Acetone poured in soil

ahappy camper zone10
August 13, 2019
last modified: August 13, 2019

Someone in our household made a mistake last night. They had a couple of barrels that they thought were filled with water that they emptied out into an area of dirt where I eventually want a garden. Instead, those barrels were filled with acetone. According to them it was odorless and had been sitting in the barrel for a long time so maybe the potency had dissipated since then? I am no chemist. But the lack of odor was why they thought it was water in the first place because we have other barrels in the yard that are filled with water.

So what should I do with that soil now? Should I let it air dry or drench it to water it down? Is it so toxic now that I won't ever be able to grow anything in it? Admittedly the soil in that area didnt have much life in it to begin because it hadnt been watered or mulched with for a while and I was going to need to put lots of organic matter eventually regardless.

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