What do you do after peak daylily time?

August 5, 2019

This summer has been the BEST bloom extravaganza I have had in 15 years. Utterly gorgeous, mature clumps and so many flowers that I can't keep up with dead-heading! It's wonderful, but now that mine are reaching the end here in MA, I wonder what to do without all that color in my gardens.

What perennials do you have that give ongoing color in big & splashy ways at this time of year?

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  • woodyoak zone 5 southern Ont., Canada

    Hardy hibiscuses! They are just starting here now. Purple coneflowers, hydrangeas, and phlox are also key August bloomers here.

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  • popmama

    I agree with woodyoak on the list above. Asters and anemones are starting to bloom as well.

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  • katob Z6ish, NE Pa

    Add perovskia, butterfly bush, ornamental grasses, rudbeckia, and all those other prairie style flowers that come out now. I feel like my garden really peaks over the next few weeks.

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  • schoolhouse_gwagain

    Yes, the anemones step up. Phlox too as woodyoak mentions. Also, I plant a few annuals among my perennials to fill in spaces and to give some extra color late in the season.

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  • gardengal48 (PNW Z8/9)

    This is also the season for heleniums and perennial sunflowers. In fact, one of the most commonly grown heleniums is the species autumnale.

    I also find that many hardy geraniums, veronicas, salvias and agastaches will continue to bloom until frost.

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  • shive

    Along with hardy hibiscus, phlox and Pow Wow Wild Berry coneflowers, my hardy mums start blooming in August and continue on into September.


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  • Brad KY 6b

    Roxanna, I now have a number of VT daylilies that are at 

    Click on bloom time and go to the lates. For me here in Ky and also for Celeste in NH they are very late. Mine just recently started and most of my other daylilies are done. Some of the ones I have have 25-35 buds which will last a long time. Sophie, September Star and the Last Melon are especially well budded.

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  • sunnyborders

    The garden phlox are still providing the most pronounced colour. In fact, some of them have only recently really started blooming. Have quite a few gentians, but especially Gentiana dahurica. The latter is currently adding a lot of blue at the front of the perennial beds.

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  • roxanna7

    OMG, Brad! You enabler, you!! I just glanced at that site and have already found several that just jumped into my cart. Somehow I will have to find space for them. (extend the gardens: who needs lawns?) Thank you so much -- I hate to see daylily season gone, now I won't have to.

    Thanks to all who replied, also -- your suggestions are very helpful.

  • Brad KY 6b

    Glad to be an enabler, Roxanna :). I have about 8 but Celeste has a lot more. I just got RR Red in the spring, so it hasn't bloomed yet; Celeste tells me it is amazing and it is her very latest. They really cheer up the fall! I planted all of mine in the same area, along with a few other very lates like Orchid Corsage, so I have a bright spot. Also vL for me is So Lovely, Sears Tower [which starts ML but goes on forever], North Wind Dancer, Royal Occasion, & Liberty Banner. I suspect some of these may vary a bit by region. For example, Regal Finale is vL for some but just L for me.


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  • roxanna7

    Okay, Brad, my friendly enabler, You must stop now (even tho I love the ideas!) -- The only area I have left here for more daylilies is over the septic field. Hmmm, probably not the best location to use, although my mother grew dinner-plate dahlias over her septic tank area and they were HUGE, more like dinner platters, lol.

    Still making list for late daylilies based on your recommendations! Thank you, seriously.

  • Brad KY 6b

    Growing up we had a cesspool under our side yard and the grass and daylilies were greener and nicer there than anywhere, and the weeds didn't like it!

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  • mantis__oh

    Roxanna, what is your location? Cannas are at their peak here in August. I'm glad you too had a banner season in daylilies.

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  • dick_in_ohio

    If you have as many as I so, I start enriching the compost pile with the ones I no longer am happy with. Hard to do when so many outdid themselves this year.

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  • roxanna7

    mantis -- I am in Central MA, zone 6 now, I think. But unfortunately, I cannot stand cannas (sorry!) -- they look far too tropical for my pseudo-English style cottage gardens. But thank you for your reply! =)

  • roxanna7

    dick - now that is a diabolical but potentially useful idea! Not sure if I could bring myself to actually do it without a couple of twinges, but I do believe it might solve the problem I have concerning diminishing space for new plants, lol. Must consider this.

    Hmmm, I wonder if I will ever conquer the yearly over-buying of pretty plants especially when the space is limited and my physical capabilities are fast deteriorating as I merrily hobble about...

  • kali_deere

    I Agree with Hardy hibiscus, I can't help myself with them they are SO gorgeous and have blooms bigger than the span of my hand! Ornamental grasses are nice too, I like fountain grass, elijah blue fescue, and zebra grass, I do enjoy muhly grass I just don't have any. Also echinacea, dahlias and gladiolus, and coreopsis are among my favorites (and easy to grow).

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  • organic_kitten

    Me? I am planting new ones for next year, grooming plants, pulling any weeds that as they show their heads, griping at the heat, and asking why the silly things keep putting up scapes now.


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  • NHBabs z4b-5a NH

    Right now I have tall phlox, one of the blue Agastaches, panicled hydrangeas which have been blooming for 3-7 weeks depending on the cultivar, Annabelle hydrangea in half shade which also have been blooming since some time in July and cardinal flower. Soon I will have asters. My Major Wheeler honeysuckle (native Lonicera sempervirens) has been blooming since May.

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  • woodyoak zone 5 southern Ont., Canada

    Some pictures from earlier today showing hardy hibiscuses, hydrangeas and purple coneflowers providing color - the hydrangeas started in mid-July and the hibiscuses and coneflowers about a week later. Red hibiscuses will start blooming in a week or so. The heptacodium tree will bloom in early September (we're hoping for a good monarch butterfly year this year since the monarchs LOVE this tree!) White phlox is blooming now too in the front bed as the white veronicastrum starts to fade. Pink Beauty potentilla shrubs bloom from late May into September with the color starting out pink in cool weather, fading to almost white in the heat of the summer, and returning to shades of pink as the weather cools down again in early fall. The garden produces a nice stream of color for months here - we're not too good on fall color though :-(

    Hibiscuses (probably 'Disco Belle' - but I'm not sure....) - and a 'White Moth' hydrangea at the street end - along the north side of the driveway, with part of the main front garden behind:

    In June peonies provide a similar effect along the north driveway border.

    The south side of the driveway is dominated by a ninebark shrub, smaller roses, and daylilies. Out of the picture on the right is a big 'Pink Beauty' potentilla shrub - see separate picture. There is a 'Midnight Marvel' hardy hibiscus that will provide big, dark red flowers against the ninebark in a week or so.

    To the right of the potentilla shrub in the above picture is the path to the south gate - the house side has a lot of coneflowers (as a result of me dumping deadheads of them from elsewhere in the garden!) and a hydrangea on the other side near the gate. Soon a red hardy hibiscus ('Lord Baltimore' I think....) will join the show:

    This time of year is actually one of the most colorful times of year in this garden thanks largely to hardy hibiscuses, hydrangeas and purple coneflowers. They do, however, mark the approaching end of the growing season so that's always a bit unwelcome :-)

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