preference is not going with a corner sink if you can help it .

  • lulu bella

    I will attempt to post a sketch of the layout and dimensions later today. Wish me luck.

  • lulu bella

    Even better I did find the floor plan which I can add explanations to.

    For your reference, the KITCHEN Part peninsula is 8 feet by 3 feet (There is a 1 foot overhang into the breakfast area. The sink is a small sink (too small) . At a minimum, we though if we just maybe shifted the peninsula somewhere between 6 inches and a foot, we could put in a larger sink.

    To the right of the sink, between it and the range, is a 9 inch cabinet. Works for storing my baking sheets but really is kind of silly. To the left of sink is first a bank of drawers and THEN the dishwasher, and then another cabinet.

    There is a very ample pantry closet on the bottom left, with a 52 inch empty wall there. I think they may have had a desk or something there but it's crying for something. Thought about getting just a sideboard kind of thing and putting coffee station there, but figured I would ask here to see any obvious suggestion?

    It is a tile floor which is fine, and even do have a good amount of extra tiles if we shift the peninsula. Planning to get all new appliances (all but fridge are original about 20 years old).

    Thought about removing peninsula entirely and extending cabinety into breakfast area, but we do really prefer to use a table to eat at. (islands are attractive but we would also need a table and I don't think both will work in this space.)

  • Kristin S

    When you say the peninsula is 8', is that wall to the end of the peninsula? How deep are the lower cabinets on the range wall?

    lulu bella thanked Kristin S
  • lulu bella

    Yes the peninsula is 8 ft from wall, and the cabinets are all 24 inch deep. all over.

  • Kristin S

    It would seem like you could move both sink and dishwasher to the peninsula even with it's current length if you square off then angled corner. From left to right you'd have space for 2' dishwasher + 3' sink cabinet (holding 33" sink) + 1' cabinet + 2' cabinets from range wall.

  • mama goose_gw zn6OH

    If you move the DW and sink to the peninsula, as Kristin suggests, you could use a 36" super susan in the corner, to avoid using filler.

    Could the slider be replaced with a single door, leaving space for a banquette in the corner?

  • lulu bella

    I think I wasn't being clear: we are not really thinking about making the peninsula longer than the 8 feet but were thinking about pushing it closer to the eating area . I kept thinking that the angle would just be a bigger angle but I am trying to think about Kristin's suggestion to right angle it and then have a larger sink. Actually the sink while yes being too small is mostly too shallow so it might not have to be so much bigger.

    Do you think it would be ok to have the sink in the peninsula and would you still have the counter be 3 feet ? I like it for serving, but I am not sure how it would be with sink in the mix.

    Mamagoose I love your idea for banquette but we cannot change the door to single door. (townhouse and hoa restrictions).

  • Kristin S

    I would be aiming to get the sink out of the corner altogether, not just make a bigger spot in the corner.

    How often does the island seating actually get used, with the table right there? Personally I'd sacrifice the island seating to get the sink to the peninsula, if necessary.

    That said, I think the peninsula would be workably wide as is. It's 36" right now, correct? You'll have a minimum of 12" behind the sink, and possibly more, depending on the width of the sink and the faucet you choose. I might look at farmhouse sinks in this case, as they'll be pulled farther forward than an undermount sink would, and you could also look for a particularly slim profile faucet to help.

    If you're willing to give up counter seating you could potentially run a banquet in and L along the short wall and then along the peninsula.

  • Karenseb

    I think this what Kristin is proposing. I like the idea of backing the peninsula with more storage, maybe 10 or 12 inches deep. I would not take any more room from the dining area or it will be too tight.

    You could also relocate the fridge and stove to make things roomier.

    Or you could push the stove to the corner and keep the fridge there.

