outdoor tv north jersey/nyc

June 15, 2019

Is there anywhere someone can go to actually view different models of outdoor TVs in person? Ie, different levels of Sunbrite or alternative brands like skyvue or mirage. Open to nyc, north jersey. They are special order/non-returnable at B&H

Alternatively, if anyone can offer their real-life experiences of any of those makes or models, it would be appreciated! Obviously sunbrite is the Kleenex of outdoor TVs. We need something for at least part shade to full
Sun. Looking at 43” signature series sunbrite. Our backyard is relatively small: 22x40’ and the viewing area where people will actually sit to watch tv is probably a third of that.

There are uuuuge price differences in the sunbrite models but just want to ensure it’s not all fake news.

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