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Danielle Ramirez
August 14, 2019

I have a room in my new house that used to be an outdoor porch but was enclosed by the previous owners. It’s a cute little space I’m looking to covert into a media area for my kids. I am having a hard time finding ideas of how to paint it because it’s part stone. I thought maybe a dark charcoal gray on the stone and keep the actual walls light in color. I told my mother that and she said it would make the space smaller which I thought the light colored wall would balance...but she doesn’t like dark colors and I do. So I need outside advice. Anything jumping out at anyone? I also included the carpeting in the room so you could get ideas. Thanks!!!!

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  • hollybar

    I like dark and deep shades,too. But I would probably NOT paint dark in that space ... but if I did, I'd paint the walls (& depending on how contained the space is, the ceiling!) using a deep colour that wasn't any sort of gray at all. And I would paint the back of the door the same.

    Do you have any furniture/pillows for the space yet?

  • Sylvia Gordon

    It feels like a garden type room to me, so I would keep it light.

    And dark colors often do make rooms feel much smaller.

    (The exception is powder rooms which, oddly, do not seem smaller but more cohesive with richer colors).

    I once painted a dark paneled living room a light ivory color.

    Boom! The room was twice as big!

  • Danielle Ramirez

    Just a grey futon at the moment. That will eventually be replaced by a teal sofa when I update my living room furniture.

  • Danielle Ramirez

    @sylvia would you paint the stone the same color as the walls?

  • K Laurence

    Since I dislike painted stone I would have it drywalled over if possible.

  • Danielle Ramirez

    Thoughts on one painted wall? Also love the look of this painted ceiling with cream color on the walls

  • hollybar

    Danielle, can you do a sketch of the space noting doors and window?. Also, that white window in the first pic is non-functional,right?

    ps- I like your inspo above. I got a strong Jungalow vibe from the space when I saw it,too.

  • PRO
    Beth H. :

    people assume that just because you paint a dark wall, it automatically makes the room smaller. it doesn't.

    you have a lot of light, a vaulted ceiling, and bright white on the other walls. However, since those two walls have that same rock material, I think only doing the one rock wall might look odd (since the other wall is drywall) Can you sheetrock that far wall an only keep the rock on the larger one?

    I think painting the ceiling in the charcoal and maybe that far wall (if you can sheet rock it) might look cool. start w/the ceiling and see how that looks.

    Something else you could do is beadboard. put beadboard on the ceiling and paint it a semi gloss white, stain the wood a walnut tone (or the charcoal)

    or since you like teal, paint it this color and all your walls and window trim bright white

    bring in the bamboo blinds and lose the mini blinds.

    I would for sure paint all of that wood window trim a bright white. keeping it wood makes no sense w/everything else you have. paint all the trim a bright white

    look at these windows w/bright white paint, white curtains, and notice the soft blue beadboard ceiling. very pretty.

    if you don't want beadboard, then try doing some beams or faux beams. right now your ceiling is very underwhelming. even if you do white beams, it still adds some interest. White window trim and a darker bamboo blind completes the look.

    large tongue and groove on the ceiling is also an option. while you're at it, do the rock wall too

    and you can also get this T&G in unfinished wood. stain it a warm wood tone and use that on the ceiling. another easy way to do this is to get engineered wood flooring or bamboo flooring. nail it to the ceiling. I did this in my master bath w/left over French Oak I found on Craigslist. only cost me a few hundred.

    What are those two column things on either side of the door? Can you remove them?

    remove the rail over the slider, as it makes things look boxy. ditto the mini blinds.

    are you mounting the tv on the far wall? I see a corner mount next to it. do it on the wall if you can.

    it would be easier if you could move everything out of the room and only use what you really need. it's a narrow room, so clogging it w/heavy wood furniture isn't going to help.

    here's a mushroom color on the ceiling w/some white trim work. white windows.

    TV on the wall with a rustic wood console. can you set up your furniture in this position?

    since you like teal, do everything in a bright white, woven wood shades or try this decor idea:

    but notice how the color pops against the pine ceiling. if you did this color, then get some pine beadboard, stain it a warm walnut shade, and stick it on the ceiling. everything else gets bright white.

    remember I said I did wood flooring on my ceiling? my vaulted ceiling? here it is

    you don't have a lot to do. find some left-over or clearance lots of wood flooring in a shade you like.

  • Danielle Ramirez

    @holly yes the one window is boarded up and looks into my butler pantry. Based on some of what was said, I think I’m leaning toward light walls and some sort of treatment to the ceiling. I don’t want to add any major work to the room because we have been here less than 6 months and I’m not sure how permanent any space will remain at this point. I’ll post updates when I put it together!

    @beth the pictures you referenced are great and just some inspiration I was looking for. I’m excited to figure out what looks best but these are great starting points. Thanks so much!

  • PRO
    Beth H. :

    can you remove those column things next to the doors?

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