Wasp inside the house!

last year

Since about two weeks ago, I find there are wasps inside of my house. They gather around noon time on the large window of our living room, which has lots of sun lights. They are around 15 of them usually. I killed them anyway.

Initially I thought they might come from outside (there are some flying over outside). I use paper to fill out the gaps of window and so on, but no help.

Under the window I have AC vent, which I used to use a filter for preventing dust. I removed it three weeks ago when installed a new central AC (suggested by technician).

I briefly check the house and don't find wasp nest but I might miss it someway.

My questions are:

1. Is there possible there is wasp nest inside the house or inside the wall? How to proof it?

2. If yes, how can I resolve it by DIY? I can always call pest control but would like to give it a try myself first.



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