Brandy Boy Tomato Flavor

July 31, 2019

I've researched a little and read a few descriptions about the Brandy Boy tomato flavor profile. Some have described it to be mildly sweet. This is my first time growing tomatoes, and my Brandy Boys ended up hitting me in the face with such an aggressive sourness that reminded me of a lemon! It wasn't until the aftertaste that I noted the typical tomato flavor with a very faint sweetness.

The soil I used was a potting mix (these tomatoes were planted in 5-gallon pots) by Miracle-Gro. My mom took care of them while I was away for two weeks, and she told me they started getting blossom end rot, and that brought her to add two tablets of Tums into the soil (two tablets per 5-gallon pots). Is there a particular reason why they might have turned out so sour? Is it the Tums?

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