Need help with Sprinkler stations not working. Got me stymied!

Phillip Linford
September 10, 2019

Hi all... admittedly, I am learning as I go, so I might not be seeing something obvious.

Two of my sprinkler stations will not come on. They worked last year just fine, but this year are kaput.

I have replaced and tested the solenoids on the two valves for these stations, and the plungers activate when triggered manually, so I know power and solenoids should be good. The valves open manually perfectly when I twist the solenoids a half turn and when I use the bleed screws.

When the stations are activated on the controller, the solenoids activate, and you can hear water trying to flow (that hiss of running water in pipes), but the stations still will not come on.

I removed the bonnet from each valve and did not notice anything amiss there either. Granted, I can't see a way to remove my diaphragms to look under them, but the visible parts look good, rubbery and not cracked.

If I run one of the stations, and then give the solenoid a half turn (which causes a little leaking) the station will turn on. Then I can tighten the solenoid, and the station stays on until the timer is up, and then the solenoid works to shut down the station normally.

Any ideas? I am kind of going crazy trying to figure it out...

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