Using Miracle Gro Shake 'N Feed Ultra Bloom in gardens

Patti JS
May 5, 2019

Has anyone tried using Shake n Feed for annuals in their gardens? Just wondered if there was a reason you shouldn't.

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  • Embothrium

    Strictly speaking routine fertilization should be based on sampling and testing of the involved soil. Somebody as close as across the street from you could have different soil conditions so that their results with a particular product do not apply to your own situation.

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  • functionthenlook

    I don't see why not. I use Osmocote on all my annuals, perennial and shrubs, and the plants love it. It is the same principle as shake and feed. I like Osmocote because it feeds for 6 months instead of the 3 months as with the shake and feed. Also it is cheaper to buy. I get the 8 lb bag through Amazon.

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  • zen_man

    Hi Patti,

    I think it should be safe to use MiracleGro Shake N Feed without the formality of a soil analysis. Its 12-4-8 formula is not particularly strong, so it shouldn't be dangerous to apply it without a soil analysis. Just don't overdo it. Follow the directions on the label (or in the video at the link).

    I use several Miracle-Gro products myself on my zinnias. I prefer to use water soluble products myself, and I find that the Miracle-Gro Tomato Food works particularly well on my zinnias. It has more Magnesium than some formulas, and Magnesium is a component of chlorophyll.

    ZM (not associated with any product or vendor mentioned or linked)

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  • Embothrium

    Either the amount of a mineral being applied is resulting in an undesirable accumulation in a specific situation or it isn't. If a soil is already full of P for instance - a not infrequent scenario where fertilizer products have already been applied for years - multiple additional applications of even a 4% formula could start to produce a toxicity.

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