Blue cabinets yay or nay

Ashley King
August 11, 2019
last modified: August 11, 2019

I'm really loving this blue color but I'm worried that if I go to sell it will hinder the sale of the home. If you walked into a home with blue island cabinets or a blue vanity would you love it or hate it? Should I stick more neutral?https://images.app.goo.gl/zkCKFhyAtEMfQuXY6
Also in can't seem to add a photo so if someone can help I'd appreciate it

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  • dowagercountess

    I think it really depends on how well the blue fits into the rest of the house. In some homes, a blue cabinet or vanity would stick out and look odd, while in other homes, it would look great. Sometimes it is "safer" to use a more neutral color because the neutral colors allow more leeway for decorating mistakes.

  • kerri1400

    Personally I like the blue.

  • aliceingardenland

    I like the blue. However if you are preparing to sell, I would keep it more neutral.

  • ci_lantro

    Since did ask, I would hate it.

    Primary reason is that I would feel forever hemmed in by the color.

    Secondary reason is that it's a stormy weather blue so, to me, the color is a psychological downer like gray is. Having grown up in the Sunbelt & relocated to the upper Midwest (short winter daylight hours & days & days of overcast no matter the time of year) has resulted in my becoming very color sensitive.

    I prefer to keep the more or less permanent fixtures neutral in color and add splashes of color in accessories/ accents/ art/ floor runners, etc. Things that can be changed on a whim, seasonally, or not at great cost every few years (something like a kitchen backsplash, for instance).

  • arcy_gw

    #1 chances are YOU will dislike it more quickly than something more typical. #2 it will reduce your buyers pool. Painting a wall one dislikes is expected when buying a home. Being forced into the expense of refitting cabinetry--that won't get tied into the mortgage--more than what most people can afford. Going the direction you are tempted to should only be undertaken when you are expecting to die with your choice and you don't care what happens once you are gone.

  • PRO

    You design for YOU. It is impossible and frankly not even wise, to make every decision based on "what if I sell?"

    That said, neutrality makes sense on things VERY difficult or expensive to reverse. That means hard flooring, tile and hardwood for the most part. It makes a blue island in a kitchen a better choice than a wall full of blue cabinets. Really strong and patterned granite counter tops? Maybe don't do that. In bathrooms? Simple is best. No bath needs more than two tiles, and save the excitement for other accents. Art, paint on the walls.

    Beyond those ? It's for you. that includes the island or the vanity...........and enjoy.

  • PRO
    Home Art Tile Kitchen & Bath

    Big yay for blue! It's very trendy right now but it's also easy to combine with. Just make sure to create the right balance between dark and light and use other elements like countertops and backsplash to create necessary contrasts.

  • Karen Rose

    I’m doing a very similar blue vanity in my guest bathroom and we plan on selling in under 2 years. I think it depends, I wouldn’t do it in my master bath (I stuck to classic colors in there) but for a guest or kids’ bathroom I think you have a little more leeway.

  • st5330

    i love blue. so bored with white. and it can be changed by anyone who might feel otherwise

  • Oliviag/ bring back Sophie

    I can't open your link, so I can't comment on the particular blue.

    My neighbor redid her kitchen last year. opened up a u with a passthrough to create an open kitchen with a blue island, white cabinetry, faux carrara marble quartz tops. It's really beautiful. And, she lives blues and aquas, so the colors are repeated in pillows, lamps, etc in the adjoining family room.

    They're listing their home for sale this week. We'll see what comments she gets from prospective buyers.

    ps, you could try posting your photo in a comment. works better for many people.

  • Casamacho

    Huge yay for blue!

  • mnmamax3

    I think it's fresh and pretty, but I also thought the tuscan look with tan, cherry and verde granite was gorgeous 15 years ago too. My new kitchen was designed with a more neutral palette that could be switched up with new hardware, backsplash, towels and decor. As others said, an island or one cabinet here or there is easy enough to repaint, but a whole kitchenful is more difficult and costly to YOU or a future buyer down the road. Are you planning to move soon?

