Storing garlic for planting

June 5, 2019
last modified: June 5, 2019

Normally, I peel all my home grown garlic and freeze it, but I would like to save some for planting. But...It is HOT here! How do you keep it from drying up before you can plant it? (There's a reason I peel/freeze!) Oh yeah, I have no air conditioning, so it can get into the 90s in the house.

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  • tsugajunkie z5 SE WI ♱

    Have you got a refrigerator?


  • pbsjones

    Yes. Here's what I got in nearly every article I found when I searched for how to store garlic:

    • Refrigerating garlic is a bad idea as it causes the bulb to deteriorate. Refrigerating garlic bulbs adds moisture and can cause the bulb to grow moldy.

    I have kept garlic in the fridge; it starts to grow.

  • lilyd74 (5b sw MI)

    I looked around also and found several different opinions, none of which fit your situation, nor does what I do at my home in my zone (very different from yours!) If I look at the sum total of what I can find while considering your situation, I would look for coolest non-refrigerated place in your house possible - perhaps a closet - and create a ventilated space to control humidity while trying to retain enough moisture without growing mold. It sounds like you already know you do not have an ideal situation. With any luck you will be able to manage, especially if you are going for a fall planting.

    I did find one suggestion about creating a "humidor" of sorts with a terra cotta pot. You could also try that.

    pbsjones thanked lilyd74 (5b sw MI)
  • pbsjones

    Thank you for putting some thought into your answer. Now, I'm thinking of how I might use an old mini-fridge I have....maybe turn it down (or up, as it were) so it doesn't trick the garlic into sprouting.

  • lilyd74 (5b sw MI)

    If you use a mini-fridge set to a warm setting, maybe adding something to control the humidity? Moisture absorber/etc. I'm guessing here - as are you, it sounds like. Let us know how it goes.

  • John D Zn6a PIT Pa

    Try leaving one in the ground till you want to plant the cloves, just as an experiment. I'd mark the location with a stick and the one I left would be in an out of the way place if possible.

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