  • lulu bella

    thank you both so so much for trying to figure this out for me. The peninsula is not used for seating, but I keep thinking about just getting stools to put under to have extra seating if we need it. It would definitely be too tight with the table and chairs. I am even wondering if I should keep the counter top at 3 feet or just make it 2 to 2/12. I do like having the larger space but wonder if it is taking up too much floor space? Honestly although the kitchen is small we really seem to have enough space for storage and all . It's just the counter space is a bit tight but I think that is because I also have coffee maker and compact microwave on it next to fridge.

    I have considered moving the fridge (And getting counter depth anyway ) to next to the pantry.Not sure about moving the stove with what it will gain.

    THis is very helpful.

    As far as changing the angle to 90 degrees, I am trying to envision what else that would entail. I can't believe I didn't really think of that.

    One of the things I considered was next to pantry putting cabinetry with upper cabinets being glass doors which I think would look very nice.

    As you can tell I am all over the place and your thoughts and suggestions are very much appreicated.

  • new-beginning

    I had a "U" shaped kitchen similar to that along with a breakfast nook (where your dining table is). Sink and dishwasher were where you have the range. Range was where Kristin has it and the peninsula only had lower cabinets (none overhead). Fridge and pantry were on the wll where the "F" is marked. I found the kitchen to be very easy to work in although it was a 'one butt' kitchen! There was a window over the sink and the only wall cabinets were on either side of the range.

  • lulu bella

    The peninsula does not have upper cabinets- it's open -only floor cabinets. There are upper cabinets everywhere else there are floor cabinets. Is a 36 inch cabinet the usual for a sink? I m not sure but I think previously in our former home (which had a very big kitchen) I thought it was 30 inches.

    So from the plan sketched, you think it would be ok to have the dishwasher at the end of the peninsula?

  • kim k
    Our dishwasher is at the end of a peninsula and it works great for us. You’re going to feel like you have so much more counter space just moving the sink farther from the stove!
  • Karenseb

    The only reason I drew the peninsula as 36 inches deep was to give you space behind the sink on the counter. In my last house I had a dishwasher on the end of the peninsula, then the sink and then a Lazy susan. It worked well.

    If you want your peninsula to be less deep, you could just add a 5 inch pony wall raised about 6 inches high behind the sink to avoid splashes into the dining room. Personally, I would rather the deeper counter with storage.

    My daughter has a frame-less cabinet line with a 30 inch sink cabinet with a 28 inch super stellar sink which is really nice.

    Is your space between the peninsula cabs and refrigerator wall cabinets 5 feet?

  • mama goose_gw zn6OH

    If you put the DW on the end of the peninsula, be sure to plan for a return panel, or cabinet, to support the counter top--3/4" up to 2 1/2", depending on the counter material.

    Since you had mentioned extending the cabinetry into the breakfast area, I thought I'd post this--hope it doesn't add to the stress of decision-making. The clean-up zone is in the vaulted area, so ceiling doesn't cut a zone in two. Considering the small island and small table, you might opt for a larger version of one or the other.

    On a grid, so that scale is more accurate; the width of the hutch could be adjusted for more prep space between the sink and range, but that would move the sink even farther from the fridge:

  • lulu bella

    Karen-Is your space between the peninsula cabs and refrigerator wall cabinets 5 feet?

    In the current lay out yes, actually it is 5 1/2 ft.

    Mamagoose- I have definitely thought about extending all teh cabinetry as you show and that looks interesting to me. However with moving all the appliances I am a bit afraid of how much more all this will cost but it is so helpful to see this laid out. I love that you said you worry that it may add to the stress of decision making. That is too spot on- I stress over everything and then end up with inertia. I know islands are desirable, but I just don't know that an island AND a table seating will work comfortably in the space.

    Also, next to the pantry are you showing cabinetry? It is now a blank wall that really is crying out for something. from your drawing, it looks a lot narrower than cabinets?

    You guys/;ladies are so helpful. I have actually had people come in to offer ideas though admittedly I was suggesting that we pretty much leave things as they are with minor tweaking, and no one has suggested as well as you.

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