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Should I paint these cabinets white?

Brian M.
3 days ago
About to move into a new home and curious if people think these cabinets would look ok painted white. Planning a bigger renovation down the line but looking to spruce things up in the meantime. Thanks!

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  • arcy_gw

    "Spruce things up"!!????? My biggest issue would be the back splash and counter the same. Not a look I appreciate. Your cabinets look beautiful. White always looks acceptable but cheaper than the beautiful wood you have. As has been said over and over painting is no cheap/quick fix. If you truly have a full renovation in your future I would just deal with what you have. Not worth even $100 for temporary IMHO.

  • tatts

    You're the only ones who are ever going to see them, so go ahead.

    Will they look better? That's a hard No. And it will cost a LOT of money to get them done properly.

  • Jennifer Smith
    I don’t think white would look good with your countertops and backsplash but a gray color on the cabinets may look nice. New hardware for the cabinets could make a big difference as well.
  • Sammy

    I agree—it’s not worth it when you’ve got bigger plans on the horizon. Plus, you’ll be opening up a huge can of worms trying to find a white that works with the countertop, the white oven and the flooring, which is already not quite right.

  • decoenthusiaste

    Live with it for a year! You're going to discover other issues that will need to be your focus. Save up, collect ideabooks here, and get more input here for the dream kitchen reno to happen down the road.

  • Helen

    If you are planning to renovate, do nothing. As posted above, painting cabinets so they don't look like crap is either expensive or time consuming. And, at least IMO, the end result is not going to be nearly as nice as what you have now. The counter and backsplash are more of an aesthetic issue but obviously you don't want to spend money to change those either. And given that all of the lower cabinets are doors, the function of the kitchen is more of an issue than the wood cabinets.

    There are no doubt going to be other things you can spend your time and money on rather than fiddling around with a perfectly acceptable kitchen that you intend to remodel in anyway.

  • Brian M.
    Thanks, everyone! There are plenty of other ways to spend that money in the house, so I’m glad I can safely hold off on the kitchen!
  • Sammy

    There are plenty of other ways to spend that money in the house, so I’m glad I can safely hold off on the kitchen!

    Exactly! And if anyone comes along and tells you you need to replace that “glaring white oven” (their words, not mine!), pay them no attention.

  • Victoria Roe
    You have a very nice kitchen and very livable! I would recommend the following things that could spruce it up a bit without breaking the bank:

    - new cabinet hardware
    - upgrade light and outlet plates..stainless finish?
    - new stainless oven. I know this is not an inexpensive upgrade but it looks like your refrigerator is already stainless. If you are resourceful, you might find a deal out there somewhere.
  • housegal200

    The kitchen is lovely. You're fortunate you don't have to do anything to it. Spend your budget on other things.

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  • judy1740
    I don’t think you would be happy with painting them. You have lots of grain which would show and why would you. They look like they are in good shape now. Wait for the major renovation.
  • traci_from_seattle

    I’m fascinated by that little alcove for the microwave. Is that fully finished with the backsplash material inside?

  • Brian M.
    Yeah, that microwave alcove is pretty strange, right?? The backsplash does not continue back there, though.
  • doods

    Sammy, I take it you are being funny re "that glaring white oven". Your kitchen is beautiful as is Brian, especially if you replace that "glaring white oven" with stainless steel, but does that mean the refrigerator too, hard to see in your pics?

  • Molly D.

    I’d put a new backsplash and a stainless oven. Cabinets are fine.

  • herbflavor

    ooh la la.... I luv the cohesion of counter and backsplash. I would focus on new hardware. Some dark pewter or black cup pulls for drawers/etc.... be strong with style. The black flecks in granite[?] is something to accentuate...and this is not the most commonly seen granite...and very current with black as the detail to play with. Black patterned floor mats..some black countertop containers/canisters/etc....

  • PRO
    Norwood Architects

    At some point painted cabinets may fall out of favor but I, for one, love the clean and classic look of painted cabinetry. Wood cabinets often look like they are straight out of the 1970's and 80's. So, my vote is yes to painting them especially for resale value. Good luck!

  • R M
    This is a very small hint: Replace the yellowed smoke alarm. New ones are more efficient. We recently “got the yellow out “.
  • PRO
    Debbi Washburn

    Since you have said you are planning for a remodel then I would not put a penny into this kitchen. It looks nice - not falling apart or icky... Live with it, really test it out for layout function, get through a few big parties/events cooking for a bunch of people, then figure out what to do with it.

    Good luck!

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