Autumn Blaze Maple question

Jeff Rosenthal
August 18, 2019
last modified: August 18, 2019

So I bought some Autumn Blaze maples from Lowes early this spring. On clearance for half price, I thought they were a deal despite my observation of questionable pruning, leafless branches, and that they often displayed a lack of growth on one side, presumably from growing too close to others. Should have trusted my instincts but these are resilient, fast growing trees so I took a shot. This one in particular has not figured out that it has all the room to grow it could possibly want and the left side (in the picture) hasn't sprouted a single new bud all year. You can see the bare stems and trunk in the picture as well. Again, I thought it would fill out. The right side has developed nice long leaders, the red leaves are evidence of new growth but again, the left side appears to be in a tree coma.

I was kind of hoping that it would fill out but my hopes may be misplaced. Anyone have any ideas if it will eventually recover or should I just replace it next year with a better one?

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