Update On Our Remodel

May 5, 2019

Seems I left a few people hanging, so my apologies when I left for awhile. DLM2000-GW and Zalco nicely persuaded me to return and share photos. Our last house has not sold, and almost all of my artwork/wall decor is still there (trying to avoid painting the entire house!), so I really haven't taken many photos recently of finished rooms. Plus, I'm not really in a hurry to "finish." Where's the fun in that?!

(I see we still can't start a new thread with photos, or it disappears....)

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  • allison0704

    I guess I shouldn't be surprised! LOL It will be later, as Ms I-Tore-My-ACL-&-Mensicus is finally getting to go back to her groomer today.

    Pudgeder, the slats are removable, and the cabinetmaker went by a provided photo. I don't think it's hard to make when you own a router. Just have to have a drawer deep enough. They had never seen a drawer like this, much less included in one of their kitchens. I introduced them to several new ideas (and will never be given credit for any of them! LOL)

  • Yayagal

    You have impeccable and exquisite taste.

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  • beckysharp Reinstate SW Unconditionally

    Allison, your kitchen island picture with the little arrow makes me wonder -- are you on IG as well? If so, can we follow?

  • allison0704

    I stole that one from DD1's IG account. We both rarely post. I'll send you a PM.

  • yeonassky

    I'm a little late to the party. Just wanted to say I love your kitchen. I was leaning towards love from the beginning with the beautiful chandelier but then suddenly You had me at slats for pans. Thanks for sharing again :-)

  • allison0704

    Too funny, yeonassky! Thank you, and Yayagal too.

    Before photos, a bit of background - Mom was the gardener, but not hardcore after they built this house. Mainly a small rock/fern area. She had Parkinson's and went downhill for a decade, so no one was really working in the yard during that time. Company came and blew off the driveways, but that was about it. Dad allowed the trees (good and bad) to grow too large and too close to the house. As soon as he died, we hired a tree company to clear away from the house (they had complained about squirrels getting in the house on and off for awhile). The original landscaping was so overgrown. I do not have decent photos of the front without people in them. Didn't think to take before they started digging up the HUGE azaleas....and yes, it killed me to do it, but they were 8ft tall and hanging over the too narrow driveway and parking area. The once beautiful Cherry Tree was almost dead, along with bushes near house and older dogwoods. (Dad had turned off the sprinkler system. :-/ )

    Driveway before-ish. So narrow, and the right side was such a weird shape that it was hard to get in and out of the left side of garage. The left side also made it hard to get two cars in the guest parking. DD1 lives with us and parks outside, so we needed to be able to get another car in next to hers. As it was, the azaleas were hanging over so far, it was impossible.

    Driveway after - They took up the pavers starting at the street, and put them on the widened curves below. Since the paver company is no longer in business, we used an accent paver for the apron. DH can now get in his garage easily. I'd still like to reseal the older pavers so they are darker.

    Front, either side of driveway entrance. These are from last May, and it's surprising to see them again and know the difference a year has made. Especially with the Autumn Ferns. The Japanese Maple Tree (right side of photo) and tall green shrubs are original.

    Same side.

    Left side, start to see guest parking. Brought in large rocks.

    The before of area in front of guest parking. Mom's fern garden. For reference, use the large Crepe Myrtle in the top right of this photo (below):

    Another before, but after they cut through low wall....

    Area after, and you can see the Crepe Myrtle.

    Same area from other side of driveway/by garage (blurred grandchild). Another original Maple Tree. The Maples and a Chaste Tree (right side of driveway) are lit at night, as well as the house and the copper landscape lighting. We also pulled up the flagstone entrance to front doors and redid since the mortar was badly cracked and coming up in places. New landscaping in front of house as well.

    Going to post, so I don't loose....

  • allison0704

    Before, left of front sidewalk. I could barely get in/out of my garage and it was almost halfway over the flagstone/front entrance. It was gorgeous when it had leaves, and so not pretty all winter. Our landscape company and landscape architect said it could not be moved. I've ordered large raw copper lanterns to replace the commerical/shopping center looking black light fixtures.

