Marble Countertop Broken During Install

4 days ago

I’m living the remodel of my nightmares! We just moved into a new home and immediately gutted the kitchen. Everything was going according to schedule until a section of our marble countertop was broken by the installers (in the truck, they didn’t even get it inside!). My fabricator has sent me all over the place trying to find a “match” so they can just cut and replace the broken section— though we already know I purchased the only two slabs remaining in the bundle from our originally chosen stone and no remnants can be tracked down.

This section they’re replacing will be butting up against a large peninsula section that is intact, so a perfect match is required. Is it even remotely realistic to think we can find an adequate match from a totally different set of marble slabs? Do I demand all new countertops now or wait to see if I’m satisfied with the result of the “patchwork”? My project is on hold and I am without appliances/a working kitchen while we figure this nonsense out. I feel like I’m being strong armed into the cheapest fix for the fabricator while doing all the leg work to make that option possible- and it’s their fault! Is there some sort of standard protocol in a situation like this? What is reasonable for me to expect or ask for?

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