Basement Bathroom Help!

August 26, 2019

my bathroom in the basement in the old barn needs help! I have no idea what to change to make it less scary to use.

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  • Sammie J

    What is your budget?

  • dunlap_emily

    say there is no budget, what would you do?

  • Kay Stu

    For starters, take out the cleaning supplies. Paint the walls a color, maybe sage green. Put an indoor outdoor rug on the floor. Get some nice towels.

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  • apple_pie_order

    With no budget: remove the cleaning supplies and shelf over the toilet. Move the toilet paper holder to the wall next to the toilet. Put the mirror over the sink. Remove the plastic bag and bottle on the skinny shelf. Soak the painted-over door hardware to remove paint, then re-install it. Find a hook or nail for the broom or mop to hang it up.

    For an extra two dollars, put in a brighter light bulb.

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  • PRO
    Flo Mangan

    You mean you can buy a gallon of paint! Repaint it, get a low cost storage unit that fits over the commode, paint base of the vanity same color as walls. Try SW Rainwashed. Fresh, clean, pleasing color. I would go to a recycle store and buy a new door for the room with frosted upper glass section for some natural light but privacy. Put all cleaning supplies behind doors. They are scary. The amount of soiled areas also need a good cleaning before you do anything. Not being mean, just have to start with the basics.

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  • dunlap_emily

    I'm thinking more along the lines of changing the vanity or how to hide the pipes, I know the cleaning supplies need to be moved and the mirror is in the wrong place, I'm looking for advise on the bigger problems. the cement floor is huge too I don't know if painting would help or if laminate would even stick? The light needs to go as well but not sure what other options would work the ceiling is low.

    Thank you for the input

  • Kate

    If money isn’t an issue, frame out the wall with the big pipes and stud and drywall the remaining. Tile the floor, get a new vanity with adequate storage, paint, fresh towels, and art.

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  • Jonny Quest
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><md>For me to make a suggestion I’d have to think about why it’s scary to me. It’s dark and all I can think about is where the brown recluse spiders are hiding.
  • suzanne_m

    Paint the room. Remove shelve and place a wall art on that wall. Rotate toilet to be on the same wall as vanity. (no plumbing visible on the back wall). Add a mirror above vanity. Put hand towel somewhere else. Have toilet brush and garbage can not visible from the entrance. Make sure the toilet holder is not visible either.

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  • shirlpp

    With that blank check consider painting the pipe and going with a rustic/industrial theme:


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  • decoenthusiaste

    Is this the bathroom for the farm workers? I see the NOTICE above the sink and that looks very industrial or commercial. Is that a paper towel holder on the wall by the shelf? If so, then use it as such. Hang a matching TP holder on the side of the sink base by the toilet. Add a baseboard all around to cover the rough edges of the drywall. Remove the shelves and find a commercial standing closet to store those items and the mop/broom in another area. Store paper goods under the sink. Hang the mirror over the sink. Paint it warm white, sage or pale yellow. I imagine the lighting is florescent and I would consider changing that as well.

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  • PRO
    Lindsay Lausch Interior Design

    Message me lindsay@lindsaylausch.com and I’ll provide you with a 3D model of a new design!

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  • janrautio

    Wow! We had one like that. First thing we decided: exchange the current door for a pocket door. There, now, more space. There should be code that says how much space from toilet to vanity for a walkway. Install a new vanity under the mirror, you'll have to move the plumbing a little, but easier and more budget-friendly than moving the toilet. Make sure the vanity top matches the size of the vanity cabinet! Get rid of the "make do" shelves, etc and all the supplies. After the plumbing is moved, paint the walls, make sure the ceiling is white. No window? Get new electrical over the vanity, and also install a fan that goes outside (not something that vents into another room or the ceiling - you'll have mold soon) and at least one more can light over the toilet. Lots of people above have made good suggestions, but do this right if you're going to do anything at all!

  • Lynn G

    Stain the concrete floors rather than paint them as paint will often peel and create a major project for the future.

    Paint the walls a happy, cheery color. Grey doesn't qualify. Lime, coral, turquoise - something zingy (works great in rooms that you don't spend much time in.

  • lazidazi

    Is there room on the outside wall of the door to make it sliding, barndoor style?

    Or room on the inside wall to change the door to sliding? Could be made of natural wood for a change of style.

    Having the (new) door with frosted upper glass is an excellent idea for letting in natural light.

    You might put in a natural wood wainscote which could also serve to hide plumbing. A descent carpenter could build it out from the toilet wall, put a small hinged, hidden door to access plumbing [or just a screwed removable panel of the wainscote for access].

    After the door and wainscote additions, possibly three floating shelves over the toilet from big hunks of wood.

  • Terrie B.

    There must be room in the vanity (too big for the space) for the cleaning supplies. Paint a cheery color add brighter light. The shelf over the toilet just makes it more cramped. Tile walls would be easy to clean but room is so tiny I think hard to manuever.

  • breeze657

    Small Budget: Move Mirror over sink, get smaller Sink, or floating sink, take shelf over toilet down, floating wood shelves could be cool, paint entire bathroom one light-ish color (including ceiling will make it look larger), get someone you know who’s handy with a paint brush to paint some sort of funky design on the pipes (or paint them black or other darker color to contrast - sometimes ya gotta turn a negative into a funky cool positive (local art college will likely Have a student who could do it cheap), If concrete floor is in good shape, consider a stain and sealer, if it is an eye sore, then maybe a high end vinyl? (It’s not your father’s vinyl), have frosted glass insert put in door, the toilet paper holder can be moved or can go and replace with cart or stand, the door could be painted and hardware cleaned up, light fixture needs to be replaced... also, the wainscoting is not a bad idea if it fits small budget.

    BIG budget: If that space is at least 4x7 (or 4x8 even better), you can probably have it completely re-done for $5K-$8K, including a pocket or sliding door, toilet at one end, slimmer, rectangular sink in middle and walk in shower at opposite end from toilet. See examples below.

  • Melinda Traw-Buchanan

    Would love to see the changes when you are done!

  • Chris Edwards

    what is the "attention" sign over the sink? That scares me. Move the mirror there. closed storage for the cleaning supplies. a wall mounted tp holder and a baseboard (the seam between walls and floor make it look unfinished, aka scary), would do a lot. Next level is a cheery paint color, put in a bathroom rug and clean up the door hardware. I won't go so far as to dictate color, but something less start that WHITE!! you have now. Even going from WHITE! to ivory would warm it up considerably.

  • Chris Edwards

    and pictures. hang something on those walls, art or family photos. Make it feel lived in

  • Amber Webb

    you should be able to tile over the concrete. I'm not sure how to hide the pipes though

  • lazidazi

    To better receive help, you should give us the dimensions of the room, including ceiling height.

    This may sound kooky, but here's another idea for transforming the space. Some friends did this in a very small half bath under the stairs. Think outside of the norm and resist the urge to do the *regular* things, like white ceiling, etc. It IS in a barn, after all, so why not make it a *surprise*!

    1. Btw, concrete is an excellent substrate for whatever you choose to put on the floor: wood, tile or vinyl [altho, why vinyl...?]. Painting or staining the concrete is also an option.

    2. Cover the ceiling completely with Mirror. You will be amazed the effect this has...in complement with [# 3]...

    3. Paint the walls black. [...with butter yellow porcelain tile floor].

    Still much else to attend: the room needs plenty of light; the exposed plumbing either needs to be hidden or highlighted; the toilet might be better placed along same wall as vanity; the supplies need to be hidden; and you have the option of a different Door.

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