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Vanity mirror and lighting finish

Sandra Grimsley
April 20, 2019
It the last decision to be made and I know it’s not that big of an issue, but everything has come together so beautifully and I don’t want to just go with something to be done. I don’t want the bathroom to feel cold and sterile with the chrome and light paint. There is some dark tones in the shower floor tile and main floor tile. Should I try to bring some warmth to the room with my mirror frame and lighting or stick with the chrome? I also haven’t chosen any cabinet hardware. Pictures of the shower and vanity are included and a picture of the style mirror I keep coming back to. Time to put this to rest!

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  • L Behrens

    Try adding black/chrome light, black rectangular mirror (as the rest of your bathroom is very linear), and black/chrome pulls. I see that your door hardware is black (tying to that feature). Then add pops of color in your towels, window treatments, accessories, art, etc. A few idea starters below:

  • mmilos

    I'd stick with chrome. Keep it simple.

    Is the wall finished? Are you going to install sconces? It seems like you need a lot more lighting. I would add recessed lights above toilet and vanity for more general light...sconces flanking your mirrors for task lights...all on dimmers and separate circuits.

    You can always easily jazz it up with art work and colored towels.

  • houssaon

    I really like the oval mirror you are thinking about. I also would not get over head lighting, but sconces at eye level.

    My friend recently did her bath and got these in polished nickel. They are gorgeous.

    Derby Hill Farm Lyme NH · More Info

    Polished Nickel Siena One-Light Sconce · More Info

    I also like these. They are a bit fancier.

    Elegant Townhome in Pasadena · More Info

    These are classic and sleek.

    Palo Alto Traditional · More Info

  • Sandra Grimsley
    Well everyone I don’t have but two wires. I really don’t want them to have to get back in the attic. There is a light over the shower and a main center light for the bath and a recessed in front of the closet area. We tried to add more recessed lighting, but due to the rafters they could not be spaced appropriately. My door hardware is a Venetian bronze. Doesn’t have the Cooper undertones....which is how I wanted it. So I guess that would be the color to tie in instead of black? keep coming back to the window and the shape of it and a rectangular mirror next to it. Too many straight lines. It’s my last decision and I just can’t seem to pull the trigger? Am I not wanting this to end...lol.
  • PRO
    Beth H. :

    It's very pretty, but not at it's full potential.

    If ever there was a wall meant for great tile, it's yours. So many options you could do to make this room a showpiece. for some warmth, try a wood stool, a pop of color, green plants, orchids, maybe a wood shelf or two over toilet, woven wood blinds, etc. do you have any artwork for that one wall near the toilet?

    close up of accessories that make this otherwise white/sterile space, inviting.

    some examples of how details make all the difference in meh and 'wow'!

    all white bathroom is warmed by the walnut. do some walnut shelves, maybe a stool or little bench.

    full mirror with sconces cut to fit over it.

    another mirror/sconce example. love the wainscot around the room too

    I would have done a cool design in tile on that wall

    Old meets new. these antique wood mirrors are kind of cool

  • felizlady
    I think you need a medicine cabinet over each sink. They should be mirrored and wall-mounted to avoid any studs-in-the-wrong-place issues. There is only one shallow top drawer between the vanity cabinets, and I always give each person using the bathroom regularly his/her own drawer. When you don’t each have a drawer, the medicine cabinet may be where your every day implements are kept...on the bottom shelf in a narrow plastic removable tray or bin.
    For the best lighting, I like both wall sconces and a row of recessed overhead lighting (set every 18” about 24” out from the mirror wall): it gives you good direct and indirect lighting for grooming.
    I use the same metal finishes for all fixtures.
  • Sandra Grimsley
    Beth H I love the woven blinds and I do have a couple pieces of art work that I can use on that wall. They are fairly neutral, but with a dark frame. I don’t have a picture of them to show you. I like the stool idea as well. My biggest hurdle is I don’t know what to do with the mirrors, lights, and cabinet hardware. I know I can stick with the chrome, but was wondering if I should go with a different color to bring in some warmth. I’m sure I’m over thinking this, as I always do.
  • PRO
    Beth H. :

    well, I posted many diff mirror styles. I like the first 4 examples for your set up.

    if you want more modern, do a hotel style LED backlit mirror (they aren't cheap )

    more glam, try the beaded type of mirrors. they have a mix of soft gold and silver.

    I still think you should do something w/that wall (s).

  • jeannetteburgess
    You must add more lighting especially at the vanity area. Side sconces not overheads. I have never seen a vanity without lighting. I have those type mirrors you posted and like them very much. I think once you add cabinet hardware, some window dressing, a plant and color through towels and accessories it will look more complete.
  • Sandra Grimsley
    You girls are making this difficult for me. I know the sconces will look the best and give me better light, however, I only told the electrician to run two wires. We had to add the window to get the natural light in there and I wasn’t sure about placement for the sconces in relation to the window and wall.
    I don’t want them back in my attic, since they made a tiny defect in my ceiling when adding the exhaust fan. I’m gonna probably regret this, but I am going to stick to the overhead lighting. It’s already been a long drawn out process due to hurricane Michael and redoing a lot of stuff. This is the last thing to get it completed.

    Beth H. Would wall paper be an option for the wall/s?
  • PRO
    Beth H. :

    sandra, yes, it would. I actually thought about that option too but wasn't sure if you were up for it. You could choose to do just that one wall. I also like the wainscot idea.

    you could do something like this. it's simple/easy. but to make it look just a bit better, get a larger backsplash piece like they've done here

    or remove what you do have and tile about 6" up the back with a nice looking mosaic tile

    as for the lighting, when you say he only ran two wires, what do you mean?

    were you going to do sconces? yes, that should have been done before the finish coat on that wall. you could opt to do some pendants.

    In mine I did a ceiling light and sconces, and I have a window. I rarely use the sconce lighting though, but it does add to the overall look.

  • Sandra Grimsley
    BH. So many great elements to your bath! There are two wires behind the wall for lighting that he will pull through when I get the fixtures and decide where to mount. He didn’t want to try and set them with the junction boxes and then them be in the wrong place. I love wall paper and now with all the removable products I would be more than willing to add some. I have this vision of how I want it to look, but finding the products without spending hours of time researching and then getting them to the house is a lot. I’m not where I can just go find them and bring them to the house. I am a day away from any major market and then it is not a sure bet. I’m also trying to be practical with it all. Everything else has fallen right into place and my Husband wants it finished like last week...lol. Thanks everyone for the ideas. I’ll send a pic when I’m done.
  • Sandra Grimsley
    Ok to clear something up.
    There are wires for vanity lighting behind the wall. There are only two...one for over each sink. And there is an wire for an overhead light in the ceiling.
  • jeannetteburgess
    Thank goodness. Can’t wait to see the finished project. Hang in there.

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