  • Storybook Home

    Color = yay!

  • PRO
    Patricia Colwell Consulting

    Is this a kitchen island otr the whole kitchen . I love the blue and if someone down the road doesn’t it is paint and they can change it. Do your house with what you love.

  • aprilneverends

    As many others, I have colors that I love more and colors I love a bit less(when talking on a big significant amount of a color)

    I'm less of a "blue" person even though I love it in nature and other people's places

    I'd be more enchanted with musroom yellow kitchen, or green kitchen, or taupe kitchen, or aubergine kitchen. Go figure. Or stained wood kitchen.

    Yet it's really hard to guess in advance who might be enchanted with what, and who'll love what, and who'll hate what.

    As long as it goes with the general idea with the house and is designed well and fits the house-it will work. and folks like me that might not be great fans of blue cabinets will love it too, because it'll be a harmonious part of a whole.

    Or, they'll decide to repaint it.

    I'm not the biggest fan of bright white cabinets either, or black, or stormy gray-but if it goes with the house, it goes. And these are all neutrals.

    I just prefer warmer colors to cooler ones.

    If it doesn't go, it will irritate me much. much more than the color itself.

    Design considerately..a color is just a part of the whole, albeit an important one. What will be the character, what will the other elements be: the flooring, the counters..how is the light there..what's in adjusting rooms..

    Stained cabinets are more versatile to me(with some exceptions) but painted can be gorgeous, and can win someone's heart, or not.

    Make sure this is truly your preferred color first. And that it's something you're ready to design around. For now, you're the one living there.

  • zmith

    I like it, but you should carefully consider how you're going to incorporate the color into your whole house decor scheme. You're the one paying for it and will be the one to enjoy the use of it. Don't worry so much about resale.

  • NewEnglandgal

    I have a blue island and absolutely love it. I love color but that is me. So here's the thing, you could put in white and Id hate it. You could put in wood and some would love it, others not so much. No matter what you put in your home someone may or may not like it. I think it is a beautiful color. Do what color YOU want and like.

    Do you have other bathrooms in your home? If so what is in them? Kitchen cabinets? Put in what you like. It's not like you are putting in a lime green or bright fuchsia vanity or cabinets. Blue's and greens can be neutral as well.

  • PRO

    IMO the blue is a color that is often liked by a great deal of people and it's a safe color to go with.

    Although you can over do anything........perhaps consider just the bottom cabinets or contrasting the color in some other way

  • zmith

    Love that blue kitchen, Beverly! Some folks see blue as depressing, which is how I see gray. Hate gray. Blue, especially the blue vanity in the original post, reminds me of the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea. I love it.

  • Joy White

    LOVE it! I am doing several areas with blue cabinets in new build.

  • PRO
    essentials inside

    I really like the blue!

  • PRO
    Design Interior South

    I have an aqua blue island with white perimeter cabinets. Everyone who comes in my home loves it. Those who don't are kind enough to keep their mouths shut ;-). My secondary bath also has blue vanity cabinets. Really the comment I get most often is " I wish I was brave enough to do something like this". Its a cabinet , a painted surface. It can be refinished and quite easily. Every morning when I walk into my kitchen my island color brings me joy. No one ever achieves something great without risk.

  • NewEnglandgal

    Design Interior South, that is exactly how I feel about my blue island. Someday if I tire of it, I can always paint it. Not sure what people are afraid of. I wan to live with color and color I like that brings me happiness and brings tranquility into my home. :)

  • PRO
    Norwood Architects

    Blue has always been one of my favorite colors but in my experience it's not popular with a lot of folks. Depend somewhat on the particular blue color you are using. Some of the darker blues with a lot of gray can be somewhat somber. Other blue colors can be bright and cheery. Really depends on what each individual likes.

  • Casamacho

    Design Interior South can you post a pic of your kitchen? We are most likely doing blue perimeter lowers/island and white uppers.

