Decorative Wastebasker for Powder Room

August 25, 2019

I recognize that this is a trivial question but here goes.

I am finishing up the remodel of my powder room and am at the point where I am selecting wastebaskets. The ones that I like and that would really finish off the look are expensive - but I would be willing to spend the money because why not :-)

However, once the basket is lined with the plastic liner it seems to defeat the purpose of having a really beautiful wastebasket. However, the thought of NOT lining the basket is somewhat ick. It's not as if my guest bath is getting a lot of heavy use as it would be chiefly tissues or paper hand towels that I set out for guests.

Seems as though there would be a market for insertable washable hard plastic liners but all I can find are the plastic liners that drape over the top of the basket.

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  • Brittney E

    The simple human ones are nice and dont show the liners. They come in a bunch of different finishes

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  • tatts

    If it doesn't have a plastic liner, how will people know it's a trash can?

    Seriously, it's a utilitarian object, not something to have attention drawn to it. Nobody cares. Put a liner in it and get on with your life.

  • tartanmeup

    I don't put a plastic liner in my bathroom wastebasket. This is common? I'm trying to reduce plastic in my house and the trash is going in a plastic bag. I actually have two baskets in my bathroom. One for compostables and one for trash. I spray and wipe them after emptying them. ETA: I imagine the need for a liner would be dictated by the basket material? What type of wastebasket were you considering, Helen?

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  • Lisa

    If wicker fits your decor, I like these covered, lined wicker baskets. These have insertable, washable hard plastic liners.

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  • Mary Beth

    My word! Someone needs to take a chill pill! It's a simple question that doesn't need to be attacked!

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  • Lil S

    My guest BR has a Pottery Barn seagrass wastebasket. I use clear liners and really never gave it much more thought. I think more attention is paid to the fixtures, wallpaper, tile, art, etc...

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  • PRO
    Sabrina Alfin Interiors

    Seems odd that after spending what is probably a significant amount of money remodeling your powder room, you're balking at a wastepaper basket that costs less than $100? In any case, if you have a cabinet door sink base, perhaps you can add a trash pullout so you can neatly hide it. Then it doesn't matter much what it looks like and you can use plastic bags.

  • AJCN

    Agree with Mary Beth that it is rude to attack anyone for asking a question. The question was asked in a polite, appropriate manner. Tatts attack was rude and inappropriate.

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  • Helen

    I am not balking at spending the money at all. For what it’s worth, the basket I am considering is more than $100 And I am fine with spending that except for the liner issue

    I am just wondering how people solve the issue because the aesthetics of the basket I am comsidering are defeated by a liner. The issue is whether there is a solution so that the purpose of getting a lovely wastebasket isn’t defeated by the practicalities of the need to line it for sanitary purposes.

    Regarding Tatt, he or she is ridiculous as he/she seems to have an infinite amount of time to spend on this forum in order to attempt to make people feel their design issues are unworthy of consideration. There are so many similar posts by this person that I wonder about their emotional health and what kind of satisfaction they get from sitting at their keyboard expending time and energy to insult people. I’ve been around long enough to recognize Tatt as a frequent and useless poster, but feel badly when new people receive this treatment and perhaps are scared off from participating and enjoying support from the majority of participants who don’t seem to have the psychological issues manifested by posts like those of Tatt. One can only wonder why Tatt wasting so much of his or her valuable time reading and participating since so much angers him or her LOL.

    My bathroom is done with Chinoiserie wallpaper and has other Chinoiserie accents as well i the room and the hallway so I thought a Chinoiserie basket would be a nice accent.

  • tartanmeup

    OP prefaced her post with "I know this is trivial" so I don't understand the need to be dismissive, Tatts. If OP posts about it, it's because SHE cares about it. I agree we often overthink the trivial on these forums but so what? It doesn't necessarily mean we're not acting on the less trivial in our life. If a posts annoys us, can we not skip it?

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  • tartanmeup

    Helen, I must admit I'm a bit lost as to what you mean by "sanitary purposes". What type of material are you considering for the basket?

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  • Helen

    Since this is a powder room, hiding the wastebasket seems to defeat the purpose in terms of having a place for users to deposit hand towels or tissues or whatever else they deposit. In general bathroom baskets are line just the same way most people use garbage bags and don’t dump their garbage directly in the receptacle.

  • athomeeileen

    I don’t use a liner in the bathrooms. Wastebaskets get cleaned when the bathroom does or as needed.

  • blubird

    I prefer wastebaskets with covers. I have all sorts of guests who might throw all sorts of stuff in those pails. I prefer to not have discarded stuff visible. I've been using plastic supermarket bags as a liner for the plastic inserts and tuck them in so they’re only visible when the wastebasket is opened.

