New to this, propagation question

April 19, 2019

I have no idea if this is the place to be posting this, and I apologize if it is not. This was just thrown at me yesterday and I’m scrambling to find answers.

My husband bought some stems of a plant from someone a couple years ago, cut them, made cuttings, planted them, and hopes to harvest berries from them. He sold some 1-2 year old cuttings to someone a year or so ago. The business contract they had between them is falling apart and the other party is now saying they have no money to pay what they owe my husband. Their apparent way out of their mess is to threaten to take my husband to court because the plants he purchased were illegally patented. My husband is from a different country and had no idea patents on plants even existed (nor did I) and was just doing what he loved - planting plants. The threat is, “I’ll bring this to court unless you agree I don’t owe you another dime.” The people who my husband purchased plants from were close workers/acquaintances and made no mention of patents either. I’m wondering if there is a succinct description of plant patent law I could read (soon, as the deadline give to us is less than a week) or any wisdom or things I should know.

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