Grafting citrus choices

Aaron Haueisen
10 months ago

Back ground on me, I live in Ohio and I'm a pastry chef with a bit of an obsession with growing fruit to bake with. I used to have an attached sunroom where we tried growing various types of citrus, only having real success with lemons (I made a lemon creme brulee that my family still talks about years later).
I need advice on grafting, I've read tons about it but never done it. I understand the concepts and ideas but execution is another matter.i will take any advice for a first time grafter.
On to the project, I no longer have the sunroom but a future greenhouse isn't out of the question. Currently the plan is to keep it in a corner of the furnished basement with grow lights in winter and outside in summer. I would like to graft 2-4 types of fruit onto one tree.
As far as types of citrus I'm open to suggestions. My personal favorite is blood oranges but I also like tangerines, lemons, limes, you name it. The only things off the list are grapefruit and pummelos, no one in my family will eat them. I would love any suggestions on types to grow as well as reputable places (likely online) to buy viable saplings.
So basically I know I'm asking for everyone to figure it out for me but this is new territory for me and would love any advice I can get!

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