Tile Batch Color Variation

Andrea Webb
2 years ago

We just got the tile for the bathrooms in our new house today, and one of the tiles was way off on color from the sample board I picked from. In the picture below, the one on the left (gray) is the sample and the one on the right (pink) is what we got. Its American Olean Castlegate. The flooring shop is telling me that it's because the sample board is a floor tile and what we got are wall tiles. The manufacturer is saying that it's just a variation in color.

Does that make any sense, or did the manufacturer just mislabel the tile? It looks to me like a beige color that they offer on the same line.

The manufacturer is not going to do anything about it, but the flooring shop is making it right and getting us a different tile. I'm just curious about what happened and if they are over exaggerating the potential variations in color.

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