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Please vote- which granite looks better?

Debbie Comerford-Lalonde
June 11, 2019
last modified: June 11, 2019

Trying to choose between these 2 granite slabs for my kitchen with cherry/cheshnut cabs and blue walls.

New back splash will be simple 2.5x10 subway tile in off white

nevaska kitchen.jpg
fantasy ivory kitchen.jpg

Comments (15)

  • PRO
    Your Color Diva

    Know that all of selecting the granite is subjective. Both have the colors that would go with your cupboard and the rest of the kitchen. Are you using the granite for all of your surfaces or just the large island? I personally prefer the Nevaska because it has movement but is less busy. The other piece features the gray/blue. Are these samples the exact piece you will get? Even pieces that are the same granite could be very different. Hope this helps.

  • Debbie Comerford-Lalonde

    Your Color Diva yes these are the slabs we viewed. would be for all the counters/island. We were also told that laying flat they would be less busy as opposed to looking at vertically.

  • emmarene9

    It's a toss up for me. They both are nice.

    Make sure you pick your slab and take a photograph of it. Make sure you are home when it is being installed.

    Don't rush on the back splash install. You could change your mind on white subway.

  • PRO
    Norwood Architects

    Either one of the above should work well.

  • Debbie Comerford-Lalonde

    emmarene9 those are photos I took of the slabs we are considering

  • Sonya Oden

    I like the Nevaska only because the blue is less predominate. That way if you choose to go with a different wall color in the future you wont be as limited.

    Debbie Comerford-Lalonde thanked Sonya Oden
  • herbflavor

    of these two...Nevaska !!!! [fantasy ivory has too much swirl.....tiring and competes with that fireplace wall ]

    Debbie Comerford-Lalonde thanked herbflavor
  • cpartist

    Fantasy. I do disagree with herb in that being horizontal it will NOT compete

    Debbie Comerford-Lalonde thanked cpartist
  • spisland

    Yes, as Sonya stated, I'd do the less predominate blue. No need to scream blue when stating blue does it nicely.

    Debbie Comerford-Lalonde thanked spisland
  • malabacat


  • Kendrah

    Neither. The blue is way too prominent in both. You don't have to have your counters match your walls to have them look great. Think more about the counters being a bridge between the subway tiles and the wood of the cabinets.

    Debbie Comerford-Lalonde thanked Kendrah
  • Debbie Comerford-Lalonde

    We werent trying to match our walls btw, we just like these 2 stones and they happen to pull in wall colour, which will be broken up by the backsplash up to the cupboards so you wont see as much blue wall

  • Joy Wills

    It's hard to tell in this picture, because the lighting is off still, but we went with a granite that had a lot of blues/greys in it -leathered white ice. Because we needed to have the kitchen paint color go through the DR and the main hall, we pulled out one of the blues (Schoolboy blue) from the counter, and got pretty close to one of the grey's with the BS tile. I think the Fantasy Ivory would tie your colors together, without looking like you are trying to 'match' things.

    You have lots of natural wood that will help keep the room warm, but not clashing with your cooler tones.

    Debbie Comerford-Lalonde thanked Joy Wills
  • katinparadise

    I prefer the Nevaska as well. Be sure to see and sign off on the templating at the stone yard and wait to choose backsplash tile until the granite is installed. It always looks different in your house. I hope you'll show us the results-it's nice to see something with some color!

    Debbie Comerford-Lalonde thanked katinparadise
  • Debbie Comerford-Lalonde

    thanks for your opinions everyone

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