Thanks to everyone for the swap plants

May 17, 2019

My husband worked all day yesterday and got our vole eaten bed replanted.

We put in:

Shasta Daisies from everyone! Thanks to Faith and Rossnagl for their set asides and everyone else who put some in the swap that we picked up. We ended up planting them in islands between the areas that retained the most asters. Since we put some in last year also there won't be true islands but I think the affect will be pleasing.

Tall Purple Phlox from Tomatoz1. We put all 5 in the back corner since I think they will be the tallest thing.

Pink yarrow from Catnohat. I wanted some that you brought last year but didn't score it at the swap. Thanks for bringing a set aside this year. I put it in the front right corner where hopefully it will run and take over that area. Is it a bright pink or the one that has shades of pale pink, white and brighter pink? How long is the bloom season? If you have a picture I would love to see the color.

These join our existing Ajuga which has purple flowers in the spring and is in front. Along with our Orange Mango Popsicle Red Hot Pokers that flower in the summer. I need to pick one more of these up because it got eaten by a vole. Last year I got them at Lowes and O'Tooles. If anyone spots one let me know where as I need that specific color.

Also joining our hot pink, purple and white asters that bring fall color. I think the bed is officially a 3 season color bed so I am very please. Unfortunately the asters will be all throughout because the vole was not tidy in how he ate them.

Pink yarrow in foreground corner. Purple phlox in back corner. Shasta daisy grouping in foreground with aster grouping just behind. It doesn't look like much now but should be gorgeous in years to come.

Photo bomb from dog sniffing at newly uncovered earth. Shasta daisy grouping in this corner with aster group behind. I hope the Shastas do OK in partial shade. We have to completely redo the drip system in this bed so it will be a while before new mulch is added.

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