Mixed lawn - Questions for the grass experts

Nicholas Contos
September 4, 2019

My yard is very large and also very old. (1.5 acres - 1972 - East Idaho). I have no idea what kind of grass it started with, but I know that it's been patched, periodically neglected, and added on to a few times by the various owners before I bought the home.

I've worked hard over the last several years, and most of the quack grass has been choked out by the thickening lawn grasses. It's starting to look pretty good, but there are strips in my lawn where it appears that the previous owner tilled things up and replanted. Its taken a couple of years, but now I'm seeing some parts of the yard that look better than others. The parts I like are deeper green, thicker, and somewhat shorter / slower growing than the other parts. It kinda looks like blue grass (boat shaped tips) but so does the other stuff that is taller and lighter green.

I also have other parts of the yard that I think are mostly perennial ryegrass and some sections of mostly fine rescue.


Is there any good way to identify the deeper greener grass that looks so good? Could it be an improved, darker variety of bluegrass? Or am I more likely just seeing a contrast between real bluegrass and the older lawn grasses like tall fescue or something?


What is the best way to blend these transitions and/or spread the deeper green grass? Killing the whole 1.5 acres and starting from scratch isn't a realistic option for me.

Thanks in advance. I'll try and get some good pictures to post tomorrow.

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