  • tartanmeup

    Sorry, still scratching my head as I think of the trash in a powder room vs a kitchen. Tissues, wrapped feminine hygiene care products, dental floss? Am I missing something? Truly curious now as I can't fathom the need for a plastic liner unless the basket doesn't have an easy to wipe surface.

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  • AJCN

    Helen, I was just over at my Dad's house helping him move, and I saw what my Mom always did; I had forgotten. She has a few very pretty old wastebaskets that are antiques from her Mom. Some of them are metal with caned sides, and some are painted like the one you posted above. She found regular plastic wastebaskets that fit inside and are a little shorter that the pretty wastebasket. She would line the ordinary plastic wastebasket with clear or white plastic liners, and since they sit a little lower than the decorative one, the liner is less noticable. Don't know if that will work for you, but thought I'd mention it.

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  • Cheryl Hannebauer

    I don't use a liner, but a fold a plastic bag into ours, but if I could have found a liner that fit I would have brought one to use, it is brushed nickel waste bin.

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  • tartanmeup

    That's a neat idea, AJCN. Those baskets are beautiful, Helen. I'm sure you'll find a solution that works for you.

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  • AJCN

    If I were an inventer, I'd make the top of the decorative wastebasket be like a removeable, spring-form pan. Remove the top ring, open the clamp, remove trash bag, insert new trash bag, tighten the clamp, and then place the top ring onto the wastebasket. The edge of the plastic liner would be hidden in the top ring and not poke up beyond or wrap over the top of the decorative wastebasket. And I'd manufacture lots of different decorative wastebaskets that this one universal spring-form top could fit on.

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  • Helen

    @AJCN. That is actually what I was thinking of as a solution. The small hard inserts could even be washed easily if necessary.

    i have been googling to see if I could find any but haven’t had luck in terms of finding something small enough to work. i had hoped that someone on houzz might know of a source.

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  • della70

    You can always open the liner and fold the sides down so it is below the top of the garbage can and then place it inside, so it's really not visible.

  • bichonbabe

    I don’t use any liners for my powder room waste baskets as I have high end decorative ones too. I just empty them in to the trash and wipe if needed. I do not find that powder room baskets full up with much anyways.

  • PRO
    Beth H. :

    they do make small kitchen bags. you could take one of those, (don't know how tall your bin is) and use it, or fold over the top a bit so that it sits level w/the opening. (a little clear tape to hold it in place would help). another solution is paper bags. they can be cut and molded to fit.

  • Helen

    Regarding the need for a liner, I am in a high rise so the plastic liner bag gets put down the garbage chute and doesn't get put into another plastic bag. Aside from not wanting moist or bacterial stuff, it's hard to physically empty a wastebasket directly into a small garbage chute while keeping it down - hence my need for liners :-).

    Our building also requests that items be put down the chute IN plastic bags because otherwise unpleasant stuff can adhere to the sides of the chute. It has to be periodically cleaned so this minimizes how often.

  • Kerry Blossom

    with those pretty chinoisetie ones you posted you can get a smaller rectangle can to go inside it and put the liner in the smaller can? sort of like it's a holder for it, if that makes sense.

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  • Helen

    Yes - As I posted I am looking for some kind of hard plastic liner to fit inside and my original post was intended to see if there was a source for same as I hadn't had much luck googling.

  • Kerry Blossom

    I would do something like this

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  • acm

    (I love the fancy ones! hope you find a good sneaky solution. I've got simple cans that go naked.)

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  • della70

    On trash day, I have very little in the bathroom container, so I just add it to my kitchen garbage and now only have the one bag. Then just discard all in the one bag down the chute. I actually use plastic bags still used here, from my groceries and double bag, then tie by the handles when discarding.

  • Shawn Aris

    this might work: fold over the top of a plastic bag and place small magnets in between to hold the top up against the metal cans. Place the fold low enough that it cannot easily be seen at the top edge of the can. Those chinoiserie cans are really nice.

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  • tartanmeup

    I understand the need of a plastic bag in a chute. I didn't understand the need for a plastic liner in a powder room wastebasket. I do as della70 does. I add the bathroom trash to the kitchen trash. When I lived in apartments, I don't recall ever taking out the trash of just one room.

  • Helen

    This is really digressing in terms of trash habits but I have one trash rollout under the kitchen sink. When it is full I take it out and there isn’t room to add another plastic bag nor logistically do I want to dump from a waste paper basket into the kitchen rollout Or any place else.

    Please take it as a given that I need to take out sealed bags from waste paper baskets for my trash disposal needs. I don’t want to dump the contents of a basket into anything else and I want to keep the interior of the wastebasket clean just as people normally line garbage pails with plastic bags.

    I don’t have grocery bags of any kind because they must be purchased in Los Angeles. This is to encourage people to use reusable bags and I have an ample quantity of those.

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