Multi pendant Dining fixture Questions

Jill Riter
August 12, 2019

I'm having a fixture created - similar to multi-wine bottle pendant lights found on this site but have collected Red (dark) bottles with etched logos or minimal obstructed (no paper labels).

There will be 14 bottle with cut bottoms hanging from a beautiful box of wood box lids.

1. Will a 2.52 diameter Edison bulb fit inside a normal Cab shaped bottle? or am I best to use a tubular style bulb?

2. Should I stay clear of the amber tinted bulbs and go for only clear to maximize the light shining down and out (since no light will likely go up and out due to the top of the bottle being blocked by the light source)?

3. Suggested wattage 40 or 60 (7 or 10) or should I go lower since there will be 14 (I know, more than I want but design-wise I don't want either side of the table to see the back of any of the bottles...some are simple/clear but most have too much writing and barcode ugliness)?

4. Is there an issue with too much wattage for the light switch?

Thanks so much!


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    R S W / Studio - Custom Lighting Design

    1- The regular bulb might be not easy to reach inside the bottle making it difficult to replace when burnt out, I'd go with a tubular one unless the bulb is easily reachable from the bottom.

    2- Tinted bulbs might not be bright enough to shine through dark bottles, specially since Edison bulbs are about 2700K (warm light).

    3- Cons of using incandescent, with a 14 bulb fixture and each bulb using 40 watts you might end up with a fixture that will emit a lot of heat, you could use LED Edison bulbs, they look almost the same, they're brighter and they emit very little heat (also some incandescent bulbs don't do to well in enclosed shades such as glass bottles and they might burn out faster).

    4- The switch should handle the wattage, I often make 30 bulb chandeliers and they perform as they should.

    A 30 bulb chandelier made by me, shown with LED Edison bulbs.

    South Miami Residence, Transitional - Modern Dining Room · More Info

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    Patricia Colwell Consulting

    Edison bulbs are awful even when in a clear shade and give off the most horrible yellow cast to everything. As for how to access the bulbs that will be a nother issue best to get LEDs and hope they don’t burn out. I would actually like to see the plan for this fixture it sounds heavy and over done unless you have a table with a live edge and huge with big cluncky chairs.

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    Design Interior South

    I hope you also have recessed lighting in the room because based on this description it sounds like you are going to have zilch in lighting output and no way to access changing a bulb. Is the bulb housing going to be installed on a drop cord so they sit at the bottom of the bottles? Why does everyone want Edison bulbs? They truly put out the worst lighting.

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    Flo Mangan

    Tubular best. LED a must. No Edison. Terrible light from Edison no matter what you do. The glass wine bottles are going to be very heavy. Make sure your junction box can handle the weight. It better be in braced 2x4s up in ceiling. What is your ceiling height?

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