    We also had the house power washed, so everything that looks dingy in these photos is now clean. Flagstone in this photo (below, and photo just above) was the original/before we had redone. .

    Other side of flagstone, again before it was redone. (Wow, the copper pots of Lantana - on either side of front entrance - sure got overgrown! I've done a mix of annuals this year.)

    The house had an awful 30+ year old phone system with intercom and doorbell. The doorbell was a 4" plastic square thing that didn't even fit in the hole they made in the limestone. (I am not exaggerating when I say it was held in with little pieces of black foam.) I found this plaque on Etsy. It is thin, so we were able to drill a hole and use a normal doorbell button. (It's the black dot to right of glass doors.) The hole was drilled just behind the knee of the lion on the right. It depicts the shield of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg., per the Esty dealer. I'm just glad that plastic eyesore is gone!

    *Edited to add: just ran across this photo of front, giant azaleas, narrow driveway entrance and you couldn't enter house without being eaten by the Maple tree. Guest parking to right, garage to left.

  • justerrilynn

    You have the best taste! I love looking at your photo’s.

  • allison0704

    Sunroom side of house, before. More of Mom's poor rock garden. I am not kidding, I could hardly get down this hill to take the dogs out - it was not level and steeper than it appears. Random rocks and holes, not to mention sticks, bugs and snakes.

    Low stone wall was built between stone columns, to level area under sunroom so that path could be added that goes around the house. During grading, we decided to add a wall so that a level grass area could be added for the dogs to enjoy.

    Jumping back a bit, the low stone wall in guest parking area leads to this flagstone path and side entrance. The added glass door to sunroom, and steel/concrete stairway that was also added.

  • allison0704

    Before, from back of house toward new grass area.


    Facing same direction. This is before landscaping/fence installed, but after trees were cut back from the house.


    Path that goes around sides and back of house, this photo is going from back to under sunroom.

  • allison0704

    These are boring photos, but shows the lay of the land and why we added the lower grass area to even it out a bit. You can see the added stone wall between columns. Since no one can see the lower wall, it is not all stone, but has stone caps. Wall is wet...

    Before landscaping was installed.

    Toward back of house. Stone wasn't cleaned yet.

    Planted ferns under the stairs (which the Lab has just about destroyed now).

  • allison0704

    Going other direction around back of house, before:


    Same area, but shows the four vines next to house. They have crisscrossed wire on the house and are currently blooming and growing nicely on up the wiring.

  • allison0704

    Kitchen side before (who needs 2 sunrooms and 0 decks?!) This allowed us to get rid of HVAC unit below (which was for this sunroom only) and free up the lower stone patio.

    We took it back to the original deck (both sunrooms were added later), and were able to use the original stone and railing since everything had been saved. Photo taken before cedar was sealed. I'll have to take photo of the awesome gas grill and Kamoda Joe table DH built. I've also ordered raw copper outdoor lanterns to replace the plastic (yes, plastic) black lanterns used here.

    Out sink window. Trellis over lower driveway parking needs to be replaced with cedar, and this side of the yard is about to be landscaped. We postponed for a year while deciding "pool or no pool." No pool won by our votes, but not our children and grandchildren!

  • allison0704

    Anyone remember the pieces I bought locally via the Varage app?

    I did end up using the table in the LR, and the armoire is in the guest room DGD uses when she spends the night. I may have added to my porcupine quill collection.

    LR FP before (which was not original to the house, and I always disliked):

    LR FP after. I used almost every square inch of the whole slab I had to buy for DD1's bathroom. The section cut from the FP opening was made round with a decorative edge for the antique pub table I've had forever (also in LR, but not shown). The drapers for this door (to sunroom) will be installed soon.

