bamboo division help?

Andrew Darland
July 8, 2019

i got a division of hardy bamboo back in may i planted and its remained the same. the division had a chopped culm that was about 1/2 inch in diameter and i was messing around with the top layer to see if things were ok. Theres a tiny tiny shoot emerging its really thin and small. The plant looks to of put out no new roots. Will the plant make it if that culm emerges? Also should i maybe fertilize with high nitrogen to maybe kick it off. the soil is not so great even though we worked it and all. Im also worried i over watered because the top of the soil is dry but down below its pretty moist. So I'm backing off on the water but it seems like every week it rains a few. Thanks any thing is helpful.

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  • kudzu9

    A bamboo division can take at least a year to show any progress...sometimes more. The fact that yours has even a tiny shoot at this point is a good sign. Keep it watered and let it do its thing. Just don't expect miracles. It needs time to get established. It will be several years before you see any shoots that are as large as the cut one.

  • Andrew Darland

    thanks! im just worried that it won't get much of a root system before any cold hits i think i will mulch it heavy and put a tarp over it in the winter. i read it would take years and years to be established i didn't expect any top growth until next year but this is a surprise. from what i brushed off the top it looks like there's no new root growth so im just baffled i will just hope and wait it out and see it hopefully come along in the years.

  • kudzu9

    What gardening Zone are you in?

  • Andrew Darland

    the edge between 6 and 7

  • Andrew Darland

    last year was our first really cold winter rarely we drop below 20

  • kudzu9

    It should be alright. It's not a bad idea to dump some mulch on it in the fall for protection, but a tarp is only necessary in really cold zones to protect culms and leaves. Don't put high nitrogen fertilizer on now as it will stimulate aboveground growth at the expense of the roots. Black bamboo is hardy to about -5F but the foliage can be damaged at temperatures as low as about 10F.

  • Embothrium

    Moisture and nitrogen are two things bamboos love. Whereas they don't like dryness and infertility much, except for certain kinds adapted to climates that are quite droughty for part of the year.

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