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Best method for adding trim to curtain panels?

3 days ago
Hi all,

I’ve been wanting to add some trim to my linen curtain panels since I bought them and finally pulled the trigger on some blue/white Greek key jacquard trim that I found on sale.

It is a fabric trim with no tape on the back. I am not a sewer, so a little unsure of the best/easiest/fastest way to add the trim to the curtains. I know it can be hand-sewn on. Aside from sewing probably being the strongest way to hold the trim to the curtains, is there really an advantage to that over using fabric glue or ironing it on with fusible tape? Is there a reason I wouldn’t be able to glue or iron it on? Don’t want to damage the trim or the fabric obviously and if the chances of glue/tape peeling off in a few months are high then I will sew...just looking to save some time.

The panels were not particularly expensive, so I’m not so much worried about being able to take the trim off later. I have a friend with a sewing machine but would rather tackle it myself if possible.

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  • kariered
    I would have it sewn on. A semi-experienced person with a sewing machine could do this. Hand sewing would take forever and any mistakes might be super noticeable.

    I would not glue or tape. it probably wouldn't last long done that way.
  • Raye Smith

    You'll need to sew the trim on or it will come right off in the wash. It only take two lines of straight stitching to apply the trim. Turning the corners (if you run it across the bottom) properly would be the most difficult part.

  • Sheeisback GW

    You can use the tape or fabric glue and it should not come undone in the wash. I can see but I’ve also used the other method and even hot glue (and washed and dried!) and it all worked well without coming apart. If not sewing I‘d go with the fusible tape. Just be sure to the correct one for the weight there’s a few.

  • shadylady2u

    Either hand sew or fabric glue. I wouldn't use a machine. Not a fan of topstitching unless it's a design feature. A fabric glue is probably next best. Quicker and easier than using a fusible. Trims are usually not washable so if you are planning on washing, maybe test a piece by washing it and see how it looks after or if it shrinks. Also test an iron on it to see if it puckers or shrinks.

    My only concern with gluing is that it won't come off, not that it will.

  • generals1992
    Thanks, everyone.

    I’m not worried about not being able to wash them - I usually only dry clean mine once every year or two. I didn’t even know people washed curtains to begin with! Sounds like fabric glue is probably the best option. My main concern is just being able to put the trim on straight, but hopefully laying out flat on a long table and following the hem line will do the trick.

    What do y’all think about putting them along the edge vs. about 1.5” in along the hem line of the curtain? I’ve seen people do it both ways and assumed it was personal preference.
  • shadylady2u

    If they're custom with drapery fabric, it would normally just be vacuumed. Store bought curtains are generally washable or dry cleanable. Depends on the fabric I guess.

    As for the trim placement, it is preference. I prefer that kind of trim inset like in pic 2.

  • PRO
    Gordon's Window Decor

    Sew, sew, sew it on. I agree with the others, trim should be inset just a wee bit. Love your trimming! Can't wait to see it complete!

  • Larri

    Here's a video tutorial about sewing on the trim:


    It's just a straight stitch; however, as with any successful sewing, you have to be meticulous in the prep work. Use lots of pins so nothing shifts! You can do it. :) Happy Sewing!

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