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Grass Problems Lawn issues with tall fescue

Bobby Joseph
May 14, 2019
Last year I had a fungus problem when the weather got hot and humid. I applied headway g. Now this year I am seeing spots beginning to form again I just applied headway g to try and stop it. Does anyone have tricks to fight this problem for good? Will I always have a fungus problem? I haven’t turned my sprinklers in yet since here on Long Island we have got so much rain lately.

Comments (3)

  • Joe BigBlue

    Get some fungicide down asap.

    I'm doing scotts disease ex followed 2 weeks later by bayer fungicide. Have been applying for a month already and will continue until August.

  • Lisa

    unfortunately after you have a fungus problem it usually never abates completely, the spores stay in the soil, I know it sucks, but if you practice cutting higher, not watering late at night etc etc etc then you can keep it at bay and use Preventative meaures as Joe is and I did, and will continue to do till it's out of my hands ..

  • lawniac

    Fungus is best prevented rather than treated. So you'll want to start early next year, maybe mid-April and keep it going through the summer. Headway G is great but very expensive so I would suggest looking into purchasing propiconazole and azoxystrobin in gallon jugs to use. They will pay themselves off in 3-4 apps(vs Headway) and then you'll have fungicide to use for many years.

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