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Tide with Bleach powder

3 days ago

I have used Tide with Bleach powder for years. I was thinking if I buy a huge box of regular Tide from Costco and add Oxiclean to each load will I get the same cleaning effect? I know it will be cheaper.

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  • MiMi

    I think you would end up with stiff clothes from so much percarbonate. I would buy some sodium percarbonate from the Chemistry Store on Amazon along with some STPP from them.

    leononmaui thanked MiMi
  • mamapinky0

    No it won't work the same...I doubt there's a bleach activator in the Oxiclean just for starters.

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  • Larisa Batchelor

    Unfortunately mama is right. Regular tide with the addition of oxiclean won’t give you the same results. First oxiclean isn’t pure enough and regular tide don’t contain the bleach activator. That said I’ve had good results with adding pure sodium precarbonate that I get off of amazon with tide powder and use the sanitize mode on my washer. The super hot water helps make the sodium precarbonate work better.

    I still think tide with bleach works better but this is a good alternative. I will have to admit my tide with bleach powder hasn’t been getting much love lately as I’ve been using persil universal powder from Germany and it makes my whites sparkle. Good luck!

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  • leononmaui

    Thank you all for your comments. You all seem to agree. I'll just continue to buy Tide with Bleach Powder and cut back on something else to pay for it. By the way..........I bought Studio by Tide for dark colors..........I like, works good.

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