HELP! Huge granite problem!!!!

5 days ago


This is a long post but I am desperate for help! This has been 8 weeks of hell so any advice is much appreciated!!!!

We just built a new house and moved in July. During our pre-delivery walk through we discovered that our beautiful leathered white fantasy granite in our kitchen was stained yellow and green in 5 large spots along the parameter.

Long story short we did not feel comfortable keeping these counters as multiple granite techs said these were chemical stains and they were not able to remove them. After a lot of back and forth with the builder they agreed to replace them.

On Thursday, the granite company came with the new slabs. There is a long piece that is cut out for the undermount sink that has to join up with the corner and together it makes an L. There is a single seam in this area. The damaged granite was a perfect match and the seam was invisible. On Thursday they laid down the pieces and the sink piece was a darker gray and the corner was white. This looked terrible so they agreed to try again. They left and came back Friday with two brand new pieces from a brand new slab. Those also did not match. They took one from Thursday and one from Friday and the match was decent; installed them and then realized the sizing was incorrect. They had to rip those out, trim the one piece and reinstall. When they did this we realized the part they trimmed was the area that made the two pieces blend together.

The owner of the store was here today and they are willing to help us. One huge issue, there are no more slabs of this granite. They claim they cannot find anymore. They have the same granite but in a polished finish.

My question is; do I do polished along the parameter with a leathered island, butler's pantry and a small area of parameter that is on the other side of the kitchen? Do I learn to live with the mismatched pieces (they are driving me insane)? Or do we rip everything out and go with something we don't love as much?

I am literally sick over this. We sacrificed so much for this house and I feel like either way we now have to settle. I have attached a few picture to show what it looks like now.

Thanks so much!

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