Should I paint this wall blue?

Dyan Weis
3 days ago
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This room will be painted Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige. Would it look ok if I painted that one back wall a denim blue? I have attached photos of what will be going in this room. I would like to install white shelves on this blue wall with white frames of different shapes with black and white photos. I have a pic attached for an example. Too much? Will it make the room too choppy? Can’t decide if it will look ok if that one wall was blue. Thanks!

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  • Dyan Weis

    One more pic

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    Patricia Colwell Consulting

    First work on the lighting so any color you choose is true in the space .I don’t usually like dark feature walls and especially that beige with that blue. White walls with that blue accent wall might work . I think this is a small space and you need to really think of the pieces that are going in there. No beige sofa but a white slipcovered on might work against the blue wall. I see no beige walls in your inspo pics for a reason it does not work well with that blue. .If you look on the SW site Serengheti Grass is a beige they suggest with that blue a much different beige than Accessible Beige ( which BTW) always looks pink to me and sort of flesh colored.

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    Sina Sadeddin Architectural Design

    The accent wall won't work in this space IMO. I'm admittedly not a big fan of them, but in this case it will make the room smaller and it doesn't highlight anything. Maybe consider painting the whole room blue, although not a super dark blue. All of the items you showed are greyish and cool toned blues. None of that is going to go with beige walls, so just paint them all.

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  • Dyan Weis

    I appreciate your opinions! The loveseat and all of this furniture has already been custom ordered. These are computer generated photos from their website and the colors are not exact. But - YOU ARE RIGHT - I will wait for delivery and make sure that I have the right beige (or whatever it should be). The entryway right there will also be painted. I was really wanting that blue wall with photo shelves, but if it looks better just all one color - that is what I should do! This is why I appreciate Houzz. I have no vision!


    Greetings from a HUGE accent wall fan, especially in a small rooms

    I vote YES! Paint it!

    Agree with Patricia however, absolutely need LED lighting IMO.

    Please post after pics.

  • Casamacho

    I'd do the whole room blue! I'm not an accent wall fan unless it's a wall of shiplap lol.

  • IdaClaire

    Not a fan of accent walls myself. I think they only serve to make a room look choppy and oddly bipolar, unless highlighting a significant architectural feature. I'd continue on with the SW Accessible Beige (which is a great neutral, by the way), and introduce the blue in accessories.

  • Dyan Weis

    I was wanting the blue wall to accent the photo frames in the shelf. I wanted to print our travel photos in black and white. But I will wait and post a pic after my furniture is delivered and before I decide on color. Thank you all!

  • cat_ky

    I like accent walls too, and I think your wall of blue would look very nice.

  • DK Haas

    Accent walls are good to play with visual dimensions, such as adding depth to a wide and shallow feeling room, by using well coordinated colors and when the color is a LOW CONTRAST.. However,, this room does not appear to be wide. The walls look the same length,. So, painting the back wall dark, will create a tunnel effect.

    I used SW Accessible beige In a wide master suite and Fawn Brindle on the wide wall. This gave the room visual depth it needed. Note: In sunnier rooms, accessible beige has a green tint.


    What white were you thinking of for the shelves? Coastal Cool has Eider White with accessible beige.

    If you get a tunnel effect, you can always paint again.

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    JudyG Designs

    No accent wall…accent wall is meant to accentuate something…unless you are hanging a huge piece of art?

    The windows are bringing in light from what direction?

  • donnatrus

    Is this a formal living room? Do you use it much? What do you use it for?

    PS: love the blue!

  • ocotillaks

    That blue will swallow up the room. The pictures will look great with black frames on Acc beige.

  • calidesign

    Paint the whole room blue -just use a lighter version of your color. The furniture and accessories you have chosen will look great with blue, and the room will have it's own character. A new light in the space is another place to add some character. Look at SW Solitude - 3 shades lighter than luxe blue.

  • hu1967910

    Your photo collection would look nice against a blue wall, but I think the way that you mat and frame them makes more of a difference. BW photos with oversized mats and very slim black frames seem to work well against nearly any wall color.

  • decoenthusiaste

    Wait! Paint color is selected based on the fabrics/textiles in a space. You need those in place and improved lighting to make the right choice. That builder's special light fixture needs replacing first. I'm not a fan of shelves of photos. They can't really be identified well from across the room. If you have some outstanding photos that could be blown up, that would be a better choice, IMO.

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  • Dyan Weis

    Thank you all. I did include a pic of the new fixture going in. This is just my peaceful sitting room. I wanted to display our Italy pictures and other travel photos in black and white. The windows are facing north but we do get a fair amount of light in there. And yes it’s pretty much a perfect square boring room. No great architecture. I will take into consideration all of these ideas and will post a pic of the room after furniture delivery BEFORE I choose finals paint colors. Thanks!

  • suezbell

    Navy blue would look good as an accent wall with a tan -- if the tan doesn't have a yellow or pink hue to it. Not sure it would be great in a small room, but do like the two colors together.

    Were you going to use those same shelves? If so, you might consider adding a sofa table about the same width beneath them.

    Table legs like these can be bought separately and put on any board painted any color you choose.


  • everdebz

    i haven't read the comments. But seems if you want to add to your Italian feel, curtains could add that, with color and/or pattern.

  • k9arlene

    No to the accent wall.

  • everdebz

    It can work - here's 2 different strengths of SW's Analytical Grey. Metals fit in well it seems.

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  • suezbell

    You might consider a light blue room with a darker blue wall rather than tan and blue. In a small space, the difference would provide emphasis for your art but with less of a visual jolt. In my own space, I'd prefer it to the two different colors.

  • everdebz

    You said for sure mostly Accessible Beige?.... nice that SW's site gives coordinating colors including a grey [called Cadet], Aesthetic White, and Sanderling....so the chambrays you add will be fine I guess.... :)

  • DK Haas

    I saw these Pinterest pics and it reminded me of your post. - --the darker paint colors are used on a backwall bookcase built-in. Love it



    These pics have changed my mind .

  • everdebz

    Gray/ charcoal and navy, etc... felt like posting for you -

    Dalyn Beckham BC2161 Gray 8'2"x10' Rectangle Area Rug · More Info


  • Dyan Weis

    That is gorgeous. Thank you.

  • everdebz

    Idk, but if this rug's pattern is distressed/faded, the subtle striped chair might be ok, but it might be too casual a look.

  • Dyan Weis

    everdebz, I already have a rug for this room - it is the solid navy wool one in the photo comment. I like the rug you posted for my entry, but I need a 4x6. I will worry about that later though.

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    Patricia Colwell Consulting

    That light fixture is not IMO enough lighting for the space so you will still need lamps for sure. Just baby steps to pull a room together it might takes a few months to get it just right.

  • Dyan Weis

    I agree Patricia. I do have a table and floor lamp. It’s going to be a process to get it right! I honestly don’t love the globe fixture but it was one of the few things my hubby had an opinion on. He saw it while vacationing in Utah. He’s been so nice and cooperative with this whole house remodel so I gave him this one - haha.

  • Jay Jardot

    Go ahead and paint it blue.

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