Identifying a crabapple tree

August 13, 2019
last modified: August 13, 2019

I have a tree growing wild in my yard (I did not plant it - I merely left it in place when I cleared the wild thicket of other trees that grew all around it). It is 25-30' tall, upright pattern with a single leader. I have thought for years it was a wild cherry because the really tall wild cherries grow everywhere by us. But I now believe, based on its fruit, that it is some type of crabapple. The tree flowers white every spring (why I kept it) and it produces fruit the size of cherries (no bigger than a dime) but this year I examined and tasted one and they crunch and taste like a tart apple.

My question: What type of crabapples grow really tall like this? In my mind, crabapples are always shorter and gnarly in their growth pattern. This one is not. But I do believe it is an apple and the leaves resemble apple more than cherry.

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