    Upstairs foyer area before:


  • allison0704

    Finally - all of the drapery is installed, even the skirt in the pantry. No pics yet. I added an antique wool 48 star flag behind DGS guest bed....

    ...which Sherman....

    ...ate, several times before we discovered. Bottom/right of flag. Yes, I was sick to discover.

    At least it is not noticeable since I repaired with reenactment uniform material I found on Amazon, but geez. It's true what they say - you really cannot have nice things with pets. Especially cats!!

    This photo was taken before I repaired. I hand stitched at the breakfast room table, and Angel (our other cat) started to chew on it too! It does have a "old" odor if I put my nose to it, so I guess they are attracted. Neither have ever done anything like this before. So now the flag hangs behind the bed, but the bottom is not clipped to the top, so it's half the size and the cat cannot get to it.

    On a side note, Sherman is no longer with us. He had been loosing weight even though he was eating. He had cancer in his abdomen, which explains why he had recently started eating random things around the house.

    Ran across these foyer photos yesterday. Before.

    During, before tack strips were removed.

    After. Risers are the pre finished flooring and the treads are site finished. It took three times of wiping with the color and sealing for them to get the right match.

  • Feathers11

    I was going to remark that Sherman doesn't seem to show any remorse. But then I read of his passing... I'm so sorry. Poor guy. Nice work on the repair. You've just added to its story. :-)

    I love DGD guest bed!

  • IdaClaire

    Your house is amazing! And I'm so sorry about Sherman. What a pretty boy he was.

  • allison0704

    Thank you, both. DGS guest room is one of my favorites with the use of dark blue.

    Sherman was a stray I adopted 7yrs ago, when DD2 worked at a vet clinic. We think he was around 9, so not very old. He was a sweet boy.

  • tartanmeup

    Your home is just stunning, allison! You have impeccable taste. So sorry to hear about Sherman. He was gorgeous and looked quite sweet.

  • tinam61

    I love that you put the dog lamp in your grandson's room. :) What kind of barrel is that in the living room next to the new table?

  • aprilneverends

    it's been an incredible treat to see this thread. Like a wonderful, exquisitely written novel one doesn't really want to part with.

  • rubyclaire

    I love your home and your exquisite taste!

  • allison0704

    Thank you, tartenmeup. He was such a sweet boy. I have found male brown Tabbies to be the sweetest of all cats.

    Hi Tinam61! Oh, yes, the dog lamp was going back in his room. That is a grape harvesting barrel. Has metal hooks that go over a wagon. It was next to my chair and ottoman in our last house for my side table.

    That is so sweet, aprilneverends, thank you, and rubyclaire too.

  • westsider40

    So very beautiful. My condolences on your sweet pup.

  • beckysharp Reinstate SW Unconditionally

    That table found the perfect home, just as Sherman did. They were each meant to live their best lives in your home, allison : ) .

  • mtnrdredux_gw

    Thanks for posting, i love your style Allison.

  • Oakley

    Allison, is that a Pointer dog lamp? I have the same dog which is a trinket box. Same coloring and same green grass under the belly. A friend sent it to me so I have no idea where it came from.

  • allison0704

    Thank you, Mtn.

    Yes, it's a Pointer. It was a $20 eBay find - a TV lamp with bulb in the back - and I had it made into a table lamp locally. At our last home, we called his room "the dog room." Had dog etchings and art in the room also.

  • Sheeisback GW

    All wonderfully done. :). Thank you for continuing to post! (To this thread and in general.)

    Sorry about Sherman.

    I agree about male Tabbies tend to be very sweet.

  • nini804

    I love your style and your lovely home. It is truly a home, not just a house. Kudos!

  • allison0704

    Thank you, Sheeisback.

    nini804, being a house person, this is the best compliment. Thank you!

  • Oakley

    I love Pointer's. My favorite breed. Ever. They make good house dogs too.

    I'm also sorry about Sherman. Our first cat, Zack, looked just like him. Sweet as the dickens. We also had his sister, Cricket. She was a brown tabby.

