Need help w/Lisbon lemon tree please!

Reya Rob
June 30, 2019

Hello all I am new to gardening..my parents grow all kind of veggies, but never a fruit tree, so I bought them a lemon tree. They live in phoenix,AZ I fly here every year and currently here now...so I went to a tropical nursery and also bought a banana tree which is growing pretty well....now I have no clue about fertilizomg anything...I was told to water after drying..so I water every 3 days...it is over 100 degrees here..when I 1st got it it was all green and had 1 flower...now everything is kinda drying up. It first faced South side because the tag says needs full sun...it was getting sunburned I’m sure, so then now it is facing North side towards East..if u guys can look at the pics and tell me what I should do, Will truly appreciate the help...also should I keep

it in the black plastic pot?? Or plant it? P.S. (my aunt from another country says she used to keep her lemon trees well watered daily for it to grow..but I’m scared of over watering..so she planted a few kale on the pot...to keep it hydrated she said)

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