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Bathroom Reno... advice needed!!

Mel F
May 23, 2019

Renovating my daughters bathroom. The vanity in there now is currently 60 inches wide. Thinking that’s too big or no?? Looking to buy the standard 60 or 49 width. Also do I put the new vanity against the wall with a side splash like my current one? Or center it? Here are pics of my scary peach bath then my inspiration pic. Keeping the same layout but getting all new tile, new vanity, mirror, lights, etc... TIA!!!

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    Beth H. :

    49 would leave you with almost an extra foot between vanity/toilet. I'd stick w/the 60 (you could do double sinks if you need it), do a wall mount faucet, and if doing one sink, and larger rectangular type.

    a double sink would look something like this (but w/your wall mount faucets)

    here's a 60" double, with a small gap off to the left

    this one has a small, shallow tower

    if you pull it away from the wall like your pic, what are you going to do w/the foot gap off to the left??

    you could do a narrow tower like they've done here off to the left

    you know, you could keep your existing vanity and have it painted that lovely dark blue. when doing your new countertop, don't get the 4" backsplash if you plan on tiling.

  • emmarene9

    Why would anyone want less cabinet space? Keep the same size. I don't think your current cabinet is bad. I'd just paint it.

    If you are keeping the flooring I would not go for a gray on gray bathroom.

    I you continue with a center sink there is no need for the side splash.

  • teddytoo

    Your inspiration photo is stunning! I would not get a smaller vanity because the small space you would leave between the wall and vanity will just collect dust and things that fall off the counter. Definitely don’t do the 4” side splash just run you backsplash tile around the corner. I agree with other to have it painted professionally the color you want. I would also keep the door on the linen closet but maybe because mine will never look that neat and organized.

  • RedRyder

    Love your inspiration photo! I would make sure the cabinet and countertop are up against the left wall because a small space is just a cleaning nightmare. I had one in a master bathroom and it drove me crazy, even though I hung a towel bar there (which was convenient.). Are you changing the floor? Do you need 2 sinks?

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    Norwood Architects

    Is the area around the toilet tight? By International Residential code there should be a minimum 15" on each side of the toilet from the toilet centerline. In our homes we provide more than that. So, if you need more space there (even though it will be on one side only) I would go with a smaller vanity. If you are good on space stay with the larger size vanity. Storage is always a premium in a bathroom.

  • felizlady

    Inspiration pic is gorgeous. One significant change suggested: drawers for her small stuff (makeup, brushes, other everyday needs can be handled by a bank of four drawers. Four shallower drawers are much better than three deeper drawers. Towels, etcetera under the sink will work. 60” vanity is heaven for a girl..maybe even with two banks of drawers...one at each end. Side splash and backsplash. I like a full width mirror, plus a magnifying mirror for close-up work. Sconce lights over the sink and a row of at least four recessed lights at about 22-24” out from the wall to bounce light off the mirror and onto her hair and face.

  • Jennifer Hogan

    Keep the 60" with a single sink

  • Mel F

    Ok lager vanity it is! Maybe I will keep the one I have & paint it. Thank you all for your very helpful comments!!! Norwood architect, it’s a little tight, 14 from the centerline but I think it’s fine considering it’s not for a big person. Ok so my next question is color scheme. I love the inspiration pic but it may not go with my daughters room which we just painted BM barely teal and her room is adjacent to the bathroom. Does that matter? Here are pics from hallway to her room. Hallway is painted BM Elmira white. Then some pic ideas I was thinking for floor tile and vanity...

    Love these floor tiles but then what color vanity? White with marble top? Or paint it a color? And what color for the walls? Leave them white? I’m not sure we’ll be able to do all the tiling around the vanity like in the inspiration pic. Thanks so much!!!

  • Mel F

    Maybe dark grey like this for vanity?

  • PRO
    Beth H. :

    no gray! keep that gorgeous dark blue color. (BM Hale Navy or Gentlemans gray are good choices). they all work great w/the marble floor and gray shower tiles if you prefer. It also looks like the daughters wall color will match too.

    for example, you could do more of a light teal/ dark aqua for the vanity, like they've done here

    or a light turquoise. Any of these look great w/marble.

    you could do a soft blue or blue/gray shower tile if you want a white vanity:

    or even glass tiles in the aqua, mixed w/charcoal accents.

    And here's a Hale Navy

    interesting wall of white picket tile, w/black and gold

    navy, marble, white tile, painted ceiling, gold hardware and a wood mirror. this is beautiful.

    do something fun on the shower floor to bring in the blues from the bedroom and match the vanities. (or if keeping tub combo, use this in the niche)

    just to show you what a beautiful, bold color vanity looks like w/surrounding white and marble tile

    why would you want gray?! lol.

    Mel F thanked Beth H. :
  • Ondre'a

    You can't go wrong with Beth's suggestions! The woman knows her stuff!

    Mel F thanked Ondre'a
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    Why does anyone need a wall mount faucet over any standard vanity : )? What's wrong with a side splash? what is the BUDGET?

    Mel F thanked JAN MOYER
  • Mel F

    Thanks so much Beth for the inspiration pics! Love the teal! Jan, i have to be honest, didn’t even realize my inspiration pic had a wall mount! Just a regular Joe schmo thinking the tiles and colors looked pretty. Budget is not too high not too low. Want to get some quality products that will last but it’s a kids bathroom so I don’t need to go crazy.

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    Beth H. :

    Jan,,ease of cleaning. That's mainly it. It's so nice not to have to constantly clean around the base of the faucet, especially if you have a 4" spread.

    which would you rather clean? (yeah, I know. not a huge deal. but until you've had the wall mount you don't realize. so much easier to take a cloth and wipe behind the sink w/no faucet. Especially true if you have chrome and hard water)

    the one above would be daily wiping of the chrome base to keep it spotless and mineral deposits at bay. the one below, very little upkeep)

    Mel F thanked Beth H. :

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