  • aprilneverends

    True, Norwood Architects, probably less about a color which is a huge umbrella for many shades, more about the shade of a color. In every color will be shades that I'll find to love more in te context of my place. In blue family, if we talking strictly cabinetry-to me would be teal. I adore teal.

    If we're not talking cabinetry..well blue is the color of hope where I grew up..so yes, it's an existential one)). Can lift up a person so high, and can also make one very thoughtful. Does depend on a person, and I'd say-even his mood at the moment.

  • Holly Stockley

    I love blue. While I prefer some shades to others, as long as it works with the rest of the house, I'd do the blue.

    Color should always take into account the overall style of the house and what is going on elsewhere inside it.

  • PRO
    Design Interior South

    Casamacho here is my aqua island

    Sainsbury · More Info

    Sainsbury · More Info

  • Cocotini Hartman

    I love blue, and fully plan to put a soft turquoise blue island in my coastal kitchen when I build. But, I personally don't like the darker blues and, yes, it would deter me from buying a house if the whole kitchen had dark blue cabinets

  • Toronto Veterinarian

    I had blue cabinet doors and I loved them - I painted over the white that was there when I bought them. It was a Mediterranean blue, but my realtor made me paint them back to white before we put it up for sale. I agreed that it was a pretty dynamic blue that made a statement, not a calming blue that was inoffensive to all.

  • PRO
    Design Interior South

    I couldn't resist LOL!

  • Toronto Veterinarian

    Ah, the inability to wear anything that isn't fashionable......nice to see it's recognized. Just try to find something in the store that isn't in fashion (ugh).

  • swrite

    @Design, Anytime I see or hear cerulean I still think of that diatribe from The Devil Wears Prada, lol.

  • Donna B

    yay! I LOVE blue. I repainted our dark wood cabinets to blue with satin brass fixtures in our bonus room and I love it. It's a soft calming blue. I still have to change the hinges but here is a pic of a work in progress.

  • raee_gw zone 5b-6a Ohio

    That blue island is great, and I wish more people were "brave" enough to use more color in their kitchens. What many have said -- it can be changed - is so true, but I guess there are a considerable number of people who lack the imagination to realize that.

    Don't choose anything based on possible future sale, except for avoiding things that are impractical or difficult to maintain (I place crystal chandeliers in the kitchen in that category LOL) -- that benefits both you and any future marketing.

  • PRO
    Design Interior South

    Donna your cabinets look beautiful! Congratulations!

  • PRO
    Design Interior South

    swrite as a lover of all things blue, this is one of my favorite lines and no one can deliver it like Meryl did. But often when I am working with a client and they want blue and when I try to narrow down what blue means to them this scene plays out in my head.

  • Suzanne Central Pa 6a

    Design Interior South - Can you tell me the name of your countertop? It’s lovely with the blue.

  • PRO
    Flo Mangan

    Beautiful cabinets. Love that color. What specific color is it? If you don't mind sharing. DIS has such great combinations in her home, it is unreal! She is amazing.

  • PRO
    Design Interior South

    Hi Suzanne thank you. My counters are LG Quartz Minuet.

  • PRO
    Design Interior South

    Flo, you're really too kind. Thank you. The feeling is mutual.

  • PRO
    Lion Windows and Doors

    I love the blue! Go for it :)

  • swrite

    @Design, that made me laugh. And also made me think of trying to explain colors to a guy... what’dya mean there’s more than one type of blue??? Lol!

  • Oliviag/ bring back Sophie
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><md>So, my friend that I mentioned in an earlier post received three offers over asking price in the first day. Everyone loved her blue island/ cambria counters/ white cabinets. and, everything else in her house was just lovely.
    good news, it's sold. bad news, I will miis them in the neighborhood.
  • rnonwheels

    I used the same blue in a kitchenette and guest bath, we love them and so do our guests, we did this about 2 years ago, the cabinets had just come into the showroom. no regrets, in fact i'm sure that for a company to produce them they have already done the research and tested their appeal.

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