  • alex9179

    I always enjoy seeing additional decor pics added to the thread. I'm sorry about your kitty. He was lucky to have lived with you.

    Sidenote, our kittens are finally leaving the Chew-All-the-Wires phase. Toddlers are always up to something. One chewed a couple of holes in the middle of my bedspread.

  • nutsaboutplants

    You have impeccable taste and the patience to follow through. It’s all just so beautiful!

  • allison0704

    Thank you, alex9179 and nutsaboutplants. I have never had a cat chew up anything past the kitten stage, and really no big issues with kittens either. Now kitten/cat claws, another story. I think everything I own is scratched.

  • allison0704

    (Is there now a limit to how many photos you can add at once?! I have tried to post twice, and my posts just disappears! Third times the charm, right?!

    I wanted to brag on my sunroom. It seems to have the perfect sun and temperature for enticing orchids to rebloom. Something I have not have success with in the past. They need watering every five days, so I keep track of it on my cell phone. The taller stems on either side/back bloomed last fall but the stems never turned brown. They started sending out new shoots and are blooming again.

  • allison0704

    DGD gave me this one last year for my birthday. I counted 23 blooms, and reinforced the stem with a second stake.

    I love the touch of yellow on this one.

  • allison0704

    The tiny blooms on this one don't last as long, and are so delicate looking.

    This is a fav.

  • allison0704

    This one I bought two months ago. Love the bearded blooms, but they don't last as long as the thicker blooms above. It have five blooms.

    This is my favorite variety. Love the coloring and pattern. This is one of the orchids with four stems that is going crazy. It has over a dozen blooms and even more buds that haven't opened yet.

    There are six more orchid plants sending out stems that should be blooming within the month.

  • aprilneverends

    They're all gorgeous

    Thank you for sharing

    PS as far as I know-10 pics per post. Or maybe rules changed since then

  • Zalco/bring back Sophie!

    Those orchids are gorgeous. They make a glorious ensemble.

  • lyfia

    Beautiful Orchids and love what you've done to update the house.

    I think 4 pictures is the limit per post, but could be 3. I don't remember. I tested it a while back, but hasn't needed to post multiple pictures in a while.

  • LynnNM

    This entire thread of yours is a feast for the eyes, Allison! Reading through it even twice is not enough. Thank you for sharing this with us. I’m very much enjoying it!

  • allison0704

    Thank you, aprilneverends, Zalco and Lyfia. I had house plants for over 20 years, but when we moved to our last house I was just burned out. I knew I wanted to fill the sunroom with plants and the orchids are giving me so much joy.

    You are so sweet, LynnNM. I'm glad you enjoyed! We have been hanging art the last few weeks, and it is nice to see "familiar faces." It's finally starting to feel like home.

  • beckysharp Reinstate SW Unconditionally

    Beautiful, allison, you have an amazing green thumb to go with your amazing sense of style! So glad you're enjoying your new sunroom, and that you persevered to post all of the pictures.

    I found our windowed dining room makes a huge difference with my plants, compared to our old 1950s bungalow with minimal windows -- even in Alberta, my bougainvillea was full of pink blooms (well, bracts) in March when there was still snow on the ground.

  • allison0704

    Thank you, beckysharp. How lucky you are to have Boungainvillea blooming indoors. I haven't had much luck with them as summer plants due to the scorching sun. Maybe I need to rethink.

  • Yayagal

    All the words I've thought to compliment you are taken above so I'll just say, MAGNIFICENT!!!

  • martinca_gw sunset zone 24

    Hi Allison. I believe you once said you didn’t like to jump in toward the end of a thread as a me-too-er. I find that difficult as well, but do want to add add this little boring me- too-er-ness. So! I’ll simply say how Much I’ve enjoyed following your new journey. I love that it’s your parents old home. Beautiful job!!!

  • allison0704

    Thank you so much, Yayagal and Martinca!

  • Yayagal

    You are welcome!

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